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I am attending school around University of Central Florida. Both white and white Latin Americans would always give nasty looks if they see an Asians. One fat white latin girl also rubbed up against an Asian in the lunch line stating, "Asian c*** is good and they think they are stiffs." On another occasion, I was standing out in the hallway of one school where an Asian girl approaching two white girls about class. These girls stood far apart from her as if she had SARS. Some of the white Latins that I have talked with around campus (unfortunately, this is a majority I have talked with so far) say Asians were already given the right to attend school. That should be enough for them. They also say that Asians should not use their minority status to get additional aid. Both white and white latins see minorities as an attack on the success of white students and black students in school. I have heard staff say very racist things about minorities from the financial aid office about ...more

I lived in Jacksonville, FL and my first day I was given a ticket for speeding. I knew I was not speeding and said its probably 5 over the speeding limit at the most! The officer said I will be generous and wrote me a ticket for 14 over. I said there is no way I was driving that fast, my first ticket ever and it was all a lie. He said welcome to Florida and laughed. I said oh lord, let the journey begin and it did. I didn't realize the amount of hate. The WHITE people wouldn't hardy look at you but they would half way compliment my beauty. I'm from the south (Arkansas) and Arkansans are known for southern hospitality and some cases people have claimed we are like the others. Like any other person that want to strive and live better we move towards greatness. When you expect racism you will get get in most cases... living in Florida I changed my perspective on how I will deal with it and I overall ignored any signs that could be ignored and my stay was lovely. who wouldn't get mad at ...more

Florida is the only state that I've visited where whites AND Latinos sit around and talk about blacks! Why do south American Latinos think its OK to be racist, just because they are not White?

Florida is the most racist state I have lived in. I have lived in several cities in Florida, and it never fails. If you mixed people stop, and stare at you like you came from planet mars. Most churches are "politely" racist here too. And this may shock some people, but the worst racists in this state are the Jewish people. They will come right out and ask you "What are you? " I have lived here for 27 years. and can tell you that the Zimmerman incident is nothing new. I have had cops follow me, and almost rear end me running my plates for no other reason except I am a light skinned mixed person. I saw a car on Craig's list, and went to see it. The guy refused to open the hood, and told me to go back where I came from.. Where would that be? The best state I have lived in so far is North Carolina.. I currently live in Brandon, Florida.

Amen! Florida is awful! God needs to wipe out at least half of the population here! Most of these people here are rotten to the core!

I'm from California and Florida is racist because the nation witness the trial of Zimmerman and he was found not guilty of killing a unarmed Trayvon Martin, a black kid who was walking home from a mini-store. He lied to the police, his family, and friends that he shot the kid for self-defense, but what started the problem is that he followed him and the police told him DON'T follow him. Look at Zimmerman now, he is getting into more trouble and his girlfriend even called the police. The other case is a black woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison, because she shot the ceiling as a warning sign to let her abusive husband know to step away from her. That tells you racism is still alive in the USA and it's still going strong as well.

Florida seems even worse than the Metro Atlanta Georgia area which is where I live. This place always seems to get overlooked as a racist dump like the rest of the deep south is. I tried in the past to move to Florida and only to find out that I could not get jobs yet being qualified for them. Hell, I even tried for menial jobs and never heard back from people.

I still see more Dixie flags and high rise pickups than in Georgia. Black men getting killed by angry white vigilantes seems to make the news annually. Even the Cuban amerikkkans in Miami give the old school white amerikkkans a run for the money with racism. You know things are bad when even a white man will tell me things are bad around here.

Recently, some Sheriff's Deputy in Lee county decided to pull me over for NO REASON other than seeing a well groomed black man driving a new rental car while obeying the speed limit. To his surprise, when I showed him my badge and law enforcement agency I worked for, he ...more

What does it mean to give someone a run for their money with racism mean?

