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Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America, receiving statehood on August 21, 1959.


Haha white people complaining about racism

Lol... But I think they are being racist to the wrong white people... Those people are not responsible for other peoples racism... If they really want to get back on white people they should be racist to the white tourist from Idaho, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Mississippi and all those other KKK states were white people discriminate greatly among minorities so they get a taste of there own medicine...

I Just because the rest of the country tolerates rude and disrespectful behavior doesn't mean we do in Hawaii. If you act like an ass, you'll get treated like an ass, simple as that no matter what the color of your skin is. If you're respectful of other cultures and act like a decent human being, then you'll fit in just fine... By the way this is coming from a white girl with blonde hair and green eyes that grew up in WAIANAE and not a single person has ever had a problem with the color of my skin. So maybe look at the way you carry yourself before you go around throwing out the racism card at every corner. - k14ersche

Born and raised in the bay area -- lots of ethnic diversity (though not as much as Hawaii). I lived in the bay area for 15 years, Reno Nevada for 13 years, Tokyo Japan for 5 years, and Honolulu for the last 6 years before coming back to the mainland a couple months ago, and I have to say Honolulu struck me as being very race-focused to say the least. There's a unique culture there due to their history whereby they make fun of other races and to them it's comedy. If you're not used to it it can definitely give you a bitter taste. The kind of racial jokes they make their on radio shows and even T.V. news would get people instantly fired on any channel/station on the mainland - and they're completely unapologetic about it. They have a racial slur for white people, "Haole", that is kind of like how mainlanders 50 years ago or more would call black people the 'n' word... This is where it gets complicated -- the word is accepted in mainstream society there as ok and even white ...more

Grew up dealing with the few racist locals who make life hell. Most are fine, but the racists are allowed free rein. I was meek, respectful and kept my head down, and was tormented daily. Left as soon as I graduated and never looked back. I'd never raise my kids here, the racism is too entrenched, and they're unapologetic about it, they encourage and rationalize it still, as shown in the comments here.

Haole is an insult meant to keep the haoles in their place, and from getting "uppity". Nothing else, no matter how much they try to talk a good story around it.

I've lived here for 4 months now... From Hawaii (Born & raised) I am in the banking industry. I have showed my ability to perform my duties and learn in an efficient amount of time. I even correct the supervisors that have been with the company for 5+yrs. They still treat me like last class, like I am LESS, not as bright, as though I have to work twice as hard to get the same level of respect. By the way, I am a 26 yr old female (African American), and there are 7 other employees. 6 being Caucasian. 1 being an older Hawaiian woman

Huh? What you wrote makes no sense, I've lived here for 4 months, but you are also born and raised in Hawaii? - danatural

People need to stop generalizing the people of Hawaii by the few experiences and encounters they have had with people who may have shown racism. Not everyone is like that! Many of us still have the aloha spirit. Sorry you may have encountered some unfortunate experiences. - Kuulei

Very hard to believe so many of these poor, picked on haoles, who feel so victimized in Hawaii. I've been here for 46 years, as haole (white) as you can be. I can count on one hand the times anyone has shown any prejudice to my face and maybe all my fingers and toes the times I thought I was getting some negative vibes while interacting with someone. Have never, ever felt discriminated against or thought that I didn't get a fair shot at something. We love OUR comedy and jokes about all the different ethnic and diverse cultural groups we have here, mainly because we tell them about ourselves! The only ones to get offended are the newcomer whites who seem to get offended by EVERYTHING!

Are you kidding me? Everyone hates Hawaii? Guess what! Everyone who hates hawaii are putting fake information about it!

Having lived in Hawaii, graduated from UH/Manoa and am almost a bi-monthly returnee to see family, friends etc I can say as a Caucasian that yes there is massive prejudice in the islands and most of it from those who don't even know their own history but who love to trot out wore cliches about stolen lands, etc while ignoring the fact that the past four decades have seen far more land, homes etc bought by Asians than ever were taken by any other group. Just excuses to act out and continue racist views based on false data. Yes the Hawaiians got screwed by some Whites and Asians in the late 1800's but an equal number of whites fought to keep the Monarchy again that's overlooked as it doesn't fit into the Trask history of the islands. To be honest I see far less prejudice from those of Hawaiian blood than I do from the local Japanese who by far lead the pack. Working for the Governors office in 1976 I was privy to it first hand when the then Governor Ariyoshi tried to illegally limit ...more

How is Hawaii not first? If you are white, there are going to be a lot of people here who DO hate you. Many people like to claim that people here only dislike "ignorant haoles (white people)", but in reality, a lot of view people view white people as ignorant simply because of the color of their skin. The racism I have seen and heard on these islands has been absolutely disgusting. To make matters worse, it is practically enforced by a lot of state officials, as many will actively fight any racism they perceive against people with native Hawaiian blood. But as soon as an incident springs up against white people (which is literally all the time), it goes ignored most of the time because of the double-standard. If you are black, you get treated better than whites, but not that much better. The really ironic thing is that this is supposed to be the land of aloha...

