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21 West Virginia West Virginia

I believe West Virginia is a extremely racist state for a reward at my school me and a few other classmate were given the opportunity to go on a trip on our trip we passed through West Virginia and stopped to stay at a hotel for the night before continuing on our journey while there we were allowed to move around the halls so me and my friend who was Caucasian did as we were walking me and her play fight giving each other piggy back rides like best friends do when a Caucasian officer came up to us and asked to questions to my friend asked if she was ok and if he needed to call someone even thought my friend said no the officer to me to follow him and grabbed my arm I was forced to sit in a room for hours for what he said was to get to the bottom and to better understand what was going on but the truth was the only reason I was detained was because I was a African American female hanging with a Caucasian female when I was finally let go the said it was all a miss understanding by the ...more - tahill99

WV is a great state. I'm an Asian American, and have never had a problem with any racism except from blacks. I have been called slope / chink / gook / slant / jap / the list goes on and on as they are very creative in their bigotry. We all need to look in the mirror. There has not been any racism shown toward me by whites or any other race but blacks. In at least 15 instances blacks have been prejudice in their actions and especially words in interactionswith me. - chillout

My dear grandmother always told me never to go to West Virginia. She said they were racist and "just plain mean. " Of course this is not true of everyone in West Virginia - but from what I've seen, I will continue to take Grandma's advice.

Always listen to grandma. Especially on this. My family is from there. If you don't fit they enjoy chasing you out.

Uneducated ignorant white people everywhere.

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22 Ohio Ohio Ohio is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive through Columbus Ohio, I get pulled over by the cops for absolutely no reason. The last time it happened the officer blatantly told me to my face "It just looks like you have something to hide". He then wrote me a ticket for no seat belt when he couldn't find anything else. From what I see, the racism is not so overt as it is covert. When I went to the municipal building to negotiate the fine, I saw that the courtrooms were filled to the brim with African Americans. Sickening. Clearly it's the poor and colored who are funding the Ohio municipalities. SICKENING.

And here's the problem folks.

Right now Cleveland in particular, and NE Ohio in general are trying desperately to attract non manufacturing businesses. They want medical and engineering students to choose the universities here and then choose to stay here after they've graduated. They want all levels of the Medical industry here.

BUT, how will you get those people to stay in a place where, other than their money, they aren't welcome? Or, in fact, are are treated with outright hostility?

Students, doctors, engineers, business men and women all come in many races, ethnicities and nationalities. If they cannot count on being treated with dignity and respect why should we expect them to make a home for themselves and their families in this region? In fact, why should we expect successful young people to stay here rather than finding more open and welcoming place to live and raise their families?

NE Ohio is going to have to deal with the pervasive racism that ...more

I am in college in Ohio, and the people I met here are ignorant about diversity. If you don't act white, prepare yourself for racism. Most people try not be racist openly, but they would treat you differently if you are not white. The worst part is they don't admit they have a problem with disliking people from different back ground

I'm from Cleveland and I don't think Ohioans are racist

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23 Montana Montana Montana is a state in the Western region of the United States. The state's name is derived from the Spanish word montaña.

Montana is a very racist state. Though working here, with the employment discrimination laws, being relevant and applicable, the "Good ole Boys" still permeate most institutions and they are run accordingly. For example the Federal Judge R. Cebull sending racist emails? Not to be a cynic, but he will just get a slap on the hand, and the only reason for that and him being "sorry" is because he got caught. Truth is in Montana people don't mind being racist, yet those same people do not want to be held liable for it. Sure Black people can be accepted hear; as long as they are willing to Uncle Tom and look past discriminatory practices, treatment, and comments. Good Black Folks if you are planning a vacation try another state, from one Black man to another, this state Blows. I am going to leave as quick as I can.

Just because Montana Universities recruit African-American athletes does not make the state as a whole any less racist; it just means these colleges want to win. Not everyone in Montana is racist, but these rural towns who sport confederate flags and tell racially derogatory jokes when no minorities are around sicken me. These same individuals when confronted about their actions lie about doing so and initiate smear campaigns against their accusers, in which all the white employees corroborate and lie, along with the all white Human resource staff to cover up their own infringement of Human Rights Laws. I just do not understand why people go to such great lengths to avoid their discriminatory practices when they employ them at their leisure and in the " Good ole Boy" state with out repercussion because everyone protects each other. This state Government is corrupt!

