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21 Montana Montana Montana is a state in the Western region of the United States. The state's name is derived from the Spanish word montaña.

Montana is a very racist state. Though working here, with the employment discrimination laws, being relevant and applicable, the "Good ole Boys" still permeate most institutions and they are run accordingly. For example the Federal Judge R. Cebull sending racist emails? Not to be a cynic, but he will just get a slap on the hand, and the only reason for that and him being "sorry" is because he got caught. Truth is in Montana people don't mind being racist, yet those same people do not want to be held liable for it. Sure Black people can be accepted hear; as long as they are willing to Uncle Tom and look past discriminatory practices, treatment, and comments. Good Black Folks if you are planning a vacation try another state, from one Black man to another, this state Blows. I am going to leave as quick as I can.

Just because Montana Universities recruit African-American athletes does not make the state as a whole any less racist; it just means these colleges want to win. Not everyone in Montana is racist, but these rural towns who sport confederate flags and tell racially derogatory jokes when no minorities are around sicken me. These same individuals when confronted about their actions lie about doing so and initiate smear campaigns against their accusers, in which all the white employees corroborate and lie, along with the all white Human resource staff to cover up their own infringement of Human Rights Laws. I just do not understand why people go to such great lengths to avoid their discriminatory practices when they employ them at their leisure and in the " Good ole Boy" state with out repercussion because everyone protects each other. This state Government is corrupt!

If you are a Black Male be prepared to deal with, in some parts, racist natives. If you show skin in grin you will be alright... But if you are discriminated against don't expect any support... Most whites here don't believe they discriminate and when they do will not rat on their redneck buddies.

I just stepped out of my apt at University Villages, U of Montana, at 1630 today 11/11. I walked my dog across the street following my wife (Caucasian) how is at the foot of the mountain. She starts watching as a olive green Subaru comes out of the parking lot. The man is staring at me as he turns into the road. Then he stops and stares at me. “Are you ok,” I asked? “What’s up? ” I make a questioning gesture, as I am watching my dog squatting waiting to clean up her poop. He lifts both hands palms up in a questioning manner. Then he rolls down his window half way and says, “Are you going to clean it up? ” “You want me to clean it up, I said? I was surprised that my dog had urinated. You’re supposed to clean it up, this oddly dusky complected, middle aged white male says. “She just peed. You want me to pick it up? ” He then says in a more indistinct manner, “ You’re too dumb to understand,” and slowly drives off. Dumb me, I didn’t get his license ...more

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22 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

I am an African American who has lived in various counties of Pennsylvania from Montgomery, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Delaware, Berks, & Lehigh Counties and I can attest to what this person has just said. Reading is one of the most racist Cities in PA (Berks County) and is running just behind Allentown in Lehigh County. I discovered that Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties are called Pennsyltucky and I found out the hard way why. I am a Black woman who was married to a White man of German descent who was from Lehigh and it was the biggest mistake that I could have ever made in life! I found out that this Area of Pennsylvania is full of German/PA Dutch White people and I discovered that even if they are educated they lack common sense, their comprehension is low, and they can share your bed and have children with you and still have a superiority complex. I have also discovered that this genre of people, especially the Germans are very dangerous in that you can lose everything ...more

Listen, stop being racist about EVERY OTHER RACE! It does not matter what race you are, and you should not have posted this comment!

I am white and I live in a predominately black neighborhood. Pretty much all of my friends are black. I live just outside of Pittsburgh and I have noticed racism in surrounding towns. But I have also seen racism in my town and not from white people. The only problem I have about this is that everyone assumes that only white people are racist. Black people assume that they can say whatever they want to a white person and get away with it. I am far from racist and have no animosity towards any people group because I flat out think racism is the dumbest thing on the planet. I just want all of you to realize that though there are a lot of racist white people, there are also a fair amount of racist black people too. For example, an African American woman wrote this below, "I found out that this Area of Pennsylvania is full of German/PA Dutch White people and I discovered that even if they are educated they lack common sense, their comprehension is low""I have also discovered ...more

You know, when you caught a racist moron posting crap, it wasn't your fault. You are a brave person. Congratulations!

I am an African American female and I grew up in an all black middle class area where seeing middle to upper middle and sometimes even rich black people was normal. I went to private schools my whole life, which were also predominately black. Most people had good jobs in D. C or Virginia. I spent my freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania which is near Hershey and Lancaster. I went through 17 years of my life believing that racism didn't exist because there were so many successful people of color around me where I grew up. Reality slapped me in the face extremely hard. I grew up upper middle class, went to all the best schools, and basically had a spoiled upbringing and so did the other black kids who lived around my way yet the minute I stepped on that campus I became a poor black kid from the ghetto. These kids knew absolutely nothing about me and assumed I was dumb, had some sort of scholarship, or was on affirmative action. (I have a ...more

I am surprised pa wasn't much higher on he list, in the top 10

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23 South Dakota South Dakota

I came here from MA almost 40 years ago, and yes, there's an undercurrent of racism here that's never subsided. They don't like the Native American population at all. Almost anyone not born here is never accepted by the white-haired Old Guard. I purposely never lost my Boston accent just to piss off some of the population myself, and it still works. Some love it, others hate it. There's no middle ground. It used to bother me when I first arrived here, but I couldn't care less anymore. When I see them getting annoyed, I laugh, which makes them even madder. If you come here from somewhere else and be a Democrat to boot, be prepared to get some really cold shoulders from some of the native hicks here.

