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Wow What can I say, raised two sons in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I remember almost being pushed off the sidewalk, like I am supposed to move. Even the Blacks are too brainwashed to do anything about the racism, the color ratio is really bad and black men still choose white women even though they still get 90 plus years for "raping" women. My sons played sports excellently but failed to get scholarships. What a shame I wish I could find a safe haven in this country where I could just work and live in peace. One nation for all is one big lie

I've lived in tulsa all my life and know more families and more people than you do. We never treated anyone that way nor did our friends and associates.

These comments are very one-sided...

I was a foreign student at Oklahoma State university. I had the worst racist experience ever. Not only do the local whites act like they are superior to all other races they avoid any kind of interaction with people of other cultures. The fact is that, only in this country you would find such self-conceited, arrogant, ignorant narrow minded dumb asses. No wonder this country is going down the tubes.

Here is a two sided perspective. Being a military kid I moved a lot. I grew up in the officers quarters and around white people. We moved to Oklahoma when I was in High School. I was blown away by how bigoted it is. White folks in this state are totally oblivious to the racism they are pedaling. It is totally systematic here. They practice it collectively. You will go nuts trying to understand it. As a black person, getting a real job is next to impossible. Phone interviews get me to the face to face but its all down hill from there. My father was offered a job running the OKC ambulance service in the 80s. He came highly recommended by his superiors in the military. At the signing they happened to notice that he was black and rescinded their offer right there at the signing. He was a hospital commander, responsible for emergency aircraft, choppers and tactical hospital deployments but he was too black for Oklahoma. I have met good Whites here too, but they are indeed the exception.

Oklahoma is the same againts different types of culture. Whites hate blacks and other non-white people. Even the state and it's mayor of the cities are just horrible, things that SHOULD be happening don't and kids get taken away from there family if they been called on by some idiot that don't like bi-racial couples. This state SHOULD be #1.

It saddens my heart to know that people are still racist. I don't understand why we all can't get along with one another. I also don't understand what a race is either other than something I run. It might not make sense to you but, I feel we are alike in some ways other than some of us are darker and some are lighter skinned. God didn't put me on this earth to judge anyone. So here is my question if anyone can answer it, when God comes to you on Judgement Day and says to you why did you mistreat others because of the color of their skin? How would you answer that?

MOST RACIST PLACE... I am active duty military. Traveled around the world, and this place disgusts me! They are just poor whites with a long history of segregation, Jim Crow, profiling, race riots (see Black Wall Street), etc. I don't know if I should feel sorry for them or hate them for their ignorance. The funny part is they are the bible belt and yet they know nothing but hatred.

This should be rated # 1. I was born In Tulsa, Oklahoma and they treat blacks like dirt. I have goten family killed, car crashed by drug dealers and racist jokes in Skiatook Oklahoma, this isn't funny this is real. Racism messes with peoples lives. It needs to end

Just moved to mustang from illinois near chi to be with my white boyfriend after he moved here two yrs ago and these white racists don't get in the pool if I'm in there five hrs and I had the pool area all to myself! Now that's what I call Star Power

I moved here from Chicago when I was 9, lived in southwest Oklahoma, northeast Oklahoma, and central Oklahoma. I have met a lot of friendly people over the past 41 years. With that being said there are a lot of racist people from all across the state. Hateful, disrespectful, holier than thou, "What are you doing in my store" types. The smaller towns are the worst, or I should say that it tends to be more prevalent there and in your face. Deep rooted family upbringing prejudices. From my experience, I do think the Oklahoma City area is far more welcoming than the Tulsa and the surrounding communities. And then there's the folks that will say, "If you don't like our state...well then leave" LOL nice come back... What's sad, is that a lot of my friends that I have met throughout the years, are not even from this state. Right there says a lot.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Moving to Oklahoma was a marital sacrafice and an alarming culture shock. I believe Oklahoma has been working aggressively to change their rank from #6 to their "rightful" place of #1. They are the champions of non-tolerance when it comes to race, sexual orientation and gender. Oklahoma is over 75% white and their goal is to increase that percentage. I would guess of those 75%, there is a 99% Klan membership. I am amazed they allowed an organization such as the NBA Thunder to come but we all know money talks.