My sister who is half Cameroonian African and half white was on her way home on Christmas Eve and slid on ice with her car through a fence. A sheriff showed up not long after and said it was ok but she had to wait for a highway patrol because it wasn't his jurisdiction. He leaves and a while later the highway patrol shows up. The highway patrol asks for lisense and such and goes to his car and looks the stuff up. He comes back a minute later and says he has a few questions and she was 21 at the time and already notified mom she had an issue. She was scared and she answered the questions about where she was going where she was born and weird stuff. Then he goes to his patrol car and looks the stuff up on his computer to see if it checks out. He tells her to get in the car and he detains her asking her questions for 30 min until my stepdad (who is white) shows up. Cop leaves her locked in the rear of car and goes to talk to him and my step dad asks what is going on and he just makes ...more

Recently a group of White high school kids in Polson, MT wore t shirts that said "White Pride", "White Power", "Trump 2016". Students also had the confederate flag. Unlike Idaho, which drove out its racists and continues to fight for human rights, Montana breeds racism and does little to combat it.

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24 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The state is the tenth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.

A friend of mine asked me to keep her company on a road trip to Wyoming. We stopped at a gas station for gas and pee break. Noticed the cashier lady watching me heavily while on the phone. Then, 2 police officers showed up, I was followed around by 2 local police officers the entire time! My friend was left alone because she was white, I'm guessing. They also followed us for a couple miles on the highway. Not sure why they followed us, we didn't dress or behave like any trouble makers. We only stayed for a couple of hours and left. Big mistake going on a road trip to Wyoming.

Stopped at a firework stand in Wyoming started talking to the owner found he was from the phoenix area, I asked him why he decided to move to Wyoming. He told me with a creepy gleam in his eye, "The people in phoenix are just dirty they are a lot cleaner up here if you know what I mean, " implying that dark people are dirty

Wyoming is very racist, the previous posters here are lying. No white woman in Wyoming would ever date a black guy, and Latinos do not get along with whites. What are you people smoking? I assume you're Wyoming residents trying to make Wyoming seem tolerant, but sorry that is just not the case. Stop lying and misleading people. It is dangerous if people of color come to Wyoming and think there's no racism based on all of your comments.

I am a black man that married a white woman from Wyoming, her family loved me to death, and even though we got divorced, we are still friends to this day, and I love her family as if they were my own.

My friend (who is white) from Utah and I drove through Wyoming and stayed a night at a small town. We went to a sports bar restaurant and as soon as I walked in, everyone... I mean EVERYONE in the restaurant looked at me. I joked with my friend and said "they've probably never seen an Asian in their lives". Sadly, my joke is most likely a fact.

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25 Alaska Alaska Alaska is a U.S. state situated in the northwest extremity of the Americas. The Canadian administrative divisions of British Columbia and Yukon border the state to the east; it has a maritime border with Russia to the west across the Bering Strait.

If your are a person of color, ie. Asian, mixed Asian, Black, Mulatto, Native, Latino, Pacific Islander; you can almost forget about getting a white collar job. If you drive around Anchorage, very rarely you will see a minority wearing a suit or if you go to board meetings, conferences or any business event. Most professional minorities there are self employed because of that barrier and yes most have advanced degrees and Ba's. Besides from the professional atmosphere, its pretty tolerant of different racial groups and has all types of mixing. Great place for blue collar workers for any group.

This is b.s. I'm Native American and was born and raised in Alaska for 29 years. The unfortunate part about Alaska is there's some accepted and unacknowledged racism against Alaska Natives, but Alaska is full of minorities who frequently speak up when people say racist things so it doesn't happen nearly as often as it does in some lower 48 states. Anchorage according to the 2010 census is the most diverse city in the nation and at least I was able to speak my mind and people would listen to me and would appreciate culture and people of different ethnicities. There's no perfect state, racism isn't 100% eliminated in Alaska, but it's far batter than many other states and much more culturally diverse. I recently moved to Denver, CO and it's a true culture shock. It's the most racist place I've ever encountered and makes Alaska feel like some kind of cultural oasis filled with open minded people.

I am white and am married to a wonderful Native person. The idiotic questions I have been asked about how we met or is this person bothering me ("No, he/she is my spouse") have convinced me that the migratory white and Asian population here is very ignorant.

