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Traumatized to be there especially when my husband's step sister who was just 15 year old at that time freely used the term "colored" in front of my then 8 year old daughter which made her upset since we are a military family who has lived all over the world. I am of Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian descent from Asia while my husband was born and bred there till the age of 17 when he decided to join the military. We haven't been back in Louisiana for 10 years for this very reason. Racism. when family members tells you "you are family" its bullocks because as long as you are anything but white you will never be regarded as apart of the family. You will be labeled as "Tan" by your over borderline stuck in a hell hole MIL as though being labelled as a terrorist by my FIL while my husband and I were dating wasn't enough. no one has to tolerate racism in any way shape or form. It is unfortunate my husband was born there and is truly humiliated by the way people ...more

Though I grew up in a military family, I am originally from Louisiana and most of my family still live there. As an adult, I moved back and lived there for a little over a year. It wasn't home anymore. Once I left and experienced the rest of the world, I clearly saw the racism. This problem is not completely on the whites either. I am causian/native American. While I was living there, my husband and I went into a bar and grill to eat and watch football. We were met at the door and told we were on the wrong side of town and we should leave. I told the man I lived across the street and this was my neighborhood. He just smirked at me and said then you are definitely in trouble because this is the black side of town and you aren't welcome. What followed was that we were robbed several times and finally moved back to the northwest. It's a generational problem. Until the people of Louisiana white and black and say ENOUGH!, nothing will change.

Yes. Louisiana is racism at its worst. I am an educated, full time working wife and mother. My kids go to good schools and my husband and I have good jobs. However, people cannot see past my skin color. Being a black woman in a male white dominated field they only see you as the '"help". You are constantly looked over for promotions even though you have more qualifications and education than your counterparts. It is the good ole boy system everyday. Once Obama took office people were down right bitter and it exposed a harsh reality about racism in America. It's not over. Yes there are still separate proms for whites and blacks as late as 2015, white only neighborhoods, white only schools, unspoken rules to not travel in certain areas regardless of the time of day. My state, Louisiana, has just traded in their KKK robes for police uniforms, agency officials, and politicians.
So sad but so true! - DownSouth

I was vacationing with my wife in New Orleans. We're both Latinos from New Mexico. We didn't have any issues in New Orleans, but driving through the small towns was horrible. A white cop pulled me over, because apparently I was going over the speed limit, but I wasn't. He started questioning me and he was being extremely rude. He took away my license, and when I asked why he was doing this, he got extremely aggressive. He told me if I continued arguing with him, he was going to arrest me. My wife and I were shocked. We couldn't believe his behavior. What an ass!

My wife and I were considering buying a home in Moss Bluff, LA. It was an early Saturday day morning and we drove down from Fort Polk to time the route. We stopped at McDonald's at about 6:00 am an observed a group of older white men having coffee and reading the paper. Initially I smiled and thought, "that's so cool, they have a group of friends that have probably shared the same routine for years". My smile dissipated as I began to over hear their conversation. One gentleman commented that Bethanys'(can't remember real name) daughter had married a SPOOK! I looked on in horror as they were not whispering! One of the men sitting at the table (in a police uniform! ) Responded with, "a SPOOK? ; Well that's OK, she weren't nothing to look at anyway". My biggest problem arose from the fact that this restaurant wasn't empty... People, white and black, carried on as if this was normal and OK!

We passed on the house...

I'm from Georgia, and I am shocked how often I hear the n and c words. Georgia is awful, but this state is much worse. For example you'll go back in the bayou and their are signs like, "n on this property will be shot. "

There was an incident in Welsh involving my mother when she was just a little girl. She was riding her bike away from the track in Welsh to go home, when 2 white men were in a car and started shouting ¨N*****! ¨. The men pursued her and followed her to her house and when she got home, the men ran towards her. Thankfully, she was faster than the men and got into the house and locked the door. My aunt (who she was living with) asked her what was wrong, she told her, and they immediately called the police. They later said they were, quote, ¨Just playing¨. Please.

I am originally from NC. I have been in Louisiana for two years. This is by far the worst place I've ever lived. Very poor and uneducated. There is trash and litter all over. People are very segregated. People rarely if ever mix. I find the blacks are just as bad as whites.
I have been cussed out. Had doors slammed in my face. Refused service. All this by black people. I feel like you can't win either way.
Everyone goes on and on about New Orleans being a great city. The culture. The food. But, it's not safe at all. Especially at night. I live here and only still stick to the day and the tourist spots of town. I know of a 16 year old girl who was shot. Her and her two friends parked on the street and when they arrived at their car two guys were trying to steal it. They shot the three teens and drove off!
This place is broken. Irrevocably broken. Shameful. Disgusting and uncivilized. Don't worry Louisiana. I'm leaving as soon as I get the chance. And I pray to God I never have ...more