I've been living in florida for over 10 years, it started when I was a teenager when a white girl in my neighborhood called me a ni... Bit... And then punched me in the face at the bus stop after I yelled at her for being upset for what she said and then in self defense I hit her back. I got arrested... She didn't... People always have something to say about me being biracial. Zimmerman case? Enough said

I agree with going north Florida. Central and south Florida are fine. Lived in Kissimmee, Orlando, Miami and Tampa and these are cool places. Even ft launder dale is nice golden beaches. The racist parts are Sanford, Jacksonville, Daytona, St. Cloud, Tallahassee, Pensacola.

I hated being in Florida, very segregated and rude people everywhere. Its not great at all. No one is polite, has manners and guys won't treat you like a lady. People drive way too fast down there. You can feel the vibrations of the car as they pass by. This place gets very lonely if you don't have any friends or relatives living near you as its very hard to make friends down there. People down there are very cliquey and unfriendly, if they notice any difference about you they won't even consider being friends with you. There's also a crappy condo/hoa that wouldn't allow pets or feeding ducks and fine you for every mistake you made about fixing up the house. Doctors down there are rude and seem to hate their jobs. I knew a lady who had to move up here (Massachusetts) because they denied healthcare to her son who had asthma. I wouldn't recommend any northerners (or anyone in general) to move down here, especially if you're too poor to buy a nice house.

I am a white, professional woman in Florida and I am stunned by the level of ugly racism here on the Treasure Coast... The political machine appears to support it...

I am an Asian and lived in Florida for 36 years. People from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Tennessee who moved here are undoubtedly the most racists in the world.

Wow! I am a single, African American mother of 3, their father passed in August 2014. I'm planning to move to Jacksonville Florida in hopes of a new, fresh start in life. I currently reside in Indiana, home of the KKK. I recently heard from a white woman who resided in Tallahassee that she saw 2 people hanging from a tree very near her home. This was back in 2000-2001. I'm still moving to Florida and pray that God protects my children and myself from the ignorance. I am not racist. The comments I'm reading are shocking but expected.

Not EVERYONE in the states you're describing is racist! You're being stereotypical!

I grew up and live in Mount Dora. I never really experienced racism before since I was mostly sheltered growing up, but it was only 3 years ago when I discovered how racist people are here. It all started when I asked my boyfriend about me seeing his family. He tells me his dad's racist and I'm never going to meet him. Later on, some elderly men were giving us the death stare while we were walking downtown. I asked my boyfriend why and he tells me that not a lot of people like interracial couples. I'm hoping that my generation can stop this and fast, but who am I kidding? As long as there's racist parents, theyll like have racist kids. Now here I am, still living here... I need to get out of here and fast.

Stay out of Jacksonville, Florida worst mistake me any my wife ever made. I can't even begin to start, hopefully we'll be out of here before the end of the year

Stay out of Deltona, Sanford, Apopka, Orlando as well! I get dirty looks everyday from mostly White men & women.. And I'm a professional that presents himself as such! Also, I get mistreated on the job daily... , as far as not ever being promoted, or having any type of say so.. , which is the norm, because I've spoken to SEVERAL other Black professionals, and they say the same thing! ! There is 0% equality when it comes to employment! They make sure that you do not get the higher paying jobs as well! Central Florida is hell on earth for Black people! The saddest part about it is that even other minorities try their hand at being racist toward Blacks! They try to make it seem like they're "better" than Black people & snuggle up to Whites! Nothing but a bunch of ignorant A holes here!

I was born and raised here in South Florida all my life and YES it is racist. I am an African American woman. One time a customer where I work referred to me as "the cute colored girl" I was appalled but my manager asked me not to be? The worst came with my now retired racist assistant manager. This thang did everything she could to get me fired before she retire in January 2013. It didn't work and it became so obvious what she was trying to do she got a talk to from our HR department. She was no longer allowed to harass me but she still tried in a very passive way. I'm very proud of my self for maintaining my professionalism because let this had been at Walmart or somewhere else outside of the workplace. I would've educated her!... if you know what I mean. I was later told by other co-workers that she had much hate for me because of my race.