It's horrible. The rest of the country treats this beautiful state like a separate country.

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26 Iowa Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.

Racism in Southeastern Iowa. I am white but have sun-tanned skin, somewhat comparable to Hispanics. In a private conversation with a grocery store's director, when I was inquiring about vacant full-time position in the same department I had been working for several years, I had been told that he "does not want me at the front-end because I'm ethnic". He added, if I want a full-time job in the store, there will be "a janitor's position with great benefits". I thanked him for the offer and left the scene full of emotions. Nevertheless, a few days later I was interviewed for that full-position but ended up not getting it anyway. During 30-minute one-on-one interview, that store director, had been asking about my home country, its people, politics, import-export (?! ) and such. He was curious to find out differences between people. He was also not happy about the growth of Hispanic population in Iowa. He asked me about my long-term career plans within that company and ...more

Listen I am NOT commenting just all Iowa I am commenting on the state of Illinois which is not that far apart. when you say state of Iowa is racist I strongly disagree I see black women with white men. And black men white women. in the state of Iowa. because I'm from Mississippi that's a racist state and. definitely not the state of Iowa and definitely not the state of Illinois they are not racist at all. I'm from Mississippi and I'm not used to seeing a black man with a white woman that really disgusting to be honest with you.

Hoe in the blue hell did this corn field manage to dodge the list of the most racist states in the U.S. those corn feds actually asked congress for money for a race war planned a drill which enlisted the help of two neighboring army bases in a township where they had continuously complained against foreigners who mostly were displaced by the flood that happened in 2008 and were awaiting legal approval of citizenship the drill was scheduled to prove to congress why they needed emergency funds for a race war on a state that at the time was 97.1 percent Anglo Saxon populated and majestically cancelled when a resident of the city told the news in another state. In february of 2010 the radio stations there reported 150 new off cuff supremacist groups were discovered and formation of more was on the rise. March of 2012 several or more people in Cedar Rapids who worked for DHS the police departments and other organizations were caught using their jobs to antagonize and harass blacks destroy ...more


There is a very high racism here in Iowa. Your colour will determine the rate and your chances of getting a job. You can be over qualified for an open position but they will tell you the position is no more available just because you are not white and the next day you will see another person hired for that same position and the person might not even know much about what to do. After all these, you will see at the bottom ''EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER''. It would be better if you are bold enough to say "NOT FOR EVERY RACE"
I never thought this could be happening in the US.


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27 South Dakota South Dakota

I came here from MA almost 40 years ago, and yes, there's an undercurrent of racism here that's never subsided. They don't like the Native American population at all. Almost anyone not born here is never accepted by the white-haired Old Guard. I purposely never lost my Boston accent just to piss off some of the population myself, and it still works. Some love it, others hate it. There's no middle ground. It used to bother me when I first arrived here, but I couldn't care less anymore. When I see them getting annoyed, I laugh, which makes them even madder. If you come here from somewhere else and be a Democrat to boot, be prepared to get some really cold shoulders from some of the native hicks here.

Rapid City is openly segregated. Native people, even those with a higher education, rarely can even get an interview for a professional job they are qualified for. The criminal justice system, from the juvenile to adult prisons, are full of Native people. They start incarcerating Native youth as early as 11 years old. I have worked for 5 years to try to improve these issues. I have had no success at all! Even the Democrats do not support Natives who try to get elected to office or even on a city government committee. The schools are underfunded and segregated. The national test scores for these kids runs in the bottom 20%. I have given up on this place!

I have been discriminated and told to leave many places because I was not the proper religion, ethnicity, social class, or republican. If anyone thinks South Dakota is not the most racist state, then hear this. My first grade teacher would dress up as Harriet Tubmann and paint her face black. Furthermore, there have been times workers followed me throughout the store telling me they had to otherwise I would steal. There are still people I know who will not stop using the n-word or other racial marks to profile people. In fact a huge majority still believes same-sex marriage is comparable to humans having sex with animals.

The murder of Candace Rough Surface and the long time it took to solve her murder is all you need to know about how they feel about the natives in South Dakota. Nothing but white, racist rednecks. If a native man raped and killed a white woman? They would have put him in the chair without hesitation. Instead the man who killed her while he did get convicted, he really got off easy and he's coming up for parole. Stay away from South Dakota. Only 2 things that can happen to a minority in redneck wonderland, You either go to jail or you will get killed.

