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Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is the 21st most extensive, and the 18th most populous of the fifty states.


My family was on a road trip from Denver Colorado to Pennsylvania. We first in Junction City Kansas and then moved on to stay the next night in Fenton Missouri. My daughter was still in diapers so we stopped at the target, inside the store it was obvious it was not another brown skin person in sight, but the event that actually was so amazing was when we were in the parking lot smoking a cigarette outside of our car a blue pickup truck pulled up and rolled down the window there were two middle age men on the phone loudly talking to the police looking at our license plate. We just bought a new 2011 Nissan Murano which it was nice but it was not ridiculously nice but it was too nice for two black people to be in that parking lot. My husband always says he's like Martin Luther King and that I'm like Malcolm X In our mentalities towards race. And it's hard for him to admit when racism happens because he doesn't want to believe it's even real nowadays. But I could tell that it really ...more

Having lived in several states by way of the military and civilian work, I can say unequivocally that Missouri is replete with inherently racist people. Unsurprisingly, St. Louis is among the most racially divided cities I've experienced as well. After all, the Dredd Scott case took place in the courthouse in downtown St. Louis. The Missouri Compromise is something people also seem to forget. That was one of the principle contributory variables for the U.S. Civil War. Never have I seen such polarizing racial disharmony and malcontent for one another elsewhere. As a resident of the St. Louis Metro-Area for many years, I have experienced racism from both sides on a number of occasions. My wife and I (inter-racial couple) were actually refused service at a restaurant in the South Side of St. Louis (Soulard area) and told to "eat somewhere else" in 2009. Race relations between blacks and whites are comparably poor in the state of Missouri and the people seem to hate each other ...more

This place is awful. Simply awful. The fault lines should open up and drag this place back down to the depths of hell where it came from--and take the these racist scums of the Earth who strips the opportunity from people of color who want to do better and gives it the "clear" person who doesn't even have any motivation or desire to do much of anything. I have never seen so many unhappy people in one place in all my life. This cities moral is in the toilet. They try to spruce this place up and add new attraction to it to make it look better. It works! If you are a tourist passing through wretched, racist, segregated place that's stuck in a time-warp. You literally travel back to the 1940's and 50's in Saint Louis. I can't even imagine what the rural areas of Missouri are like (I'm too afraid to visit them because of what might happen to me). They probably still use horse and buggy for transportation.

If you are a person of color or a White person who believes in ...more

St.Louis is VERY racist but it goes both ways. Living in a predominantly black neighborhood, my very light skinned, light eyed, bi-racial daughter was bullied so badly in elementary school that even now, almost 5 yrs. After moving out of state because it was so bad, she breaks down in gut wrenching tears when she tries to talk about it.

She was called names every day and nothing was ever done but I bet if one racial comment came out of her mouth it would have been a major ordeal. Luckily, she's been raised better than that.

Being a white female, I wish I had a dime for every time I was called out of my name by a black woman who didn't even know me, because I was married to a very fine black man.

On the flip side, I watched my husband struggle in job searches because the field he was in was predominantly white men from rural areas.

So racism in Missouri, even big cities like St. Louis is definitely still a big problem and is a 2 way street!

I live in St. Charles, MO. I can tell you when the first black family moved into my neighborhood-- It's only been 6 years. Very white out here, and very mistrusting of poor people. When black people come to this area to shop, it's like they are ready for a fight. That being said, it is becoming more diverse as the years go by, but St. Louis is a complete disappointment. It treats its minority population horribly, provides almost zero effective help for the city schools, and as a result they have closed some. It has created nothing but animosity towards white people, and in turn, that keeps festering racism among whites. It's really sad. Less help for a decent school system means more drop-outs and more crime. No wonder we always make the "Most Dangerous" list. We can't take care of our poor, and we can't seem to fully respect each other.

Missouri or Saint Louis's white supremacist are racist against anyone that do not have the same skin color as them, or sound like them! It is sickening and discussing.

I do not believe that covert racism is still present but my experience as a non-white female living in Saint Louis proved me wrong.
People, both males and females try to show that they are culturally aware, and open toward those from different cultures and ethnic groups, but they fail after one minute's conversation. They can't fake it and they can't help themselves because racism is deeply rooted in their weak corrupt souls.
One piece of advice for non- whites residing in Saint Louis, Missouri ( And also the white young educated open minded people) Get out of that cold hearted state and go somewhere else to thrive and have great life experiences.
God bless you all.

