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Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.


This state is extremely racist. We have lived in Texas and Utah and never experienced the racism we have had here. My children in kindergarten have been beaten up at school by older kids for being black. We have had people leave the McDonalds playground because my family was black. We have had to switch schools. Idaho has a large white supremacist colony. We didn't experience anything like this Dallas and SLC.

I've lived in Idaho for most of my life. I'm still a teenager, my mom and dad are a biracial couple (dad: black, mom: white) with two mixed kids, and two white kids. There have been few instances that I can remember where people were openly racist to us. Maybe it's because the community we grew up in knew my mother's family for as long as they could remember, so they didn't behave rudely to us? Maybe so. My mom said that one time when we were at the water park in Moscow, Idaho, a lady came up to her and asked if we were her children (asking indirectly if we were adopted or not). Then she proceeded to ask if "the dad" was still around (implying that black men always leave their wives). My mother was furious, but that was really the only racist instance that ever happened here. Literally every state is racist in some way, I'm just trying to clear up my home state's name, because it's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The town I'm currently living in is LGBTQ+ friendly, ...more

As an Idaho native and 50 years in this state I am always surprised how racist this state has become. There are several instances where it is seen out in the open and not one of the perpetrators has a clue that their behavior is racist. They see things as, "This is just way things are done here." When Obama became president there are several people who started talking about lynching him and making the White House white again. I would love to become free of this state. It would be nicer if the racists would just move somewhere else. I like the state as a whole it is the people I can live without,

I'm a white gay atheist in North Idaho, so at least I can hide behind machismo. Anyone who isn't white here has to deal with quite a lot.

It can be horrific what people will say when you don't think you will be offended ("I'm just saying it's weird that ebola is only happening in places without Jesus"), and how it can feel to be an outcast. But again, I can hide myself to fit in.

People up here generally do not self - identify or realize how socially backwards they R. It's amazing amazing how many people were against Obama before he was elected, but are somehow, "Not racist."

One big thing I've noticed noticed is that the majority white people up here are against interracial marriage. Or maybe I'm confusing the fact that most people have only dated, married, and bred with other white people as something it's not. - Captainadorable

I was an international student from Taiwan. We went to Yellowstone for the summer break. On our way back to Seattle, we stopped by a gas station at a small town in Idaho. Forgot the name of the town but remember there was a lake nearby. Anyway, when we were at the gas station there were some really mean people came to and yelling at us. Talking trash and saying something like asking you to go back to China. This was actually the first time we face a situation like this so we were kind of wondering if they were just had a bad mood and didn't realize those people are racist. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant to have lunch because we didn't want any trouble. The waitress is a Chinese and told us all the things she was bullied in Idaho. Well, we kind of feel we learned the lesson and what the racist people are like. I also notice there were really not many import cars over there. I guess that's a signal by telling people to stay away from us if you are not white.
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I hardly remember ever not living here and I went the majority of my life with out seeing a person of any color other than white. I heard stories about kids being hurt for being different, murdered for their tone, and no one thought it was bad but me and my family. I was raised to believe "one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" was what america was. Now as a high schooler I can't help to but to cry at what this state has become. It ruined my belief that all people are good when I learned of the Nazi's, It broke my heart when I heard about the KKK, It left me dumbfounded when I heard about Andrew Jackson's slaughtering of the native peoples, and it made me jaded when I heard that in Idaho two of those things still exist.

I lived in Idaho for about 7 years. I didn't really experience racism, but what I experienced was more religious bigotry. If you aren't Mormon, you should not live anywhere in Idaho, even the North End of Boise, which is the more progressive area of Boise. Their religion causes them to be very exclusionary toward anyone who isn't Mormon. So, if you aren't Mormon, your kids can't play with their kids. You have a harder time finding a job. If you own a business, you will only be frequented by non-Mormons, because the Mormons will only give their business to other Mormons. They are very odd people, who are extremely self-conscious of being judged, but who are very judgmental people. And they get married and start having kids by 18. At least 4 kids, but their goal is 6 because they were promised some greater level of heaven for having 6. And they actually believe this stuff. They are now allowing blacks and other ethnics into their churches because families are starting to adopt those ...more

One time I came out of a McDonalds and I held the door for some old white guy and he instantly stopped and started staring at me with a pretty dirty look. Then some little white kid opened the other door and the old man went through his door and said, "thank You son" and then looked back at me with the dirtiest look. White people in Twin Falls don't really have any respect for us sweet gentle hard working Mexicans. :(

I agree with the person that said this state should be MUCH higher on the list. People really need to quit being narrow-minded and listen to other people's opinions! I have been to 10 states, but not this one. This state belongs in the top 5. Blacks in Idaho do not run anything. Big-time racist state! It is underrated as one of the most racist states in the United States!

There aren't very many black people in Idaho. I lived there 18 years and saw maybe 3 tops total. It's hard for them to own anything if they basically don't exist there.

But there is "reverse racism" at the University of Idaho. The you is under a mandate to be more diverse, but they do not know how to do it right.

I am a white, Canadian female. I lived here for 3 years. Previously I lived in Washington state for 15 years. Idaho was by far the most racist alt right state I have ever visited. The racism was not directed at me, but I saw on a regular basis how racist my coworkers and general public were. I did however get criticized for being Canadian. To socialized for those right wingers I guess. Not exactly a diverse state. Basically just a bunch of hick rednecks. Really annoying and quite frankly a lot of narrow minded jerks living there. I was so happy to leave.