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28 Kansas Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

I've lived in Kansas all my life and I'm married to a black man. My dads family weren't from Kansas they were from the Ozarks and other states in the south where my family owned slaves, so my family was pretty racist, but thank goodness it never rubbed off on me. Kansas is definitely a racist state. I grew up in a town that had a sign posted before entering town that no blacks were allowed after dark until 1990 and it fell down fortunately the law wouldn't permit them to hang is back up.

One of my better friends is of Indian descent. He came here to see family, and was treated poorly by whites and such. For example at a convenience store, the white cashier was really nice to the white people in front of and behind my friend, but was wicked rude to him. We are from MA.

I worked in state law enforcement in kansas. I and other state latinos faced a very racist administration. I worked for the Kansas Dept of Corections. The administration we were under have Fred Phelps Jr. And his sister Marjie as leaders. The folks Marjie hired targeted three latino men for termination. They suceeded in getting one terminated and are still activley trying to get rid of the others. Several coworkers have told me they can't believe what they are witnessing. Blantant racism against latino men by a small group of white female administrators. I will be filing a chapter seven complaint for all the good it may do.

History tells. Bloody Kansas is still so racist that they don't even know it.

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29 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.

My husband and I bought a house in Edison NJ. After about 4 years we were ready to sell it. One day my husband called me and said that the agent called him to say that someone had written on our for sale sign. The for sale sign that once read For Sale had now read, For Sale by N******. We had no idea who had defaced our sign. Maybe it was the guy around the corner with the confederate flag in his garage.

I am a white female and I can say that countless I've met during university here has called me out on my foreign accent. It does not matter how academically and socially successful you are, because people only look for ways to drag you down if you are not American. I remember one Asian friend of mine (I am only stating this to point out that even minorities are racist towards each other) criticized my pronunciation and then proceeded to mock my country of origin (I am from Turkey, a Muslim, Middle-Eastern country) by insulting my family, my name using colorful insults (camel-jockey being a personal FAVORITE). Anyways, I can only hope for the blind hatred towards any minorty to end because I think we, everyone who has been subjected to racism can relate to this. I am a hard-working, independent, freely bisexual woman and if I am going to be secluded for being born in a Muslim country, then all those racist idiots can screw themselves.

I am a black female living in New Jersey in a predominantly white neighborhood. I have never encountered any issues with racism. My son goes to a white school, his friends are all white and hang out at my house, or vice versa. Not saying it doesn't exist or trying to discredit what you say. Just saying New Jersey is not in the top 10. It has a lot to do with how educated you are, what you have been taught as a child, and how willing you as an individual are to move beyond what has been indoctrinated into you to grow as an individual.

New Jersey has the worst concealed scientific racism, eugenics, racism and apartheid schools - see latest Rutgers Report on the NJ Apartheid Schools. New Jersey Law is the strictest on integration and yet New Jersey is one of the worst states with the worst judicial and enforcement systems in the world. 40 registered neo-nazi groups. Most terror attacks including WTC and 9/11 came from New Jersey, not to mention Cherry Hill Fort Dix terrorists and the triple attack last year from Elizabeth NJ and new allegations the ISIS attack in Fort Lauderdale as the only one not claimed by ISIS was a mass murder to cover up the horrific racial and scientific hygiene nightmare of the past embodied in the New Jersey DCPP and corruption which was DYFS before the decade long federal oversight as the worst in the US, then used to become much worse in taking children and placing in dependent low education care who would never say a word about New Jersey and are a part of child marketing and child ...more

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30 Maine Maine

My dad lives in Maine all his life after being adopted by a white family when he was 8 years old. My dad is mixed of Italian and black. My mom is black so My skin color is brown! Every time I went to Maine as a child people looked at me funny all the time. As I got older I was stared at a lot because of the color of my skin. I hate it there!

I've lived in Maine all my life, and I have not heard one racist thing come out of a person's mouth. Maybe in the projects of Portland, but not ANYWHERE else.

I am a racially-mixed person. I lived in Maine for almost twenty years and, yes, I would have to agree that Mainers are among the most racist people in the United States. My late mother used to say that some people were "ignorant" and others were "ignorant as sin." In my experience, there are more of the latter kind of ignoramuses in Maine, including Paul LePage, the recently re-elected governor of the state.