I relocated to the Springfield/Ozarks area in 2014 and am disgusted by the ignorance and bigotry. It's everywhere, extreme and overt. It applies to race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and disability. The region is 98% white and comprised mostly of the uneducated poor. Unbelievable hatred spewing from the Bible Belt. I'm a white Christian and hope to flee to a more diverse city where the people are not hypocrites. My faith has plummeted since moving here. When I first arrived and stated a fact contrary to the status quo, (Jesus wasn't white), my car was vandalized and I was forced out of my rental after months of harassment by the landlord. I have a credit score well over 800, a perfect financial record, but the bank closed my account claiming I'm a risk. Unfrieking believable. To survive here, you must be white, phony, shallow and refrain from expressing an opinion.

I am white and lived all over the world and been to many states my entire childhood. Before, I thought racism was something from history, and believed just a few racists still were around, for how can anyone still be racist knowing the truth of pigmentation except uneducated and ignorant people. Then we moved to Missouri. Racism is still strong, maybe more silent, but HORRID! I'm not even comfortable sharing stories of things that I've seen committed against minorities or whites who believe in equality. Its very sad.

Honestly, I think it depends on where you are at. Where I was from in St. Louis things were very diverse. My high school was probably the most diverse in the state though and so I saw a lot more fairness than other places. A lot of people stood up for what they believed in when it comes to equality and understanding of all. But then I moved to Springfield and let me say that it is the most white bible loving place I have ever been to. Everyone is a white conservative Christian and they are intolerant of people who are different than that.

My experience with Missouri indicates this rating is too high. I would think it would be at least in the top 5. I am a Caucasian husband in an interracial marriage. My wife and I checked into a motel in Gainesville while there for a brief visit during which I was to secure some hard to find parts for an automobile I am restoring. I had to pull the parts from the donor vehicle and a salvage yard.
Not wishing to spend the day in a junkyard my wife decided to go to a nail shop and to browse around in a small shopping center.

We were treated rudely by the motel personnel. It took my wife forever to get a cab and when one did come he took her to a nail shop that was not busy but said they did not have time to take her. Everyone was "booked up" for the whole day.

After another interminable wait for a cab she was taken to a very dilapidated facility far from the shopping center where a nail technician (African-American) did her nails.

At the salvage yard the ...more - copper

I am Hispanic. I have lived in about 30 states in the lower 48. I have met 3 other Hispanics at work here, and every single one of them has stated "People are F-en racist here" (or a slight variation with less crude language. ) The funny thing is that none of us have felt/experienced overt racist/prejudiced attitudes towards us as Hispanics. They (and now me) have made these comments in regards to how Whites view/treat Blacks here. I agree with several posters that state that racism here is a bit more hidden. Take for example the inner-city neighborhood I live in. (real close to work) White people describe it as unsafe, run down, "ghetto" and ask me all the time if I've ever considered moving into the suburbs. Fact is, I've got great relationship with my neighbors (all black), have never had an Amazon package stolen from my front door and I've left my car door open multiple times and no one has ever tried to rob me. Oh and I also go to a black church even though I'm NOT too religious. ...more

The major cities are perfectly fine, but the further outside of them you roam, the worse it gets. It's not enough that they're still lurking around ruining every public bathroom stall they can squat, but they all have to be trigger-happy gun nuts too.

I'm half white, half filipino. I moved to St Louis (actually SE Illinois across the river) with my brother for a few months to look for work. Was out at a bird sanctuary in St Louis with my sis in law and niece. We walked out of the gift shop to a back deck that had a few birds for viewing and right as I was stepping out, there was this old white lady bending over and talking to this 5 year old boy (grandson? ) as she looked at this mixed couple (a younger white lady with a middle eastern/Indian looking man and their two children). I overheard her say quite loudly "hopefully those people aren't from around here and they leave. We don't need those type of people around here." The couple was just sitting there minding their own business, watching their daughter play. This was just one of about 5-6 instances of racism that I witnessed in my 5 months in the area (None against me personally, but being light skinned, they must have thought it was safe to say racist things in front of me). ...more

I was on a road trip to Chicago. I stopped at a gas station here, everyone I mean everyone there seemed to just stop and look at me, like I was the first latin person to step into they're town. I saw the hate in they're eyes

Missouri is very racist. Even in the cities, especially St. Louis, you will find a "hard" divide between races and classes. You will find that the leadership and power structure is very white washed and there are actually efforts being made to keep it that way. The educational systems are a hot mess and the fact that black children can not get a good public education unless they move to a "white" area you know that is a result of racism and it demonstrates that it is going to get worse.