My family and I passed through Idaho when we were moving cross-country. We stopped in Idaho to grab a bite to eat and take a restroom break. We saw no other people of color from the time we entered Idaho until we left. If you're wondering why we noticed's because the people blatantly stared at us everywhere we went. It was though we weren't Black, we were Aliens, instead. When we stopped to eat, they watch us the entire time, to the point I asked my parents if we she should be worried. It was like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Has to be the #1 racist place in America. The locals are all inbred and act like it too. They're extremely xenophobic and believe in white supremacy as a religious doctrine, which they learned from the Mormons in Utah, but moved to Idaho when the Mormons started admitting black people. Utah should be on any top 10 list as well. The state of Idaho belongs in the category of a Southern pro-slavery and pro-segregation state. The Mormons simply stayed out of the civil war, because they weren't liked by the south due to polygamy, and didn't want to die. Idaho is the least American state in America, and needs to be somehow sterilized of the people living there without destroying the natural environment which is some of the most beautiful in America. I vote for incineration, since its home to all the Neo-Nazis. The people in Idaho aren't bright enough to have a KKK chapter, so it never pops up as the most racist state, but it has neo-Nazis which are far worse than the KKK. The people here ...more

Idaho should be at the #5 position, if you want to feel racism come to Idaho. The racists always make sure they are making other ethnic groups feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, and most of the schools are racist!

Idaho is beautiful however, this place is so racist it makes Europeans feel unwelcome. Not only are they racist towards different ethnicities but also towards your religious background. The only people who will feel welcome here are white Christians and/or mormons.

Reverse racism is all over the University of Idaho and Moscow, ID.

I was born in mountain home Idaho,I have lived there since I was 17 (I moved here and there, but I'd usually stay in Idaho) for those who don't know mountain home is in southwest Idaho in my experience the farther north you go the more racism you experience up in northern Idaho the Klans there neo-Nazi groups and AB, being half Mexican I never went up north that much because even though I am half white, my skin is brown, even in the southwest especially in my hometown I've been called "spic,wetback,border hopper, etc." though not all of Idaho a racist people, Idaho was a confederate state, as hard as that is to believe after the civil war many confederate soldiers moved there and started family, even my family is racist towards me because I ain't white, Idaho as though may. Not seem so it is very segregated not only by color but people from Idaho can tell when your a visiter and not all towns like out siders, if you don't like country folks and farmers with a bit of racism don't go to ...more

Yep Idaho is VERY racist, including HP management.

Most people are uneducated in Idaho and there isn't much going on. So they either get married when they are like 18, get pregnant as soon as they hit 16-17, just hate educated people who made to the top. For me, it makes sense why uneducated (most cops fall into this category) people are racist. I just don't understand how it is possible for an educated man to be so stupid!

My advice, if you at least have a BSc and you aren't White, don't go to Idaho. You get paid little and stuck middle of no where.

Idaho definitely belongs in the number 13 spot on this list joining the Southern states. North Idaho is 95% White, and you can literally "feel" the tension and hostility in public places there if you're not White. The city of Coeur d alene is trying very hard to put on a progressive image, but it's not really working out well. A black man was jumped by a group of White teens at the beach there, while other white people stood by and cheered. Racist flyers are also common throughout the region. The Aryan Nations may be long gone, but the white supremacist mentality still lingers.

I Mexican and I lived in Idaho for one year! I experienced racism over 4 times in just one year. One time I was walking home from school and this this white girl just pointed her middle finger at me. Also one time during gym class a classmate told me to go back to Mexico. Thank god we moved out of that state! Idaho SUCKS

One of the most racist and prejudice state I have ever been to. I have not had this much trouble in Mississippi, Georgia, or Louisiana.

I go to a nice Junior High School where, let's be honest, there is some racisim, but not the kind you would expect, I've often been called out for being white, the teachers always call on the other children, but not white people because they don't want to seem rude for not calling on someone who is a different skin color, I agree, Idaho is racist, if I could change one thing about Idaho it would be that everyone is treated the same, but I love it here. Sexism is terrible here too, I'm not allowed to play football, do wrestling, or play basketball because I'm a girl.

I will never go back there waste two years of my life

RUN AWAY, RUN FAST. Absolutely not the best place to live in. The biggest city over there is small compared to its neighbor Oregan. The food is not very good, and in the Winter is very cold. By the way I haven't talked about any other cities in Idaho, that's only Boise. You could imagine what kind of other cities over there.

Northern Idaho has had a reputation of being clan country.

People would chant Jigaboo whenever I walked into a store or school, at age 17 I was forced into a submissive position and hog tied to a railroad, at age 22 I was scalped by the skin head group, at age 37 I was a married man to a Latina Native American, I was brought to the tribe and tossed into the fire, I divorced her immediately and married an Indian we had 7 children, all disappeared, I am typing this while my house is currently being burned, Idaho is the worst thing that ever happened I want to move back to Missouri

Idaho is very isolated and a lot of the problem stems from the conservative government there. Education is a huge problem, partly because the state is poor but mostly due to politics.