As someone who grew up in Maine, there is very little hostility toward minorities there. It is mostly because there basically are no other ethnicities there. To the black people who visited and had people look at them funny, unless you were in Lewiston, you were probably the only black person many of them had ever seen in person. Literally.

There is racism against the Somalian population in the Lewiston area, and if there were a larger population of minorites elsewhere, maybe there would be more animosity, but in most areas where there is only like 1 or 2 minority people per town, no one thinks "oh no, it's a black guy", they think, "hey look, its Brad, he's pretty cool" because he is literally the only one.

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31 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

I lived in Wisconsin for basically my whole life, and when I went to College I had trouble with three teachers because I'm a mixed race, one teacher failed me because he saw me talking to a cast student in the hall 10 minuets before class, and told me to my face "you shouldn't talk to those people" I was shocked we weren't even through with the semester and he failed me. The second teacher gave me a "D" when really I should have been given an "A", because when it was my turn to use the Laser Cutter he demanded me to step aside for this other student, just before me in line. The third teacher told me he wouldn't allow me to use paper from the printer to take notes for a test, so I walked over their anyway and went to grab a hand full, he was angry then, and he said, "go to Wal-mart because people like you find notebooks there all the time out in the parking lot"!. I had to restrain myself from fighting. After I graduated I landed a job I felt was ...more

I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years. I never experienced such racism. People were out right nasty. I am from Northern Maine, and have never been treated so badly. In Wisconsin I was a counselor in a Shelter for teenagers. I do not think it helped me being black and knowing all of their family secrets. I am a attractive black woman with a very compassionate heart. I was never taught hate. By husband is white and I have two adult children. Our families get along fine. There really is not that much difference in people. I have found that in the hearts of most people, we want the same things. To have a job, family, freedom to enjoy our lives and worship as we please, and try to be happy. I am so sorry some wish to hold on to something that has caused so much pain and suffering in our country and the world. Before you dislike someone because of the color of their skin or the slant of their eyes. Stop and think behind their clor is a person with thoughts and feeling just like you.

I do not know when this was written but I am a sixty seven year old Black woman, intelligent and have all my faculties, but in 1990 I had the nerve to try to settle in Eau Claire Wisconsin at the advice of a "friend" who did not know the score. ( She is white). I got a job right away at Seversen Lutheran Hospital or Care Facility for the elderly and even the residents... Old and infirm, did not want me to give them services. If we took a stroll downtown, folks in cars would alert each other so they could stare and if I went for coffee with the ladies, the thing was the same. No everyday trip to the store was every day because for some the instant 'over smile" thing would happen or the folded arms ( especially the men) would begin with stony eyes looking straight ahead. We took to going out at night and grabbing groceries due to the overkill of staring and snickering. Young white boys would pull their cars up to our rental house at night and put their bright lights on ...more

I regret having moved here. I am a foreigner and feel like a fish out of water. I have never experienced this in other parts of the country where I lived before. You won't get anywhere here unless you fit their mold or you are serving as a token. Ignorance abounds unfortunately. This state should be number three in this list.

Milwaukee could be the most racially segregated city in the whole country.

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32 Virginia Virginia Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

I am from Virginia, and let me tell you, it is indeed quite racist. I am mixed race-half black, half white, I experience more racism from black people than I do white or Latino people (though I am a light brown complexion and have kind of straight hair). I've had some black friends who thought I was fully black until they met my mother (who is white), they all of a sudden stop associating with me. There has been some black people that have tried to make me "do their work for them" and when I ask them why, they said because I was a "half breed" and that I have never experienced the things that they have been through from white people! Even when I applied at some jobs where the manager was black, I was always turned down despite that I'm very well educated with a college degree and the job was given to black people, a majority of them had just gotten out of jail or didn't even finish high school (one job I applied for, I was turned down and a black guy who had ...more

There are still confederate flags and statues just 20 minutes south of my house. Certain kids also own and where confederate flags. If your not in northern Virginia, your definitely in the south.