Oklahoma voted for Romney not because it's a conservative state, but because it can't stand to have a black man in the White House. Shame on Oklahoma!

I've had people follow me here in Tulsa call me names on the bus and talk about me like a dog in the store for being polite white and black. And I'm a very smart African American I don't do drugs or anything like that nor do I look down upon anyone. Image a free loving spirit that loves until that person shows how evil and mean spirited they ARE. I try to befriend everyone but they are very fake and underhanded. So ID suggest and outsider moving into Tulsa to please KEEP TO YOURSELF! To keep your sanity.

Oklahoma is a very racist state, this is my most honest opinion!

Don't move to Oklahoma if you are not white, you will hate it.

I am Russian and lived there for couple years, I was pretty fine surprisingly - temich85

As a white male born and raised in Oklahoma even I can recognize the racism mostly from older generations unfortunately its something that will have to die out and don't let some racist and bigot people form an opinion of a great state there are of course racist people everywhere but here its almost more socially acceptable to be racist then to be accepting of everyone

I lived in small towns in Oklahoma most of my life and experienced a great deal of racism. I thought that moving to a bigger city would be different, but to my surprise, has been worse. I've learned to overcome all the stares, remarks, treatments, and misconceptions knowing that I'm a true loving Child of God. I'm Mexican, proud of my ethnicity, and hope to break barriers with my love to all human race.

I live in Oklahoma since 2015 and this state is very racist I'm from Latin America and obviously English is not my first language and my accent is different, the people here is racist and they make comments about it, I work in Wal-Mart for a few months and my manager was racist and a lot of time a she talked and made bad comments about me for the simple fact I'm different, one day a white woman working in the same place say to everybody there, she never voted in her life before but this year she will vote for Trump in that way all the immigrants will come back to the place they belong, even I talked with authorities in Wal-Mart they never do anything about it...sad to live here I can't believe the white people here can see they are not the only race in the world is fulld of different people in the world.

Underrated as most racist state should be with top 5. Blacks don't run nothing in Oklahoma. Even the Indians have little and they were there first. 1921 riot in Tulsa destroyed all hope for Blacks. Bigtime Racists State

Reconnected with my family who all live in Oklahoma. They are racist but wouldn't admit it. They hate Obama, shove "Christian" values down your throat, and if you differ from them, you are ostracized. Oklahoma lives in the past socially and the 1950's mentality is just as strong as ever. Talk about Group Think!

Oklahoma deserves to be #1, because of the Oklahoma City bombings, racism and hatred galore, bad school systems and poverty everywhere, racist and corrupt politicians and police forces (majority of police force of Oklahoma is white), and bullying!

The black girl in Oklahoma City who's manager thought she stole and kinda thought she was suspicious acting. This black woman should have gone to a good lawyer and sued the socks off the woman plus the company also called the newspaper! These kind of people called racist only understand lawyers, suing and getting a hate crime, discrimination, put on their official record! If they are going to ruin you ruin them. Stop them from hurting someone else. Hell carry a recorder around! Don't keep working for a racist woman who care less about you and your future. SUE the B...

Most of them are ALWAYS intolerant and racist and mean at the same time!

I agree Oklahoma is a very very racist state I am originally from IL and compared to Oklahoma I would say it's at least in the top 5 most racist state in the US.

Oklahoma is a state that doesn't want to let go of the 19th century. What more needs to be said about the racist, anti-non-white, Christian mindset, of this 20th century run state!

I can't believe the people that live in this state... they pretend to be nice but there is so much hate in their heart... and I think that the only reason they are not in top because they hate even they won't tell you so... I'm so fed up here I ready to move

Generations teach their children how to believe, whether religion, equality or history. We have to be strong enough to challenge what we are told and make our own opinions or we will be destined to live out one very long story.