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Colorado is a state in the United States encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.


If you're Black and thinking about visiting/moving to CO, particularly Denver, then read carefully...

If you like to go out to bars/restaurants/pubs, then maybe you'll have fun here but be prepared to be 'the Lone Ranger Black person' in some places, and don't expect them to like that you're there lol. If you walk down the street, focus your attention straight ahead lest your day be ruined by scowling/frowning people who act like they don't want to see a Black person in their eyesight. If you've ever visited downtown Washington D.C. where 'elite' White people stay, you'll know what I'm talking about. One time a young White woman shuttered in disgust while walking past me, and one other time a White woman said 'Pitiful! ' to me. This is without me saying NOTHING to them, and thanks to them I DO NOT walk down the without wearing headphones with music blasting lol. Because Black people aren't in large numbers out here, this emboldens some Whites to be more overtly racist, as well ...more - MuslimNewbie

I have lived in Colorado almost my whole life and have never really heard any sort of racial slurs until more recently. I went to the grocery store with my dad one day who is, by the way Hispanic. He was sort of in the middle of the isle with his grocery cart and saw this white guy on the other end of the isle coming up. My dad scooted his cart off to the right to get out of the way, which is respectful no matter who you are. As the white guy approached him he looked at my dad and said " Yeah, you better get out of the way spic, and while your at it go back to Mexico where you came from! " My dad just kept walking we were both pissed! My dad told me it took all he had to walk away with out any physical confrontation. Little did the guy know my dad was born and raised in Colorado, so was his parents and family. He also proudly served for the Army for 22 years defending that guys freedom!

I'm a white, F, 68, A Boomer who marched for everyone's rights. However, what I find now is renewed racism by "formerly classified " as Minorities. I have resided in Denver for over 45 years, living under 4 mayors - the first an old white, a black Mayor Wellington Webb, an Hispanic Mayor Federico Pena, a white Mayor Hickenlooper ( now governor), and currently a black Mayor Hancock. Colorado also inherited a black chief of police. over a 7 year period, I: 1) had my life threatened at Burger King by some fat, 200 lb. Mexican girl who wanted to beat me up because I didn't cancel my order on her demand and leave the store; 2) the following day one of the Mexican kids stole my library card, then threatens to stalk me because I reported him; 3) while waiting for a bus at night, a drunk, Mexican accosted me while his friends egged him on. when I asked the cops who drive by said bus stop to just do a check for safety, they told me it was profiling ;4) 3 weeks later, while sitting in ...more

I am from Texas and have experienced more racism in Colorado than when I was living back home. This is a state of almost nothing but rich white people, and the amount of their entitlement is evident. From the Colorado State University campus, to the farm I was working on in Parker, people are constantly being condescending, or just plain rude. Many people find the South to be racist, but I've never met more unfriendly people than since moving to Colorado.

JOBS. I and many other black males have been fired for the slightest mistake, not counseled or even warned- Fired! I'm not talking about blatant stuff (thievery, fighting, drugs), I'm talking about "Tiffany said you no longer speak to her-I'm sorry but we're going to have to let you go". I'M DEAD SERIOUS!. Blacks in Colorado (on the job) don't get a second chance. You mess up once- or they falsely accuse you of a social faux paux, and you are gone. Whites get counseled- Blacks get the door!

My neighbor called the cops on us twice saying that we were fighting. None of it was even true. Second time was much more scarier. We had at least seven officers standing in our living room. Even though we we're ok they still searched us. It was very uncomfortable. I'm not sure what to do. I feel violated and threatened. My landlord tells me my kids are bullies and how they are always yelling and screaming. While I am told My kids are Good outside. And this comes from neighbors who see them outside. Also landlord tells me my sister is welcomed to visit but not stay. After first visit with police officer she filed an eviction and also attached a list of people who aren't allowed. Question is weren't they suppose to notify you if your not allowed on the complex. Anyhow. My sis never did get any statement saying she wasn't allowed. Until first visit from cops. We just moved in on July 3rd. I hate to leave and I was so looking forward to the rest of the year here But I guess that won't be ...more

