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Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.


I was born and raised here in Chicago and I still live here today. I have developed a love/hate relationship with my city. Let me say this... Being black in Chicago is a crime in itself! CPD is completely unfair, hostile, and racist! Yet the racism is very contradicting. For instance, I was driving down 79th, a predominantly black and violent area, and I immediately got pulled over 3 minutes into driving. As I got pulled over, a black and a Latino cop took out their flashlights, told me to step out of the car, and put me in handcuffs! For what reason?!?! For "running a stop sign". I took this route many times before. There were no stop signs that I ran. It was late, and I was on my way to visit a friend. These guys continued to question me like I was some type of criminal. They stated "You're suspicious man. Why are you shaking? "... You guys have me in handcuffs and its 30 degrees! My coat is in the passenger seat, what do you expect me to do?!? The Hispanic cop ...more

I wouldn't have thought about Illinois as racist. I don't think I want to move there anymore. Is this a statewide problem? Or just Chicago? - Chkenned

I was born and raised in Chicago. Do you want to experience racism in all forms? Live there a while and you just might. First of all, Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in the country. I grew up on the far South Side but saw the segregation on the North Side (e.G. Indian, Korean). Furthermore, there are plenty of areas that African-Americans can never feel comfortable (e.G. Bridgeport) and the history reflects that. Several years ago, there was an incident where an African-American Man was beaten in Bridgeport.

Driving while black is a huge problem in Chicago and Suburbs. I have personally had police officers from the neighboring suburb follow my family home or follow me because of the car I was driving. There have been attempts to quell the problem but it is still as bad as I remember it.

But what they don't mention is the institutionalized racism that runs rampant in Chicago. If you work for some city departments, it is VERY overt. I have seen many qualified ...more

I was born and raise over on the Westside of Chicago, durning the early 60s. And I have to tell you that time got me prepared in other to deal with the white establishment not just in Chicago, but the world.

When Dr.King lived and marched through the Chicago area, he said that he never seen such hatred.

Rev. Abernathy later wrote that the movement received a worse reception in Chicago than in the South. Marches, especially the one through Marquette Park on August 5, 1966, were met by thrown bottles and screaming throngs. Rioting seemed very possible.King's beliefs militated against his staging a violent event, and he negotiated an agreement with Mayor Richard J. Daley to cancel a march in order to avoid the violence that he feared would result. King was hit by a brick during one march but continued to lead marches in the face of personal danger. (Baty, Chris (2004). Chicago: City Guide. Lonely Planet.P. 52.)

That's Chicago for you, It stinks.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Chicago is one of the most racist cities in America. The neighborhoods are racially segregated, and even Mayor Daley lives in the most racist neighborhood in Chicago, Bridgeport. Young people have to worry about being in the wrong neighborhood wearing the wrong colors, but the Chicago Police Department is the biggest and most deadly gang in Chicago. The Chicago Police use people of color, the homeless, small children and even the elderly as punching bags and for target practice with their guns. The judicial system of Chicago and Cook County is terribly racist and corrupt. Many blacks are murdered every year, due to racist cops. If you have children, don't raise them in Chicago.

Can't speak for the rest of Illinois, but the Chicago area is vastly underrated for it's racist/segregated atmosphere. Chicago proper is frequently ranked amongst the top 3 most segregated cities in the country. The suburbs are only a shade better. Lots of the whites, hispanics, and blacks are xenophobic and keep to their own kind. Be prepared to have people automatically assume at least 15 things about you based on your skin color/appearance, and then act shocked if you violate protocol. Be careful if you venture into a part of town where most of the residents look different from you. You'll get stares, comments, possibly harassment, and on some occasions worse. Between the black hood rats, low-rider Hispanics, snobby white yuppies, and other vanilla Midwest people, there's not really many circles to fit into if you're a quirky, creative individual who doesn't fall into one of these neatly partitioned off cliques. 9.6 million people and yet still a standard example of bland, ...more

I grew up in Rural Indiana. I have lived throughout Indiana, also in IL, SC, AL, WY, KY, TN. Chicago is by fare the most openly racist place that I have worked or lived. Beaufort, SC was the least racist, the whites were to busy shunning me for being a Yankee. Birmingham, AL may have trumped Chi town, not as openly racist, but when a statement was made you could feel the hatred. KY, TN, WY, well I didn't hear to much racism because there were few other races in these areas, if that doesn't speak volumes. Wouldn't it be nice if we all matured as we aged. 35YO SWM

I lived in Chicago. Need I say more? I guess I should. They have a name for the phenom in Chicago. Hyper-segregation. I am from Virginia, ya know, capital of the former Confederacy! And I was shocked at how racist the entire system in Chicago is. Every facet of this city screams "stay in your neighborhood" and everything is systematically racist there. Being born and bred from a place that honors Civil War heroes on Monument is quite shocking to see worse racism. Needless to say I live in neither place now...I am happy living on the west coast now. It is the least racist place in the United States..

