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I was an Army Recruiter in Bloomington In, in the mid 90s and Indiana is above and beyond racist! I would just be doing my job and feel as if I had to watch my back daily! I once spoke to an applicant over the phone received an interview and when I got to the house, they said we thought you were white and slammed the door in my face! Tragic!

Indiana is both racist and prejudiced. I have never seen a state were people lack such intellectual capacity/decent college education as I have with the people of Indiana. And, the discrimination is covert most times just so they can say they aren't racist. But, they are. Just look at the stats of a typical workplace set up in Indiana; salary differences; job offers; level of education differences. If a white has a high school diploma, the minority needs to come in with a 4yr or masters degree. Pathetic. And I'm white with a caribbean wife living in south bend, Indiana. Indiana embarrasses me.

Indiana hands down, I haved lived here for three years its HORRIBLE. Small town, uneducated mentalities. LaPorte is a nightmare, they want to keep minorities in apartments. So many houses vacant will not sell just to prevent diversity. Small minded racism. One homeowner stated he would rather the bank have his home back then to allow my family to live in the home he is selling. His words were very inspiring, inspiring enough for me to create a list. A list of racist people called DreamCatchers. Indiana is Hell with a state flag and IDOC are the SOULKEEPERS.

I am white. Born in southern Indiana in 1955 and have lived here my entire life. People here pride themselves on being color-blind and then say the most stupid racist stuff. It is unbelievable. I have had to point out what seems like blatant racist stuff to people that are convinced they don't have a racist bone in their bodies. It is very frustrating. There is a smug need to be the

I think Indiana should be way higher on the list than California. I lived in Fort Wayne, IN for 10 years, and I've been living in SoCal for two years now. The atmosphere is completely different here in California. In Fort Wayne the city is practically divided in half. North Ft. Wayne is made up of the rich white, while the south is considered the black "ghetto" even though it is far from. I've known so many bigots in Indiana who fervently believe interracial relationships are wrong and unnatural. Furthermore, the N word is thrown around frequently. Fort Wayne isn't as bad as the smaller towns though. About seven years ago a black family moved into a suburban neighborhood in Auburn, IN. Did they cause trouble? Of course not, but the neighbors took it upon themselves to literally chase the family out of town by constantly harassing them by throwing bricks into the house windows and vandalizing the property.

I was born, 1977, and raised in a small town in Indiana. The klan was still very active all around the small towns where I grew up. There would be rallies on our court house lawn every year through my time in high school. I traveled around the state quite a bit and it was never hard to find someone with a good n word joke. There are an awful lot of confederate battle flags flying for a state that was in the union and that flag has a different meaning up north. There were, when I was in middle school, a few small towns left that were what I would consider "sundown towns". If there were any blacks in the park, they headed home when it got dark. If I was a black person, I would not want to move to Indiana. Mexicans too.

Indiana should be on top of the list totally racist people on certain campuses will arrest you just for being black, your ignored, just by how you dress can get you locked up, even police in your own university like TU in Upland will run you off campus even if you show school ID, not a place for people of color

I lived in Fort Wayne for 3 months and it was horrible. I'm a Latino from New Mexico. I had such a horrible time, because everywhere I went white people were always giving me dirty looks. I couldn't even run outside in the neighborhood. One time I had a neighbor call the cops because I was exercising outside. What kind of place is this? People from there are ignorant, uneducated, and racist. I honestly don't know how my uncles could live there. I won't never go back to that place.

My first experience of Indiana was when I walked into a local walmart and ignored this homeless man askig me for change... As soon as I ignored him some ignorant racist passerby was like: don't mind that chinky gook, he's probably not even from around here anyways

Indiana is NOT racist at all. I am biracial and I am friends with both white and black people. There can be some people that are mean to the opposite race but that's just because everyone has they're own opinion. I live in Indianapolis in... I'd say the Northwest but I promise you they are not racist. Some people are mean but it's not because of color. If a white person ignores you, don't get offended because just because someone ignores you doesn't mean they're racist. Just remember the same race as you can also ignore you, hit you, beat you, etc. All you have to do is stay cool, be nice, and don't assume everyone is racist. My cousins and brother is fully black and they have a TON of white, Mexican, and black friends, as well as I. No cops aren't racist either, it seems like it though because a lot of black people in Indiana seem to always to the damage. Yes they arrest white people too. No, a cashier will not charge you more because your black. In Indiana, everything is cool, if ...more