I'm from VA. I'm 26. I grew up in south side Richmond and I was always judged because I wasnt black or Hispanic. I was different. I'm 75% white and 25% black. Nobody knew what I was. I wasn't bullied about my skin color but I was looked at very differently. However, my mothers (whose white) side of the family is very racist. When it comes to the older generation. My mother was never attracted to white men she was always attracted to black men. My grandfather was not happy and treated her very very unfairly because of that. Me and my mother no longer speak with him, because I feel he doesn't accept me as his grandchild because of my race. I treat everybody equally. My youngest child is half El Salvadorian. I also have a black partner and it's a woman. I also get very judged by that by my oldest daughters fathers side of the family. To me, I've seen more hatred towards the white race here from black people because SOME black people do take it too far saying the white people owe them ...more

I've been called a racist; however, I hate all peoples equally.

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33 Washington Washington Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state named after a president.

I grew up in Longview Washington and during the summers my dad would take me and my family around Portland and Seattle. I had friends of All races and I was White. But whenever I was around my black friends other friends they wanna think I not Ghetto enough to hang out with them simply because I am not black. I show them a few scars, show them I am armed to the teeth with a pocket knife, tell them I grew up on 15th and they shut up real quick. But in Washington Area this is how it always is.. Oh I gotta prove I am the real n* otherwise I can't be that white guy playing Basket ball.. Or Hey look at Datt Cracka walking on by with his video game clothes he must be such a loser.. It gets really old having to stand up to everyone the people in Washington are all Cowards don't matter what race you are they have a big problem there with everyone. People give you this icy stare.. (If you are white are black you know what I am talking about) It is this stare where they just literally stare and ...more

Washingtongian in Seattle since birth and not so proud of calling myself an Washingtonian at all since realizing that racism exist evening in Seattle. African Americans are continuing mistreats whether it's in any professional field in Seattle. I'm Caucasian and Asian American and it's disgusted when hearing family or friends disgracing African Americans in today society. We all have our issues and my culture is not prefect too. If it's not the Asian, Latinos, Caucasian, Arab, Scandivian, Irish disrespecting them or continuing secretly insulting them during interview for a job by offering them less then what they deserve instead forcing them out of an employment to make way for our Caucasian or light skinned cousins who are racist against the black cultures as well. While having certain people spying on them them while they are shopping in small business the community they live in. It usually their own race doing the same. Which brings to me to this question. Are black people not ...more

My sister's family is bi-racial. Her eldest child joined the Marines just so he could escape african-American baiting. The principal at his public school said more than once he belonged in a different school because he "looked" black. At a school function, a chaperone came up and tried to seperate him and his white date, because he looked "threatening" to her.
One of the country's largest neo-nazi churches is in Eastern WA. Don't get me started on eastern WA neo-Nazis.


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34 Vermont Vermont

White people love following African Americans around in stores, they love to stare at us like we're less then them. I can't go to the farmers market with my friends without being stared at, cut in line, called slurs, or being followed around. I hate Vermont. Not only that white teachers in schools favor white students than, African American students.

Lived in vermont for 10 years the most racist place I've ever lived by far. It should definitely be higher on this list. The rate of incarceration of black folks is on par with southern states like alabama and mississippi but they like to think of themselves as progressive. Be very careful if you are driving through this state as a black person or spending time here as any race other than white. It is a beautiful place the mountains and lakes are gorgeous BUT I'm not sure its worth the negative experiences.

Well before Mr. Obama was elected President here in Vermont our racists hid out with their ignorant native population. Now as the Southern and Western states began a backslide even a state up North like Vermont has turned out with regret a very backwards place when it comes to Racism. I have also noticed that those who do not seem to hate People of color don't stand up to their foolish neighbors and fellow community(many church goers) I will Always be White yet I will stand up for all the peoples freedom. Not doing so would make me a coward. Whatever your Race or Religion fight against Racism and help the future become better!

This state is top of my list and I've been in most states and lived abroad many years. I'm 7/8 white. I'm 1/8 Cree. I've been here a year and it's just insane experience after insane experience, because some people assume I'm Hispanic and don't accept that a person who looks like me has a graduate degree. It's the denial of their stereotyping and fear and anger toward non-whites that really startles me though. In some ways, the depth of covert racism in the North is more brutal than the open bigotry in the South.

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35 Connecticut Connecticut

I am from Alabama and when you are a rooted southerner as I am, you accept people racism because it is their problem, not yours. As long as there is no violence, or mental abuse, I am fine with it. I do not like the unknown racism that I find in the north. In the north, Black People not only must deal with the racism of Whites, but also racism among Hispanics, Chinese, People from the Middle Eastern Countries, and many other groups who do not perceive or America perceive as Blacks People. At least in many parts of the south, there are only Black People. At least we can speak English as many of the Whites do. OK, basically, there is no rest period for Black People no matter where they live unless they have made it cross the bridge, so to speak, and I am praying every single day and night that I will be one of those Black People.