You do realize that the people of Hawaii literally had everything stolen from them by people of western society and have every right to have a prejudice against whit people? - pkainoac

You know what is really messed up about Hawaii. Hawaiians don't want to say hey yes we are racist and we are messed up and yeh maybe we should not be so proud and out going on that subject. but the fact remains if you are not Asian looking period you will be outed and hated period. the worse fact of all is that Hawaiians don't mention how the Japanese have taken over the place and have taken more then any haole or white European. plus not to mention if it wasn't the haole it would be the Japanese or the Chinese who would of taken over the place, and I bet they would hate them instead and that would be a stupid thing. the first Hawaiians who settled here should of said, wait these islands are in the middle of the ocean someone is bound to find this place and overthrow us we should leave. yeh this place is not ranked properly it should be top ten period.

I'm usually very skeptical about "reverse racism" arguments. Generally, they come across as whiny white people annoyed to see their privilege eroded. But Hawaii is a special case where there really is anti-white racism against so-called haoles.

You get kicked off local surf if you're white... The list goes on. It's the most racist place that's actually upfront about it.. Haole. LOL The funny thing is everyone will post denying it but it is so true it's almost hilarious.

Believe me, but they tend to throw mockery around the islands alone.. Prepare yourself to a barrage of racist jokes and trash talking about white people.. I'm not a tourist.. I was actually in there since birth.. But it should be in the top 3 for sure because of frequent teasing and offensive slangs.. Even at school my science teacher is racist.

It is definitely the most racist place I have been, It seems to be looked at as acceptable because it is racism against pale skinned people. I am tan skinned and everything would be fine for me in this society until I spoke and my English accent came out.

This state is racist because although asian/polynesian dominates the state there are many sub races like micronesian, samoan, filipinos, etc. And they all hate each other and form their own cliques. All the Filipinos took over the restaurants and fast food jobs so good luck if your a non filipino teenager/young adult looking for a job because all the Flips look after each and discriminate against non filipinos. I am half filipino and half white but White people think I'm one of the crazy locals and Filipinos think I'm a racist American. Go figure.

Hawaiians are nothing but racists, if you live in hawaii they call you haole if you are white, you could be brown skin and they'd still accept you on first sight because you don't appear white, aloha spirit my ass, the teenagers are even more racist then the grown ups and parents, white people have been murdered for being white in hawaii and cops laugh and look the other way... Hawaiian women are jaw droppingly sexy but the most bloodless heartless racist women you'd ever meet, they're very hung up on the past and blame white people for racism and their past and how they grew up but the funny thing is they never leave so that's the only place they can talk and be tough and they don't do anything to help racism or fix the problem, all they no how to do is judge people by how they were born... Two wrongs don't make a right

Born and raised in Cali. Moved here in 2008 and 50 years old white male. I have traveled to most of the US and Hawaii is the most above board racist place much more than Cali. Everyone is included all races but the most hate and exclusion is against white folk.

Sorry, this had happened to you... But, maybe Hawaii isn't the place you should be living. - Ainokea

Hawaii should not be in 48th place!

I was born and raised on Oahu. I have red hair and green eyes. The racism in Hawaii isn't even from the Hawaiians, it's from all the Asians and Samoans who think THEY run the place. I would never raise my kids there.

Just the fact that Hawaii is a completely different country than the US, and US citizens are here as colonial settlers wiping out the Hawaiian culture and pushing Hawaiians out of Hawaii, this is an act of racism on the highest order - it's genocide and ethnocide. I would therefore say that Hawaii is THE most racist "state," except there are other native peoples this has and continues to happen to in other states. Maybe we should talk about most racist countries and cultures next.

I've been bullied so much in Hawaii because I'm Swiss-German. I get called Nazi repeatedly and it makes me want to leave.

As much as they want to try to redefine it and soften it when confronted, "haole" is always spoken with one intent: to put a haole in their place and keep them from feeling "uppity". You see that reinforced in their weak rationalizations that "it only applies to the rude ones", or the clueless ones. That's patently false. I was a meek, quiet, respectful kid who unfortunately had white skin, blue eyes, blond hair, and poor parents who couldn't afford a better school. I was tormented mercilessly, daily with that word, humiliated in bathrooms, kicked in class, pushed, ostracized and bullied by other girls. Several were nice privately, but refused to associate publicly with me for fear of attracting the wrath of the virulently racist crowd. I kept my head down, waited it out, and left as soon as I graduated. Never looked back, and there's no way I'd ever return with my kids and risk put them through that.

Again, most locals are decent privately and grow into public decency as they ...more

Definitely in the top 10, white people are called haole JUST for being white. During the 1900s, minorities had it harder here and now it's WHITE people who have it harder. Nice job, Hawaiians. - CobaltCards

You guys are all so wrong, Hawaii is not a racist place, california is worse, some of you guys just don't get it...shame on u