Indiana doesn't seem racist down In the South part of the State, But the Northern part of Indiana is more diverse. Not everyone is racist in Indiana, but some people are, probably 1-10 person in the state has ever said something that is racist to someone else. - Cool_Collins

I never met a coworker, friend or anyone outside of my family who didn't feel comfortable using racial slurs and telling racist jokes. Not always an obvious choice because it was never a slave state but many who have been around the country have expressed a similar view and the KKK and moron Nazi groups are still a big deal down there. - DiamondPower

I'm a 31 yr old Caucasian male. That being said I have no problem admitting that Indiana has an issue with racism but I will say that some areas of the state are worse than others. I would say that hands down southern Indiana is the most bigoted and racist part of the state, and I mean ANYTHING south of Indianapolis. I am from Fort Wayne and I don't understand the comments about Fort Wayne being so absolutely racist. I am married to a black woman who has 3 kids from a previous relationship. We have 2 daughters together. We lived in Fort Wayne for a year together and never had any problems other than bs you would have in any other of the 49 states (looks, occasional mumbles). We live in Delaware now and still deal with the same petty bs. Now I did go to ISU in Terre Haute and for some time was dating an international grad student from Kenya. We faced problems down there. We went to the bars one night and had stepped out to smoke a cigarette. This redneck walks out of the same bar ...more

Largest K population is in Indiana.

No doubt about it this state is the worse especially Indy all of the women are ignorant as hell and think they can step to a grown man and get in his face and put her hands on him without any repercussions they all like to look down on men and treat them like little kids that's every race yes it's racist but it's mainly the women that are and they sugarcoat it just a real fake racist place to be if your a black man this is totally not the state to be affiliated with - madrabbit

I lived in Indianapolis all my life and we no (African Americans)born before 1990 knows Indiana... no stopping in side (hick)towns no matter what no eating or sleeping after dark if u wanna live think I'm playing go to moorseville Indiana driving after 1:00a.M. U will b on a milk carton.. Indiana not to b played with in one town they have a painting up in the courthouse depicting a black man being chased by dogs and hung made our top news that they won't remove it. Like I said racist kkk marches in our downtown capital every year haven't been for a couple years though that's because doing that stuff in a city with a large minority won't go for it cause it will be violence the city had to stop that... all I'm saying is Indiana is up there with Mississippi and Alabama hell this state was the birthplace of kkk.. racist law makers racist state

Bigoted, racist, illiterate, and xenophobic people everywhere. Not a place for an educated, non-White, non-Christian, liberal person to live.

Terrible, lived here all my life and always get called out for being hispanic even though, I was raised and born here! Worst state to live in. Constant harassment and racial profiling is normal. I've been pulled over so many times for absolutely nothing. People here love to normalize racism. No one will speak against it either! Do not wander into cities you don't know about! It is very dangerous! There is so much homophobia and sexism it's terrible and terrifying! I do not feel safe and I was born in this state!

If you black and live in Indianapolis you will be profiled point blank period...

I lived in Fort Wayne for 4 years, it was the longest TEN years of my life!
My Wife and daughter were shot at while we lived there and my son had to run home from school everyday. It's no place for a Black man. The Klan rules. My friend was tied to a tree and left for dead in the middle of an ice storm. When we travel we NEVER STOP in Indiana! Save yourself the trouble don't go there.

I agree that Indiana is very racist. I've lived here almost 8yrs, and it's sad how they treat the young black youth especially the males. The cops here are pitiful and it's just a dang on shame how the school system is all jacked up too. I only pray that it will get better before it gets worse...

Northwest Indiana is not racist nor is Indy but outside of that, I have felt as if I caused a problem when visiting other parts of the state. These folks look at you like you are from another planet if you do not look like them.

I quit going to Purdue and switched to IU because so much racial discrimination was used against me, I considered suicide for a while.

Yes I will have to say there is a tremendous amount of discrimination blatantly in the work force as a professional.

I have lived here for 13 years and it's just where you are. It's also just ignorant people and how they were raised. In Indianapolis it's extremely rare when you see racism. Also, I've heard no reports of shootings and discrimination.

I live in what was a former Sun Down Town (a town in which the residents would beat any person of color that was still there past sun down) and the influence from it still lives today.