OK, when one speaks about different parts of the country being racist towards Blacks in the south, at least you know where you stand. At least you can ...more

Quote" "I'm from Alabama... Black People destroy each other more than any other race..."

I think you are wrong, Race does not affect a man's character, rather peer pressure from peer group does. It just depends on the group which you belong or grew up with, for instance, if a Black boy was born and brought up in family that teaches the Chinese culture, he would definitely behave like the Chinese, if his parents teaches prosperity in unity as a race then he would behave like the Chinese even more.

I'm David from Nigeria.

People that say "at least we speak English". Your being racist. I know people suck and act racist, just ignore them, they will eventually die out. Every statement has been negative so far. I thought a positive statement was needed. Now I'm not naïve, race is still looked at questionably, that's just human nature. If someone physically harm to you, call the police, use your local politician. We pay big $$ every year on taxes, talk to someone! Things only change when handle them democratically. Dream people and believe in yourself, everyone else can F off. I'm glad CT is so far down this list but would be happy if lists like this didn't exist. Peace, its cheeper!

I'm a white student at a suburban public school and there's a lot of racism towards Muslims and blacks here. Also, lots of homophobia. Terrible place to live.

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36 North Dakota North Dakota North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States, having been admitted to the union on November 2, 1889.

The whole state is racist. We have a lot of kkk and white supremacists here. Grand Forks has been in the news (UND) specifically for sporting shirts with native Americans drinking out of a beer bong thing, with the words "Siouxper Drunk" on it in retaliation of the Natives trying to change the name "The Fighting Sioux. " Nothing was ever done about this at the University except to say they were just being kids, yet they were all old enough to know better. Bismarck schools will tell the Natives they are not civilized and will never make it in school or career. These schools will outright say stuff to your face and get away with it because "who is going to side with us" right? Natives are targeted just by being seen driving, walking, riding bike. Law enforcement will see natives living somewhere, claim to smell marijuana and will raid your house on the claim of a smell. Look up the numbers on the jails here and find out how many minorities are locked up on ...more

I lived in North Dakota my entire life up until a year ago. I am half Native American and half Norwegian. You really can not tell that I am Native American though because I have light skin. So people would say racist things about Native Americans and not realize that I am one. Some people who knew I was Native American would call me Prairie N*****. They are racist against anyone who is not White. Just outside of an Indian reservation by Minot, and somebody spray-painted on a dumpster "F*** Indians, We give you enough food and money, your welcome. " on it. If you are not White they will not make you feel welcome.

North Dakota is extremely racist and don't even care about the rights of an individual. They will stop someone just because they appear hispanic and harass them. If they don't speak english they automatically call immigration and detain them. They coerce them to sign a paper saying they will leave the country. They have the chance to fight their case with a judge but when they sign that paper, they don't get to oppose being deported. They treat them badly when detained and don't always provide sufficient food, blankets, etc. This type of treatment should be stopped if a person is not breaking any kind of law.

North Dakota's treatment of water protectors is abhorrent. Racist policies - pathetic unethical police department in Morton County.

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37 New Hampshire New Hampshire

Forget about tattooing here if you're a person of color. It's hard enough getting to know people in the industry without having to deal with the bigotry. Oh, they'll take your money, but they won't give you a chance. I've been to five different shops spanning three counties and have been told in not so subtle terms that I'm not white enough. I've been to art school and am passionate about art, but one of my old friends, who was never into art and can't draw well now tattoos... he's white.

I am a biracial adult (half white and half black). I have lived in New Hampshire all of my life, and I have received nothing but racists slurs from people, and women saying they wouldn't date me because of my skin color and hearing disability (I wear a hearing aid and cochlear implant). It has kept me from making a lot of friends. New Hampshire is a very close minded state in my view, I wouldn't recommend anyone of color moving to this state.

