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Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.


Very racist. I am half Asian-American and I got a beer bottle thrown at me from a truck. Redneck shouted "Go back to where you belong Asian! ". What? I was born and raised in America. Actually I'm thinking about moving far away from this place after I finish grad school, somewhere more diverse. Liberal and open-minded.

Iowa should be number one they have the highest incarceration rate of minorities in the nation! And good luck getting a decent job if you're brown skinned! And the police are racist as well..

As a salesperson in Eastern Iowa of Latino descent, I must say I have experienced a quiet racism that not only lessens my perceived self-worth, but makes me very angry. Customers often ignore me when I don't shave, and ask me many a question about "where I'm from: and if our products are "Mexican or Chinese". The sheer ignorance of seemingly educated people is disgusting and antiquated views on property and ethnicity are rampant.

I have adopted an African American son and I am white. In Spencer Iowa, he got pulled over for "speeding" and the first thing the cop asked him was if he had permission to drive the car. Guess what you dip, he wouldn't have been driving it if he didn't have my permission. I deal with idiot students who think it's ok to make racist statements, they have no clue they are making them, can they truly be that ignorant and not realize it. Just got informed by my son that one of his friends parents think they can call him the N word. No it's not ok, you idiot.

People are BEYOND racists to anyone of color especially in COUNCIL BLUFFS! It's ridiculous how whites think it's their land when technically and originally it was the Native's!

I'm experiencing racism today. I've not saw any sort of racism like this and I used to live in Arkansas for at least 20 years. All of my children were born in Arkansas and I didn't have to go through any sort of things like I have here. This place has been the bain existence since 2009.

I hated it there in iowa there weren't lot of blacks there and people would give me dirty looks and make black jokes even though thy know that they know I didn't think it was funny and ask me stupid racial questions and make fun of other people like hispanics and asians and some act like they've never seen a black person before so they'l stare at me and the'll say the n-word like all the time and it was so redneck

Maybe you are not but some of those stupid white people are. Frankly I am sick of all the white racist in the entire country.

Iowa is racist I live there my life I am mixed to I go bet up by lot of white people it is so racist I had to move

Police will pull you over because you are black its no joke, they let whites slide but if you are black you are done and they will figure out a way to put you in jail

There is a very high racism here in Iowa. Your colour will determine the rate and your chances of getting a job. You can be over qualified for an open position but they will tell you the position is no more available just because you are not white and the next day you will see another person hired for that same position and the person might not even know much about what to do. After all these, you will see at the bottom ''EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER''. It would be better if you are bold enough to say "NOT FOR EVERY RACE"
I never thought this could be happening in the US.


Thanks everybody for the comments I was thinking to invest in Sioux city I was gonna buy a few properties and rent it but after this no way I was stupid to even try I'm not gonna put my money with STUPID WHITE PEOPLE I'm Mexican from CA...

The most racist place I've been in my life. Hate crimes against Asians is a weekly occurrence. You can't sit through a Hawkeyes football game without hearing something anti-semitic. Recent African-American transplants from Chicago are treated like criminals. And Iowans are the people who get the first chance to select our president? Disgusting.

Racism in southeast Iowa. Whites think they are better than everyone else. They don't like Hispanics. you get pulled over for the color of your skin. very rude white people.

Very racist considered a down mid west Southern racist stereotype community especially in the bigger city of des moines this state should be way up there on the list, people still talk about the ku klux clan and whites that live further in the country want nothing to do with the black race. Very rude people and rude drivers also


I hear the N word all the time here, in whispers. That one guy is correct, it's under the surface but most certainly here. Doesn't take much to bring it to the forefront.

I am a white male living in Council Bluffs and have a mixed (black/white) son who is now 19 and married to a white woman with two kids (both are mixed) it is not right that they say that there is still racism in Iowa, my son use to go with me everywhere and everyone would tell us how much he would be a heart breaker when he grew up (so very true)and how adorable he was, well now that he is older he has been friends with a lot of other friends of different races so whatever that is being said that Iowa is a racist state can see this post and SHUT THE HELL UP we are not racist

First state to desegregate schools

Iowa the worst don't go to Iowa cops stop you and the excuse is you were over the speed limit. There are a lot of neo Nazis patroling the streets is a vomit state

The worst state I have been in rude and mean like it 1920 or some if god willing I will work my way out of here and the Hispanics try to treat you like////but the big thing is THE THEY YOU GET TREATED ON YOUR JOB WHICH IS 97% Hispanic

Europeans really dislike indigenious people. Its more fear than cultural. And its worldwide

You know that Steve King is one of the House representatives from Iowa, and I can say that he is extremely popular in his district. And he tweeted this without apology: "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Enough said.

I live in East Iowa (Davenport), and I’m not racist. I have friends that are black and hispanic. But, there are a good amount of racists in Iowa - KingSlayer93316