I moved to Colorado from Texas at age 10, and was called "N" for the first time within about 2 weeks of being here. Now I'm 25 and deal a lot with being prejudged. It's assumed that I steal (especially if things go missing at work), selling drugs, and have even had a neighbor call police saying that I am a prostitute. Just tonight I asked a neighbor to turn his music down, and he claimed that I am just crazy. I called the police on the last neighbor because he licked my face. I don't deserve that! With several other complaints from other neighbors he was kicked out. This guy thinks that little me got him kicked out on my own... He got a small portion of this story and assumed it's my fault. I've had enough and plan to leave ASAP!

Moved out here almost a year ago because my wife wanted to be close to her family. I'm a native New Yorker, and lived in California for over 20 years before coming out here. I've been stared at when eating at certain establishments (being the only person of color in such places is quite off putting) and have noticed the tokenism prevalent in employment. I'm the only woman of color working in my area, and there is one black guy who works in a different department. Plus, Colorado Springs is segregated. Most residents of color live in the Southeastern part of the city, with the rest scattered throughout, but we are talking one or two people.

Outside of Denver or Autora they don't want to see minorities with white collar jobs. They post job bulletins online, but when you apply even when you exceed the minimum qualifications, they tell you, you met the minimum but others had were more qualified. Even with experience in the specific field and with a college degree. Racist exists here but it is subtle and denied by the majority of the considered privileged population.

Well me AND MY DAD MOVED there 2 years ago and it hasn't shown racism I guess its because we live in the mountains of boulder and everyone is nice
We even got permission to hunt on are neighbors land

Hello, My name is Jonas. My father and mother originated from Africa and they came to Colorado in the late 1970's. My father was shot by a large white man because he a a nice coat that the man wanted. How is this state not higher up on this list? To be frank this is an outrage.

I lived in Colorado for two years and had a really hard time finding a descent job and when I thought I did I was constantly harassed by my supervisor telling me we were loosing customers because of my accent.

I'd never seen open racism until I lived in Colorado, where there were KKK rallies on MLK's birthday, and rednecks with explicitly racist bumper stickers. Sure, there's plenty of subtle racism in most states, but there's at least enough of a sense of shame about it to keep it suppressed. In Colorado it was a kind of proud white supremacy I'd never seen before.

I live in Aurora and the truth there is racism everywhere but in Colorado there's not that much racism but there are like racist people like everywhere of course, but Colorado is pretty much accepting. The only areas of Colorado I think that are not accepting of color are, the Littleton area like the western part of Colorado but like the Aurora and Denver area are pretty accepting.

Not too bad compared to other states. It's pretty accepting except if you're in the springs. Had two guys call my friends and I goons. didn't end to well for them.

This state is very Racist, been here for 10 years, and even trying to get a job they turn you down cause of your color, didn't go through that in the Real West Coast, To me Colorado is midwest and not west coast, being as racist as it is, the midwest could have it. But the know not to flip with this Hispanic cause I will get in there face

Just horrible people... Being a pre-juvinile here with a different race (Pakistani American for me) is a living hell. But I might be biased, since here in Spokane it is AWFUL! Yet I failed to think that, because Seattle (in my 4 days of being there) it isn't racist. Just do not live in Aurora and you'll be fine. - Wafzal2

This State Used To Burn Crosses In The Fields Which Is Green Valley Ranch Is Now Built On! Really. Colorado Has Always Been Racist. Born And Raised In The State!

What? I mean Colorado isn't THAT racist, but they are certainly not the least racist - Heyo_Simba

The most racist and dishonest people ever!

How is this state nit number one my dad got killed by this white guy cause he was black

I lived in Colorado Springs for nearlyy one year. Very condesending to Blacks. These people are the poster residents for separate but NOT AT ALL Eual.

I live in Denver and worked for 7-Eleven

I am a 30 yaer old AFRIXAN man born in Colorado, and it should be placed in the top five on the list... With a black population of two precent, but 75 precent of African Americans make up the jails and prison system;that speaks for it self