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New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.


I am a black female living in New Jersey in a predominantly white neighborhood. I have never encountered any issues with racism. My son goes to a white school, his friends are all white and hang out at my house, or vice versa. Not saying it doesn't exist or trying to discredit what you say. Just saying New Jersey is not in the top 10. It has a lot to do with how educated you are, what you have been taught as a child, and how willing you as an individual are to move beyond what has been indoctrinated into you to grow as an individual.

New Jersey is very racist thanks to George E. Norcross and every Governor who has made a deal with this Bigot. He destroyed Camden. One Racist White Man controlling the entire state and making Camden the poorest city in America. Stealing, deceiving and lying and the law does Not a Damn thing. Hope God sends them and their families straight to Hell.

This is where anything can happen. Before it was mob who was running the state, now state government is the mob itself. Just about every crook in the government agency is attorney. That should tell you something about the state.

Hurricane Carter, Rodney King and many similar examples seen on T.V. by million of viewers around the World. America. The great United States of America losing credibility by the minute trying to cover up the obvious seen on world wide T.V. , internet media making fools of ourselves by not being democracy that we fight and risk our lives for everyday in the streets and wars. By written accounts, this will be the cause of her self destruction. Written by a disillusioned veteran.

I will not argue with this at all. I live in New Jersey and have my whole life. I am sorry for what happened to all who commented down below. I am biracial: Indian (as in from India, not Native American) and American, and no one has ever made fun of me or mocked me because of my race or skin color, which is pretty light. My younger sister has darker skin than I do, and once I asked my mom if Hitler would've put me in a camp because of my race and skin color. She said, probably not, but that my sister would be in more danger. I was very mad and sad that Hitler would do such a thing as he did to people who had done nothing to him except exist. If he was alive, he should be ashamed of himself.
Anyway, I don't disagree that this state is not racist. It is. However, I think that Alabama is the most racist state. Or Michigan. I hope and pray (and hopefully somehow help change this world) that the world would become a better, safer, more united place. Thank you for reading this.

I was driving through Edison NJ when a cop pulled up next to me, looked at my face and went behind me and pulled me over. he said he wanted to see my license first then he'll let me go. what a ridiculous thing to do? Because I had a hoody on and my skin is colored.

I live in Jersey City NJ, I'm a black woman I've never had any issues, HOWEVER it's out there why do you think black people are so angry 10% ones just bored 90% encountered some sort of cruelty and disrespect clearly cause of the color of their skin. I'm part of the 90% but I won't go and do no black lives matter and do violence cause of violence, makes no sense. I stay I silence

NJ has been a great state to live in. But you would notice that the attitude toward racism changed after Obama became president. This state has traditionally been democratic, and like Pennsyltucky, it is trending towards being a Red state, just look at the governor of the state the past several elections. You also have to be aware of the differences between N. Jersey and S. Jersey, racism is noticeable in areas in S. Jersey.

I think New Jersey is considered welcoming to immigrants but for sure I have seen people throw rocks and spray paint Hindu with an X on a screen door and so we see that interfaith communities are not uncommonly averse to dark skinned folks. I have even seen preschoolers threatened with physical violence. It is the home of the Dotbusters as well. Diversity and interfaith love doesn't diminish hate crime.

I have no idea why there are so many comments about Edison, NJ on here, as it is one of the most ethnically diverse and least racist cities that I've ever seen. To the person that said they saw a swastika on a child's backpack, I want them to know that it was probably a Hindu Swastika, which is a religious symbol for Hindus. I firmly believe that no child would ever flaunt an actual swastika on their backpack.

I am a black male married to a white woman and have not encountered any issues. The only thing to note is when I was in college in north jersey some of the kids did say there are some racists at the very tip of nj with confederate flags that smile in blacks faces but hate them. But I have not experienced any racism thank god. Horrible all of this going on in the south.

I love New Jersey. I was born and raised here and no ones racist and very modern, democratic state. Everyone minds their own business, no ones judging you. Huge difference between the North and the South! #NorthRules

Actually I'm voting in defense of NJ! I live in NJ and it's the least racist state I've been to. NJ is VERY diverse, especially Northern NJ. There are arab, Indian, Korean, hispanic, German, Irish, Russian, African... you name it.. you can find every type of community to fit into here. Only drawback is it is way overcrowded.

I have lived in New jersey for 10 years and I have seen not one racist person - Himalayansalt

Racism runs rampant in this state as well.

Classism, some government corruption, and some very politically incorrect denizens doesn't make the place completely racist. - jhdrew777

Political machine boss George Norcross is controlling and racist.

I have to admit, I'm really surprised to see NJ here, especially with the comments on Edison. Edison is very ethnically diverse, with 50% of people being non-white. I'm latina and I've barely seen any cases of racism toward any race, with one exception of problematic behavior: I saw a kid with a swastika on his backpack, which was the first time I've ever seen signs of racism in Edison since I've moved here. Before that, I lived in the very white (mostly Italian) town of clark for most of my life, and even then, there was never any bullying or mocking of POC. I think that NJ should be lower on this list.

If you are black, don't waste your time living in NJ. Majority of NJ areas are very racist.

I am an immigrant from South Asia and have been living in New Jersey since my family emigrated when I was a small child. While this state is not immune to prejudice and ignorance, I do think it is much better than most of the US when it comes to tolerance and overall exposure to different ethnicities. I have faced overt racism in other states, including update NY and Pennsylvania, but I do not recall any overt acts of bias in my 30+ yeras in this state.

In particular, Central and North Jersey have a great deal of ethnic diversity and I find that most townships are more divided by economic status than just race alone. This state should easily be in the bottom 5 of this list (that is, one of the least racist states).