I'm an Asian American who grew up in Missouri. Since growing up, I've traveled extensively all over the US and have also lived in the Upper Midwest, Carolinas and New York. In my opinion, nowhere else in the US is as racist as Missouri for Asian Americans in particular. Even in the deep south, Asians are treated with some respect, but in Missouri, white people will mock you in public for being Asian. They don't even try to hide it. It's part of the culture.. not only accepted but kind of expected of you if you're white. I'd recommend that everyone avoid people and businesses from Missouri. They are a toxic influence. - frigatet

I'm a 27 year old white male I've live in Missouri my entire life and yes there is a lot of racism towards black people but there is just as much racism towards white people I tried being polite and open minded towards black people most of my life opening doors for them saying yes sir no sir and I've gotten nothing but dirty looks and comments every time I went out of my way to be nice so for all you black people hating on Missouri just remember respect is a two way street and If ever want to get anywhere in life especially in a state like this you better work your ass off

I've lived in MO my whole 31 years of life and sadly I agree. However, I wouldn't strictly say racist. I would say a large portion are intolerant (with the LGBT community, Mexicans, African Americans, etc. ) and ignorant bible thumping, teabagging, overly conservative hypocrites. However, I can say for a fact that there's a lot of us that are trying to slowly change things and do not feel this way. I think social media and internet access has given them the opportunity to get more false information from Faux news and other sites. I do believe slowly we are making progress in some areas but, like all it takes time. I know many in my generation are at least going to mold our offspring to be less judgmental and more tolerate in All aspects. We all have to start somewhere and regardless of the type of intolerance it's not just in MO... There's some type in every location. Maybe legalizing pot will calm them down or something.

Unfortunately, I agree. As an African American female who was born and raised here, St. Louis is no melting pot. When you here white citizens complain about racism against blacks, you know there's a problem.

They lynched 3 black men in the middle of town square in Springfield, MO in 1906 and currently have pictures of the event on the walls of City Hall Enough said...

So I've lived in st joseph. Mo and people here call African Americans the n word like nothing and the other day we passed through a small town south of here and stopped at a local restaurant and were told only white people receive good service here

Missouri employers treat its disabled workers with disrespect. There is a sense of ableism in the workplaces of Missouri I have a learning disability, and have not been treated with the respect I deserve, even if I do have two college degrees. I have lived in St. Louis most of my life, and have seen people with similar disabilities, even those with college degrees, confined to working in supermarkets (mainly as courtesy clerks), office buildings (mainly as janitors), pushing a broom or a mop at McDonald's or hauling boxes at Walmart. I have an Associate's degree in Broadcasting, and wasn't allowed to work at the higher-profile radio stations in the St. Louis market. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Geography, and can't even get into Geospatial Intelligence Systems (GIS), or computer mapping, because of my learning disability, coupled with having very few connections in that business. Missouri society, especially the society in St. Louis, has a major dislike for people with even ...more

I agree with everything you said and some. St. Louis, Mo is a racist, non-opportunity, evil place to live for blacks. I can't wait to move the hell out of here!

Growing up in St. Louis friends and family would use the N-word on a regular basis and make other comments that were disrespectful and hateful to a number of other races, religions, and cultures. It seemed like if there was a group that could be made an enemy hate speech was directed towards them. Being a child and ingratiated in this environment I frequently joined in and as I got older I and began to understand racism the same friends and family convinced me that we weren't racist because you "should have seen it when our parents were kids" and there was a black kid in school that we talked to. I thought this was how the world worked and while others were racist, not us. But then I left St. Louis and lived in other parts of the country and quickly started to understand the reality that St. Louis and myself were racist and hateful. It took me well into adulthood to understand how my speech hurt others, even if they were not in the room. And it seems like it is taking a lifetime to ...more

I am not a resident here, thank God. I live in Lee's Summit but am from the east coast, and I see the outrageous ways people of color are treated. There is so much brutality in the way that the "justice" system works against the poor, namely most black folks. The schools and neighborhoods suffer tremendously while fights over money and power linger. Very sad.