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I am an African American female and I was riding through Mississippi on my way to Texas. I stopped at a truck stop to grab some snacks. As I was coming out of the store two white guys were walking towards me. One of them turned around and said she's pretty descent for a n***** bitch...what did I do?

I am white and was in Meridian, Mississippi for work for about 5 months in 2012. While planning for this trip I did have reservations of dealing with black against white racism as I have in the North East. On my drive through MS to my work destination there were a few times we stopped for gas/food and we were stared at with the "what the heck are they doing here" look but that was the extent of it during my stay. I found that the white and blacks stayed to themselves and didn't see much mixing in social circles. I found that the black people were much friendlier and god fearing people while many whites there rarely even made eye contact. I heard many racist remarks-usually from older white men. I have been across this country and back several times in the last five years and found Mississippi to be an eye opening experience. It is so segregated even in a town of 30, 000 and it's depressing to see that some states are still stuck in such an ignorant era. I only hope that this ignorance ...more

I have a friend (who's name I will not mention) in school. We both go to a religious school in Mississippi. It's in a really small town where everyone knows everyone and people being your cousin that you don't know is really common there. It's a bit isolated so they don't welcome new students well. They are also really racist. My mother was Asian so I have really tan skin and black hair with brown eyes etc. I was the new student the year before and while I didn't hear much gossip, occasionally they would talk about me. I felt so awful. They said something like this "She shouldn't be here! She may not believe in God because she's like Mexican or something" I hated that year. The next year everyone ignored me except close friends. I was in my own little bubble of happiness. But the new girl who moved here to this school was half Portuguese. She was adopted. They teased her horribly. Some girl was constantly bullying her. The new girl was always nervous. I felt so sorry for ...more

I have relatives in Mississippi who I visit occasionally but they and their friends are still hanging on to all kinds of prejudices that sound like the 1950's all over again. They regularly use the N word, hate President Obama, but claim to believe in God and practice true religion. The white folk shop the WalMart in Jackson, MS during the daylight hours but the blacks only come out after dark to shop there. We went to the local store one night at 9 PM and I was completely amazed as how full the parking lot was and how many blacks were in there doing their shopping. It really smacked of segregation and the blacks seemed to accept their fate and position. This segregation is also very noticeable in many other ways in this red neck state. It has to be the absolute worst State for racism.

I was born in Mississippi. Moved to Ohio. Came back down there to visit family. I try to talk to some of the white people in town but they spit on me and called me a whole bunch of racial slurs. I have never heard this in my life and I live in an ohio town that is 96% white. I don't want to go back down there. Police are not any better. They always try to give me tickets for the most asinine reasons. I also got a gun pulled on me at a park
When I was walking with my friend (who is white) and cousin. He told me to go back to your shack with all of your kind. I told him I live in ohio, then he called my friend a n***** loving yank and told him he should be ashamed of himself that he has any association with me. Remembered why I left in the first place

I'm an Indian from Australia - and I got called n*****?
I was so shocked that my jaw dropped, and the man who called me "n*****" looked equally surprised at my surprised reaction - meaning that he was used to saying it and getting away with it.
HAHAHA I love the US, but some of you are just so gosh darn funny.

As a white man from this pathetic state, I do apologize.. Not all of us are racists, I promise! But I will have to agree that we are definitely the most racist out of every state. Alabama and Arkansas are very close behind us. Here is the real truth. Although most crimes that occur here are committed by African Americans, especially from the town that I am from, that does not necessarily mean that every single black human being is bad. That is what a vast majority of white people here believe. They believe that if your skin is not white, then you are automatically a thug and a criminal. It really is sad. Power of equality my friends.

Pathetic down right ignorant people. This is the year 2014 with an African American President it's completely politically incorrect these days. What's wrong with these people. It's their parents that are to blame you are not born with hate. These Mississippi folks should come to LA and try this they wouldn't last very long. I'm not black but it's just unbelievable people still think this way with education and all the tools available. If you think your better than someone else you better have a good look in the mirror. You are nothing and your parents who taught you this are nothing. Friends are nothing basically your entire life is nothing. Sad and pathetic!

They didn't officially outlaw slavery until 1995, making them the final state to do so. (The majority of the states agreed to abolishing slaves back in 1865) 'enough said. They were probably the most racist state during the civil war (Google: Mississippi declaration of secession) and still are.

