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When you're in "Michissippi" you're surrounded primarily by blacks, whites and Arab-Americans so obsessed with racism you think you've been transported to the 'Deep South' of the past.

Not long after the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles in 1991, Detroit had their own version in which an African-American man, Malice Green, was beaten fourteen times with a flashlight until he died by two police officers. Several years prior to that in 1987, two disgruntled white auto workers killed Vincent Chin on the night of his bachelor party. Upset over the Japanese Auto Industry, the targeted, chased and eventually beat Vincent to death with a bat basically for being 'Japanese'. Vincent Chin, however, was in fact a Chinese-American. (See the Academy Award nominated documentary 'Who Killed Vincent Chin? ')

Haven't lived there for many years and it seems to get worse on the rare occasions I find myself there. What a dreadful place!

I'm an African American from Texas and can't seemed to understand why Michigan isn't on the top 10 as being racist. I had my own share of racism when I was a child in the public school system, but things started to smooth out for me over the years. I worked hard and prove those idiots wrong, big time! DFW is a very diverse place now, except in the rich area (hint, hint, look at D magazine). Anyway, Gross Point is awful. They all looked at my family strange, like we were not suppose to be there. We even dressed, talked, and act better than they could act in a lifetime. We had style and a kind personality. It was weird. Now the Polish town Hammtramck, the people there are sweet and so is the citizens of Warren. However, Detroit city.. Gross Point.. Little Mexican town (forgot the name and a shocker! ). The Hispanic people at this one restraunt were so rude, and came off unwelcoming towards us compare to the other people. You would think them being color/Hispanic would not make them ...more

I moved from the West side to the East side. In Lowell, summer 2015, it was common to see a "parade" of bigots toting Confederate flags on trucks worth more than their trailers.

My former employer made it pretty clear what he thought of Black people after a Black postal worker came in one day. This employer is Christian Reformed, so of course he made sure not to say "ni
#er" but he did make sure to check if anything was stolen. I was super nice to the postal worker after that, just because I felt that someone had to make up for all the other jerks.

I grew up with members of the KKK. They are in their 20's. They talked about bringing lynching back.

Coincidentally I married outside of my race. Same religion, different genders, just a different color and language. We moved because after the campaign started we didn't feel safe anymore. I couldn't go anywhere without getting pulled over (amd I am white!) or having to endure hostile remarks and ...more

I grew up in Detroit, and I put it this way:

Blacks hates whites here and whites hate blacks. I grew up in this hellhole, and I can tell you there's nothing enjoyable about Detroit city, I love my people ( black people ) and I love white people ( my brothers ) but this city really have to be burned to the ground or something. - nonof

I am white my husband is black. We were walking down the street rough housing in Fort Gratiot, MI. Someone call the police and said that he was beating me. Two giant police officers showed up who looked they worked out every day. They wanted me to say that my husband was abusing me. He wasn't and he never has. They left us alone. Another friend of mine in Fort Gratiot owns a home their with her husband. She is black and she has two sons that are black. They come to visit her and the police get called every time he visits about a suspicious black man. I grew up in a combination of places: Detroit, St. Clair Shores, Port Huron (the longest), Roseville, Brown City, and Marlette. I will tell you every city you live in is different and not everyone is the same. My best friends parents in Marlette had 12 kids. They were white and went to church all the time. They became foster parents of a black teenager. Everyone as far as I could see excepted this boy. He was popular with the ladies. ...more

A couple of years ago I lived on the border of Lansing and Holt. One day I sat on my porch for 4 hours just to see how many people would get pulled over by the police and in that time frame a total of 9 people who were all black had been stopped. My wife even had a police follow her one night home from work and when she pulled in our driveway he pulled in right behind her. The lights woke me up so I came out and he told me to stay on the porch he also told me that a taillight was out for the reason he stopped her but when he left after giving her a ticket when I talked to my wife he had told her the vehicle fit the description of a stolen vehicle. Everybody knows if your black don't go to Holt so why would a black woman steal a black surburban and drive there. I have other stories I could share but I thought I would just share this one because these are the people who are supposed to protect us.