If you are black in Peoria, Illinois, be ready to get your section eight and welfare. If you are educated, and you're looking to get a DECENT job to live a decent life, you will have a hard time. These white folks keep the comfortable jobs to themselves while they watch the blacks do the hard labor for minimum wages. I've been called in for interviews with all the excitement over the phone about my resume, then when I get there, the story changed-along with the attitude. Peoria will never be a place for classy people period. It's for the ghetto non-thinkers who are okay with having nothing, and disgusting uneducated whites who don't even qualify for their own jobs.

I'm starting to feel really bad about living in this pit of racism. First off, almost EVERY town around where I live has a strong KKK presence. People have been known for throwing rocks at African Americans and those who have absolutely no problem with people of different race. Even my brother, although I hate to say it, is somewhat racist towards Indians. In fact, Almost everyone in his apartment in Peoria is racist towards the Indians that live their. - DaRealXgen

I am a Hispanic and currently living in this state. I have had problems with my neighbors playing with there dirt bikes all over the area with lots of young children soon comes Sunday nights and they play loud music & fight in the street with there beer bottles. At 3 in the morning the police should of done something but since they've seen that where not white they let them do what ever they want. The police just leaves and let's them destroy the subdivision with dirt bike tracks and beer bottles everywhere. They're all older then 20.

Southern Illinois is extremely racist. The one black family that moved into our small own when I lived there in the 90's was made to feel very uncomfortable until their left. Chicago like many northern industrial cities is very segregated due to historical real estate practices.

I was born and raised in Chicago, and to me, it is racist to the core. I enjoyed the night life back in the 80s, and the restaurants are somewhat nice. I don't have any intentions on moving back.

Very racist! They're very good at shadowing their racism.

I hate living here so much I'm one out of the two black girls in my all white racist, sexist, homophobic school...

Most people here are racist in some way but most racist people are in the suburbs, rush and hannity nut huggers.

I grew up here and experienced racism the whole time I lived there. It didn't matter if I was in the suburbs or the city or even at a job (I was called names and bullied at jobs where the managers knew and did nothing about it). I was harassed by all other races (white, black, Hispanic, Asian) at one time or another. It used to be a very segregated city, with the segregation into neighborhoods going as deep as European countries.. The Irish live here, the Polish live there, not just the black, white and Hispanic communities. And even different neighborhoods for Puerto Rican vs Mexican. I'm not sure it's like this anymore, but I can't imagine it has changed very much in the last 20 years.

I'm from Mississippi. Illinois is by far the most racist place I've ever been to.

I have lived here twenty years and I'm very convinced that Illinois is the most "RACIST STATE" especially being an Chicago oHare employee!

Chicago is the most segregated major city in the U.S. You can thank Mayor Daley Sr. for that!

I think Illinois happens to be a great state.

I used to live in IL, and as a biracial woman, I was treated with mistrust due to race issues. My African American father was called the n-word by our former neighbor, I've faced being called that same racial epithet by my peers when I went to school. The further south you go, the more racism you experience. There's also a great deal of intolerance toward the LGBT community, more than any other.

I live here, and it's not perfect, but it's no worse than the next state.

In Illinois you can't think for yourself. If you are white, you are considered a racist. If you are religious, you are racist. If you have a different opinion, you are racist. If you don't support the tyrranical ass in chief, Obama... Then you are a racist.
But if you support a black man like Ben Carson, or Herman Cain... You are still a racist.
Hell, my black friends were called traitors because they hang out with white people like me and also don't like obama

In my school,90 percent of what we learn is black history.Call me racist,but we should be learning about other/more important things.

Black people in Illinois assaulted me, vandalized my property, sexually assaulted me, planted drugs outside my home, tried jumping me and slashed my breaks. Hearing all the African Americans bad mouth whites makes me laugh. Not wanting to live near blacks is an informed well thought out decision, not a bigoted uneducated hate based action perpetuated by an evil man.