Have you ever heard of James Craig Anderson! He was brutally murdered by Some son of a ***** who decided it would be 'fun' to run a 49 year old man over after he and his idiot redneck group of friends robbed and beat him. The Mississippi state flag is really just a modified version of the Confederate Flag. The KKK there is unbelievable. The towns are separated by force, and those small ghetto communities that were made for black people are comparable to those of the nazis during the holocaust. I am from Florida, and I don't see that much racism here. I'm done ranting, sorry this got so long.

We are white and from Ohio. We had to drive to MS and stopped for lunch in a sort of rural type town. My husband, who loves to eat local food, started ordering greens, ham hocks, chittlins, etc. The waitress told him he should sit on the other side of the restaurant with his own kind. When we looked over there, that is where all the black people were sitting. It was surreal. About 10 years ago.

Mississippi is very racist towards Hispanics too! I'm Mexican and I got pulled over by this police officer who asked me for my ID so I gave it to him and than he asked me if I was a legal citizen of American which pissed me off; so I told him to get his redneck ass out of my face. After this while he was walking back to his car I happened to hear him call me a wetback. Mississippi is a racist and uneducated state

I agree that Mississippi is very racist. I attend university there as a black international student. Many of the black students in the department were doing poorly academically or struggling. I was doing well; many times better than everyone else. It got to the point this professor was saying I was taking the spotlight off of this white girl, I was well because I did the things before and she was even spreading around ill rumors to defame my character. Others were making death threats, were saying how they would call the KKK for me, how I am only a minority openly and someone even said how this trying to get him fired. I reported the threats to the police and no action was taken again these people. The dean of students, director of counseling and the chairperson colluded together to force me to do counseling to say something was wrong with me. I told them that it was withing my right to go to the police if someone is making threats as it is against the law. They told me if I don't do ...more

I currently live in Mississippi and I think some people are racist without even knowing it. I'm half-Mexican and I have a couple of examples: Guy: Hey, can you read me this? It's in Spanish. Me: I don't any Spanish... Guy: Stop messin' with me bruh! Another one: Guy: Hey, what's it like in Mexico? Me: I've never been to Mexico... Guy: Liar! Last one: Guy: Hey, where's your green card? Me: I was born in Memphis... Guy: No you weren't! So, yeah, expect that if you're anything but White.

I moved to Leland, MS in 1990 when I started a new job that required me to move there. I am a practicing Shi'a Muslim of mixed French, Welsh and Syrian descent. Got brown hair and blue eyes. My wife is of African descent. We have two children and--now, years later--five grandchildren.

The only white people I recall from MS who were NOT racially-bigoted were the Italian couple who sold us a double-wide trailer when we first moved there. They were the last.

My kids weren't bullied by their fellow students because they'd been taught to stick up for themselves, they were bullied by their teachers. But only once, openly. When I showed up at the school the following day and informed the principal I would not tolerate mistreatment of my children, they got careful after that. Especially after I published a real angry editorial in the local paper about it.

Shortly before we moved out of that miserable excuse for a state my wife had a stroke. This was very difficult for us. ...more

I was stationed in MS for awhile- my best friend was African American. We were called into the office of our CO and told that it would be in our own best interests if we didn't go into town together "socially". This was many years ago- somehow, not much has changed. Shame on you!

When I lived there and was in college, I would go into town with my white friend and do shopping... Several times the clerk wouldn't even let us check out our items... - foxxylady

Mississippi is the most racist state in the country. The murder of African American man James Craig Anderson back in 2011 is proof of that. After a night of partying, a group of white kids, two girls along with six guys, got in their trucks and drove out to the city of Jackson to terrorize black people. The group came across James Craig Anderson in a parking lot, they beat the elderly African American man almost to death while shouting "white power! ". The two white girls, who encouraged the beating, then said "Let's run this N word over! ". James Craig Anderson died after being ran over, mangled, and smashed. The white kids then went to McDonalds after the murder, where they bragged to their friends about it. This is possibly the most racist and brutal hate crime in American history, especially considering how young these group of white kids were who committed the murder. The saddest thing of all? Hardly anyone knows about this story, because the media remained ...more