Yes, Florida is one of the top racist states. The situation with police is unbearable; they shoot first and never ask questions. Many of the police are rednecks with guns and a license to kill. They enjoy the ability to harass and abuse black people. They assume you are guilty, or just do not care whether you are or not. There is a definite difference in how they approach blacks and whites. Whites can wave a gun and the police will talk to them. If you are black, they will shoot you from a distance. Unfortunately, this is happening in many states now.

Florida should be split in two separate entities at I-4. Anything North is no different than Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia. The Southern half is actually quite diverse.

I was born in Florida and the government is so racest but only to black. I lived in sanford fl for 35 years it a good old boy city so if you are black don't come to Florida. You will be supporting racism.

Listen people if something racist happens to you by police on your job or a government office. If you record it or have good witnesses go get a lawyer and sue the racist ignorant small minded people. All racist regardless of educational background understands being sued or getting a hate crime put on record. Don't just let it go and pray. Make noise and take their money or the companies money they represent! Money talks and noise gets heard. At the least get a hate crime put on the persons record so you can damage their life for making you feel like less than human. No one has control over how they were born. Hispanics especially CubaNS You are not white! They don't like you either wake up ignorant people! White people only like other white people especially rednecks they like fellow trailer park buddies. Why are Cubans talking about black people after all blacks have did contribute to building America. You were in Cuba until Castro...

Everywhere in Florida is racist. White people will act like there not. The news in Florida should tell you the horrors. Our court system is where they have the power. They put blacks aIway. In prison Blacks make up 40percent white only 17. I'm a white women I live in the country lived her my whole life generations my family has. They put blacks away with no evidence. Small towns really get away with it. I date a black man I keep it from my family. Remind you I'm grown

I commend you for your courage to speak out. If I were you, I would leave Florida and openly date Black men interracially. I am a Black man myself and you have the right to that freedom. It is your family's loss, not yours if they cannot accept your boyfriend.

This state should be #1.. Fake politician, lawyers, judges with no one to give you a chance if you live.. Here.. Don't ever get in trouble in Florida because no one will listen nor do they want to hear your side.. This is a money making state and if you don't have any... Please be quiet until Jesus Christ return.. Seriously if you are African American... Take a poll and see how many are locked up and not given fair trials or have their records messed up for no reason...

You are degrading poor people. You are not being nice to those who can't earn money because of government checks. Stop talking down to poor people!

Zimmerman walks for killing a child! After he was told to stay in his car and police are on the way. If he obeyed police orders Trayvon would still be alive. Zimmerman would have been safer in his car. Think people!

An Officer named Mica in Surfside, FL decided to call back up of about 10 officers to arrest my boyfriend and I after his friend and friends racist mom from SC wouldn't not leave our condo. Another officer asked my boyfriend "are you going to stay with this black girl after this? " When arresting him. They allowed this woman (ex detention officer) and her son to stay in our home, placed my dog in a pound and we spent the weekend in jail. Came home to a wrecked condo with several items stolen. Who could we report that to, honestly. At the time, the Captain of police had been fired for planting cocaine in an elected officials car or some nonsense. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS STATE IS SO BACKWARDS WITH ALL THE IMMIGRANTS THAT LIVE THERE. Goes to show the justice system needs a renovation. If you're against racism, become an attorney or a police officer like KKK love to do. Thank God everything was dropped but it cost my boyfriend his job and me a lot of stress. My little dog was found after ...more

This is the Mecca of the dirty south. Florida has become one sad state. I've been here 45 years and it just seems to get worse. This southern mentality is sickening! Remember Rosewood?...

After the 2008 elections, I saw the true color of my so called friends and church community! Needless to say they are not my friends or my church anymore.

Sorry that happened to you. Those Christians are going to learn that their church is God's house, not theirs. EVERYONE is a child of God regardless of Race and gender.

There are 2 different parts of Florida. North Florida and South Florida. North Florida has a lot of racists and redneck hicks. South Florida is more mixed. Miami and Palm Beach County are pretty good places to be. Florida isn't really racist.