I live in houma Louisiana, I'm black and my girlfriend is white, I grew up in a white neighborhood and everyone is cool most of my friends Are white and my parents love them and there parents love me, it's not about your skin color here it's about the person u are, we have a lot of bi racial and Indian people and Hispanic and we all get along just fine, you can't control the color of your skin but you can control the content of your character, but as for other parts of the state racism does exist because neither white people nor black peoples want to break the border and be friend one another, we're all gods children so why should we be at war with one another because out differences, Lets all get together, assist each other and succeed in life. Racism is played out

Louisiana is ver racist. As it once was part of the Confederate States of America. I'm of Choctaw decent, and I always get rude comments about it. If you think the African Americans have a problem in America, ask the Native Americans about how they feel. We were the last to get our right to vote, and my grandmother was forced to attend a separate school when she was younger because of skin-colour. This US is a very racist country, even though we do have an African American president.

I am a black woman and my brother is biracial and we both live here. When we went out to eat with friends, we drove in separate cars because there were so many people coming with us. A policeman pulled me over and asked if my boyfriend who was driving, had any drugs that he was planning to sell or if he had any weapons on him. The policeman didn't even pull over my brother to ask the same questions. I love Louisiana and it's my home, but sometimes I just can't stand the people here

I came here from New York. This state's racism is profuse. I enjoy the weather and food, but the diversity here is horrid.

I have witnessed old white men tossing around the 'N' word casually. It seems people here forgot who won the civil war.

One warning: The history is great, the food is terrific, but many people seem to thing a little more melanin makes one race superior to another.

I was born an raised in Louisiana. I am white I have 6 biracial son's an whites look at us like a disease blacks look at us like we belong in a zoo, an the police treat me like I'm a dope head because I'm white living in Glen Oaks (Baton Rouge) so yes Louisiana is prejudice.

You have light skin blacks and creoles that are just as racist as some whites in the new Orleans area

It's funny lived lived in three of the top ten of this list. I'll rate best to worst. I'm Asian for perspective. TN was my best experience. Never once did anyone say anything negative about my race. MS really close behind. All the country white folks that I met like Asian people. But some really hated blacks. LA is the only state that I get negative treatment from based on my race. Only from blacks though. It's really weird because as far as I know Asians never owned black slaves.

Louisiana should be ranked before Texas. I'm a black female from Houston, Texas. I went to LSU for college and one night at the McDonald's drive thru a group of 4 white people yelled out to my boyfriend and I "take back that Mercedes, you can't afford it! " After they ordered their food they waited for us to pull out of the line, got out of their car, threw a drink, harassed, and mooned us. I recorded everything and called the police but unfortunately I doubt anything wouldnor could be done. This is just one of many incidents.

I am black trying to own a business and they are making me bend over backwards and trying to break me finacially. The good ole boy system is a joke and racist.

Lived there. I'm white. Husband black. He was born and raised there and we caught hell on both sides. We live in New Mexico after going to my home state with our neighbors as closet racists and one threatened to shoot him.

New Orleans has the most diverse population. People think Louisiana is all white hicks and hillbillies. That is not true. Basically, every time you are walking around in the French Quarter, when you turn your head, you will see someone of a different color

I guess it depends on the location in Louisiana. I'm from and live in New Orleans and never witnessed racism. I guess in this city everyone just gets drunk on Bourbon Street and parties. Now in other parts of the state may like the lower bayou areas. I went to a week long Cyber Camp in Ruston near Shreveport at LA Tech in 2013. And everyone there was nice and polite. I also don't see it at school, but maybe that's because I attend a military academy. In Gretna, La in Jefferson Parish next door to Orleans you can see whites staring at you but because my family is well educated and intelligent whites don't mind.

Last sentence... ridiculous. What does the way you speak have to do with anything? Or education? So, you have to be educated and 'they' do not?

Thanks for voicing your opinion. Although I have not experienced the level of racism you have (being in the Northeast USA), I do agree that blacks, like myself, need to shift their plantation mentality to something more positive and move on. It is what it is..

I know Asisns Fillipino who live in Lousiana who show prejudice behavior. What they seem to forget is they are not white and this is not you country of origin. How dare you think your superior at least blacks have been here for several generations and did assist with laying down the foundation of America. A lot of Blacks are educated several generations and contribute to society. Every race has good and bad. It's just sad that Jim Crow boxed in blacks for so many generations in Blacks had to go to Europe to progress.

This is my state and it should be number 1

I've got a lot of buddies from Louisiana and that I go hunting with and... they are pretty RACIST towards blacks and Mexicans - truthteller74

It's very sad that in this era that our country is look upon to be the most powerful and most prosperous, is the has most racist state in its country.