Yes I am an Indian American. I am very brownish and I get stares all the time when I am outside. People just keep staring at me and my children

To anyone who has experienced any kind of racism in New Hampshire. Please accept my sincerest apology. I hate that you all experienced that, its never right. I went to college there for four years and never experienced any racism. But then again I'm, "white". My family is originally from New Hampshire and I plan to live there someday. As a future citizen of New Hampshire I feel great ashamed of any racism displayed by my fellow citizens.

For what its worth, I have not and never will treat anyone with any kind of bigotry. I will never judge someone based on what they look like or before I even know them. And I will always treat anyone I see in New Hampshire with the utmost dignity and respect. I will always love my country, my state, and my fellow American citizens. To me, you will always be my brothers and my sisters.

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38 Nevada Nevada Nevada is a state in the Western, Mountain West, and Southwestern regions of the United States of America.

I've lived here for 4 months now... From California (Born & raised) I am in the banking industry. I have showed my ability to perform my duties and learn in an efficient amount of time. I even correct the supervisors that have been with the company for 5+yrs. They still treat me like last class, like I am LESS, not as bright, as though I have to work twice as hard to get the same level of respect. By the way, I am a 26 yr old female (African American), and there are 7 other employees. 6 being Caucasian. 1 being an older Hawaiian woman

I've lived here all my life and witnessed the demoralization on behalf of Black people. The STATE is run by Mormons... therefore, if you are not white AND Mormon, there is no place for you in society. They (the Mormons in charge) have been known to throw a few crumbs to Black people in terms of occupation. I have consistently been the only Black person in many classes in public school all the way up to college at UNLV (which has a racist past itself- you can look up the first college mascot which was a fox wearing a confederate uniform that didn't get changed until the 80's). The school district, Clark County School District, has a known reputation for suspending/expelling Black students significantly more than their white peers. This is not a place to raise a family of you're Black. Las Vegas was and is known as the Mississippi of the West (that is a fact and is published in a few texts).

Lived in Reno and worked at NAS Fallon for a year. Racist and homophobic coworkers mainly all born and raised in Northern Nevada. Many negative things said about native people and land rights, Mexicans and Blacks. I am of mixed race and was told at least I'm not that dark. Was told Blacks are ruining this county and they are worthless. Had to hear many racist things said about Mexicans and Hispanics at work. Part of this was the industry I worked in. Reno itself is nice and people for the most part are open and accepting but these small towns... You have to be white and conservative to not be targeted.

Want a job at even McDonald's? Better be Mexican

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39 New Mexico New Mexico

New Mexico is what heaven might be like. Love it

Never been discriminated agains in New Mexico, mostly hispanics, native americans, whites very few blacks. I don't feel I am being looked at like I belong in another planet. I am hispanic.

I was born and raised in New Mexico. For the most part the state is not racist. But like with all states there are the small towns that are less educated and racist. But I'm from a smaller town and our High School has all different races and everyone is accepted. Everyone gets along for the most part. I have done my fair share of traveling among the US and New Mexicans are by far the politest people. I am currently in small town in Montana and you would think I was carrying a severed head on my shoulder. (I am a 30 year old Hispanic woman)

Have lived in NM for 26 years now. Very diverse state but Hispanics here are very racists if you're Caucasian. They are mostly friendly to your face and then talk about you behind your back. Been called Wedo so many times it's comical. If you're married to a Hispanic, even your in-laws make racist comments about white people right in front of you, oblivious to the fact that there is one in the family and their grandkids are part white as well.

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40 Delaware Delaware Delaware is one of the Mid-Atlantic states located in the Northeast megalopolis region of the United States.

Delaware is a fairly good state and doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much corruption as many states - The least corrupt are Connecticut; New Jersey; Vermont; Maryland; Rhode Island; Massachussets; and Delaware

Nice state but the state government is corrupt.

Delaware is the worst state to for anyone. After most people move out they then refer to it as HELLAWARE. It's a very corrupt state. It's tax free shopping however the state troopers are so corrupt they will do anything to generate revenue... I mean anything. Stay away!

I have been racially profiled on 3 seperate ocassions that were blatantly obvious. Twice in Bear once in Dover. Countless other times, I probably didn't notice. I have received numerous tickets, never warned. I have been denied admittance to schools. Not been given jobs, I was more than qualified for. Teased and mocked by racist coworkers. Almost run off the road by rednecks.

Delaware is a majority white state and very racist! The professional blacks are racist as well! So glad to finally be moving after 10 years. Nothing but misery!

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