I was born in 1951 and raised in Mississippi. I grew up in a segregated Mississippi and was very active in the civil rights movement which brought about significant change. I made a conscientious decision to stay in Mississippi to bring about that change in an effort to somehow give honor to the civil rights activists who died in the struggle. Mississippi continues its metamorphosis and is no more racist today than any other state. I have traveled throughout the world and visited 49 of our United States as well. People are content to continue to point their finger at Mississippi as the sole proprietor of racism, while turning a blind eye to the racism that lurks within their own states. My neighbors of the past 39 years are white and we are very close. My friends are racially diverse and I have never encountered problems with any outings with any of them. I have no idea how I can live here and not encounter the racist experiences which others are claiming. And before you conclude that ...more

Are you white, conservative, racist, Christian, and homophobic?
Yes=you're awesome
No=We don't like your kind. Die in hell. - omegaxguy

If you are a white conservative and homophobic and are from MS, you may call yourself a Christian and you can attend mass every day of the week, every week of the year. But it will not make you a Christian. You actually have to practice Christianity and you cannot attend church then kill, berate, beat abuse, etc. you fellow human beings because they area not "white". I am not black I am not from the south. I am a white northern woman and have had the misfortune of being previously married to a man whose 4th step mother hails from good 'ol Missip and she is nowhere near being a Christian woman, but does profess her love of God while never once attending religious services. And her daughter is twice as bad. The breed hate and ignorance and they teach hate and ignorance.

Lived here over 20 years- from childhood to adulthood- before moving. My family is white. One side passes KKK fliers around during get togethers and regularly use racial slurs- as well as only buying from predominantly white businesses. They vote Republican 100% and blame the fault of our nation on non-whites and welfare. The other side, while not near as bad, will ask how many blacks/Muslims/hispanics live in an area they are considering moving to and other petty things, as such.

I, honestly, have been welcomed more by non-whites than I have whites in this state. It's just the ultra-conservative, bible beating whites that harbour a lot of hate and prejudice; and I've even seen that turned on myself, a fellow white person, just because I believe everyone should be equal.

It's ironic because Mississippi is the most religious, poorest, and unhappy state, as well as 4th dumbest. You would think they'd embrace a progressive movement but it's their purist mind set that keeps ...more

I'm from here and yes there is racism as there is everywhere. Every single one of these comments seem fabricated. Almost as if it is an image they want painted about the state. I have not seen this amount of racism that is being talked about. The actively racist society is the older generations. The younger population is far more accepting of building race relations. Yes, there are racists in the younger generations but that is inevitable. A state cannot be racist. It is inanimate, however, the citizens can be. The majority of Mississippians are not a horrid group of people who hate every non-white person. As a person of Latin decent who has been born and raised in Mississippi, I have only expirenced racism from a few older people. Even then it was not as bad as everyone here is claiming it to be. Mississippi is given a bad reputation by those who want it to have that reputation who then complain that Mississippi refuses to grow as a community. We are growing as a community but the ...more

My daughter has a friend from Mississippi, he now lives in Colorado, which is where I live, he was recently divorced from his wife in Mississippi. I went over the divorce papers she sent him and the papers stipulated that they were a "both caucasian/white" married persons seeking dissolution of their marriage. That is not exactly how it was worded but this friend said the divorce papers in Mississippi must/always state your race... Now that is racist! Whoever heard of such a thing?

I actually live in Greenville, Ms now and it's like Blacks and whites are separated. If the white kids aren't going to private schools they go to riverside. There is even racism in the westernline school district. We actually had lawyers come to our school to deal with the racism but nothing changes. It's been that way for years.

I don't no when all this has gone on but I live in Mississippi and have my whole life.. Yes you do have dumb ignorant people here.. But that is mainly the old folks.. My town is mix the kids all races hang out.. The town is not how people have describe here in these post.. But I bet if people dig deep in EVERY STATE they find that one store or that one couple or that one dumb ass that's racist.. I lived in Dallas for 9 months I seen it there my husband now which is black seen it when he went to Alabama.. States aren't racist.. People are and not all people in a state thinks nor acts the same and FYI don't always believe the media they never going to show the good always the bad yes racism still is out there but not just in Mississippi it's everywhere!

This state should be #4. These police officers in this state will pull you over if you're a minority! This state is full of so many racist, unfriendly, and uneducated rednecks! Most of them are very racist to not just blacks, but all non-whites! To put it plainly, you will never see blacks getting along with whites in most areas of Mississippi. You will never hear anything positive. If Mississippi could kick out all of the racist, unfriendly, and uneducated people, we would shout, "Thank you God, you have answered our prayers! - stopracism