Michigan is one of the most insidiously intolerant communities in the whole of the United states. The attitudes here are intolerant toward racial minorities as will as the disabled community. I wish someone in a position to do something about it would really look into all the corruption that flushes and ultimately promotes dichotomy and all the isms that go come along with it here in are "fair state".

The racism here is very subtle and people self-segregate here like crazy. I can't wait to get out of here and never look back. The older generation especially here has very bigoted views and when they are amongst themselves it is very hard to listen to the things they say about people of other races/countries.

I actually don't find Michigan to be very racist because I've lived here for 12 years and where I live there are races of every kind and I've witnessed racism about five times. So it's really just a handful of people in Michigan who are racist causing this state to be known as a racist state when it really isn't as bad as places like Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. - IAmADuckQuack

I live in Northern Michigan and I am mixed race Native American. Most of Northern Michigan redneck, hillbilles, white trash, liberals, republicans, etc, hate Indians. Some places are a bit more open minded than others. There is a lot of racism on our own reservations. Basically most of the rednecks are uneducated and dumb so therefore they say racist things. I have a Master's degree, full time job, and my own business as well. They hate educated strong Native people up here. Native American people are 0.7% of the population in Michigan. We are the invisible minority. A least people could have some compassion to what we have been through being that we are survivors of genocide. Rednecks brains are pretty small from Lansing white government structures to redneck racist towns in Northern Michigan. This is our home territory by the way ~ Anishinaabe Aki!

From Northern Michigan and live in Texas now.. Besides the landscape.. Northern Mich is a piece of good ole Dixie if not a little deeper.. It's a free country. We are entitled to like or dislike anybody we choose. I like to live amongst my race.. that's honesty. Yes I am white.. But it's my preference and a lot of Northern Michigan residents like things the way they are. I'm sure that will offend some.. Free country be offended.. Its your right. It's a preference. Not racial.

This is talking about racism in general including latino and asian. That's why I voted for this state. It's more discrete here. The racism is more with gossip. I'm from WI and I hadn't experienced anything like this.

I love Michigan, but however there is a group of people called the K who lived in Howell. And since you know I live in Howell, my school doesn't really have many black people so I consider it to be a very racist city.

I think Michigan is racist. I lived in Michigan all my life and their are certain towns where only white people live and they throw the N word around freely. The more north you go the more racist white people are. From my personal experience I think the racism is hidden racism. I grew up in a suburban predominantly white area called Grand Blanc and the people there do not like minorities. They don't out right show it but will call you the N word behind your back, hold you back from financial opportunities, or make sure that your children wont academically succeed unless they play a sport to make their school look good only.

Some middle school students in Royal Oak chanted "build the wall! " in front of their Mexican classmates. Detroit is also the most racially segregated city in America. Racism is extremely common. I'd switch the states of Idaho and Michigan, Idaho should be at 43 spot while Michigan should be at 13 on this list.

People are very racist up in Michigan with Muslims people

Passive-aggressive racism at it's best, folks. I'm a 22 year old black female that's ready to get out of here. No matter where you go in this state, you're going to get reminded of how they see you as "less than."

I grew up here and was born here its lots or racist people here bit we all get along its just how the crime rates are and the news with all the racist stories

I'm SHOCKED this state is #47. I occasionally hear the N word thrown around in public. Forget getting interview for a decent job if you're black, even with a college degree. If whitey doesn't say anything rude to you, you're just ignored. Lived in Vegas and Cali for 15 years and its like night and day. Never heard the N word even once.

To be honest I'm from the west side of the state and there are a lot of rasict when I go to Detroit I normally don't have any trouble sure people are loud but do I care no I actually like Detroit more than my hometown but these comments are pretty eye opening

I'd put Michigan in the top 20. Detroit and Flint are excellent examples.

Detroit is one of the most peaceful cities. - CQ

The comments are all very informative. I just want to comment on the poor diction, spelling, punctuation, and spelling. If we are trying to make a point we MUST be aware that presentation is everything! - Adrienne

It's not that we want to kill anyone or hurt anyone. We would just like it better if they stayed in Detroit and quit moving up. In Michigan the farther north you get the more it is like the south.

Dutch people for the most part SUCK!

I'm tejano, means mexican american and there is a lot of racist people in all races don't get me wrong I have black and white friends there's just a lot of hate in this state I live in waterford there a lot of hate here