Rapid City is openly segregated. Native people, even those with a higher education, rarely can even get an interview for a professional job they are qualified for. The criminal justice system, from the juvenile to adult prisons, are full of Native people. They start incarcerating Native youth as early as 11 years old. I have worked for 5 years to try to improve these issues. I have had no success at all! Even the Democrats do not support Natives who try to get elected to office or even on a city government committee. The schools are underfunded and segregated. The national test scores for these kids runs in the bottom 20%. I have given up on this place!

I have been discriminated and told to leave many places because I was not the proper religion, ethnicity, social class, or republican. If anyone thinks South Dakota is not the most racist state, then hear this. My first grade teacher would dress up as Harriet Tubmann and paint her face black. Furthermore, there have been times workers followed me throughout the store telling me they had to otherwise I would steal. There are still people I know who will not stop using the n-word or other racial marks to profile people. In fact a huge majority still believes same-sex marriage is comparable to humans having sex with animals.

The murder of Candace Rough Surface and the long time it took to solve her murder is all you need to know about how they feel about the natives in South Dakota. Nothing but white, racist rednecks. If a native man raped and killed a white woman? They would have put him in the chair without hesitation. Instead the man who killed her while he did get convicted, he really got off easy and he's coming up for parole. Stay away from South Dakota. Only 2 things that can happen to a minority in redneck wonderland, You either go to jail or you will get killed.

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24 Iowa Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.

Racism in Southeastern Iowa. I am white but have sun-tanned skin, somewhat comparable to Hispanics. In a private conversation with a grocery store's director, when I was inquiring about vacant full-time position in the same department I had been working for several years, I had been told that he "does not want me at the front-end because I'm ethnic". He added, if I want a full-time job in the store, there will be "a janitor's position with great benefits". I thanked him for the offer and left the scene full of emotions. Nevertheless, a few days later I was interviewed for that full-position but ended up not getting it anyway. During 30-minute one-on-one interview, that store director, had been asking about my home country, its people, politics, import-export (?! ) and such. He was curious to find out differences between people. He was also not happy about the growth of Hispanic population in Iowa. He asked me about my long-term career plans within that company and ...more

Listen I am NOT commenting just all Iowa I am commenting on the state of Illinois which is not that far apart. when you say state of Iowa is racist I strongly disagree I see black women with white men. And black men white women. in the state of Iowa. because I'm from Mississippi that's a racist state and. definitely not the state of Iowa and definitely not the state of Illinois they are not racist at all. I'm from Mississippi and I'm not used to seeing a black man with a white woman that really disgusting to be honest with you.

Hoe in the blue hell did this corn field manage to dodge the list of the most racist states in the U.S. those corn feds actually asked congress for money for a race war planned a drill which enlisted the help of two neighboring army bases in a township where they had continuously complained against foreigners who mostly were displaced by the flood that happened in 2008 and were awaiting legal approval of citizenship the drill was scheduled to prove to congress why they needed emergency funds for a race war on a state that at the time was 97.1 percent Anglo Saxon populated and majestically cancelled when a resident of the city told the news in another state. In february of 2010 the radio stations there reported 150 new off cuff supremacist groups were discovered and formation of more was on the rise. March of 2012 several or more people in Cedar Rapids who worked for DHS the police departments and other organizations were caught using their jobs to antagonize and harass blacks destroy ...more


You know that Steve King is one of the House representatives from Iowa, and I can say that he is extremely popular in his district. And he tweeted this without apology: "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Enough said.

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25 Kansas Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

I've lived in Kansas all my life and I'm married to a black man. My dads family weren't from Kansas they were from the Ozarks and other states in the south where my family owned slaves, so my family was pretty racist, but thank goodness it never rubbed off on me. Kansas is definitely a racist state. I grew up in a town that had a sign posted before entering town that no blacks were allowed after dark until 1990 and it fell down fortunately the law wouldn't permit them to hang is back up.

One of my better friends is of Indian descent. He came here to see family, and was treated poorly by whites and such. For example at a convenience store, the white cashier was really nice to the white people in front of and behind my friend, but was wicked rude to him. We are from MA.

I worked in state law enforcement in kansas. I and other state latinos faced a very racist administration. I worked for the Kansas Dept of Corections. The administration we were under have Fred Phelps Jr. And his sister Marjie as leaders. The folks Marjie hired targeted three latino men for termination. They suceeded in getting one terminated and are still activley trying to get rid of the others. Several coworkers have told me they can't believe what they are witnessing. Blantant racism against latino men by a small group of white female administrators. I will be filing a chapter seven complaint for all the good it may do.

History tells. Bloody Kansas is still so racist that they don't even know it.

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26 Maine Maine

My dad lives in Maine all his life after being adopted by a white family when he was 8 years old. My dad is mixed of Italian and black. My mom is black so My skin color is brown! Every time I went to Maine as a child people looked at me funny all the time. As I got older I was stared at a lot because of the color of my skin. I hate it there!

I've lived in Maine all my life, and I have not heard one racist thing come out of a person's mouth. Maybe in the projects of Portland, but not ANYWHERE else.

I am a racially-mixed person. I lived in Maine for almost twenty years and, yes, I would have to agree that Mainers are among the most racist people in the United States. My late mother used to say that some people were "ignorant" and others were "ignorant as sin." In my experience, there are more of the latter kind of ignoramuses in Maine, including Paul LePage, the recently re-elected governor of the state.

As someone who grew up in Maine, there is very little hostility toward minorities there. It is mostly because there basically are no other ethnicities there. To the black people who visited and had people look at them funny, unless you were in Lewiston, you were probably the only black person many of them had ever seen in person. Literally.

There is racism against the Somalian population in the Lewiston area, and if there were a larger population of minorites elsewhere, maybe there would be more animosity, but in most areas where there is only like 1 or 2 minority people per town, no one thinks "oh no, it's a black guy", they think, "hey look, its Brad, he's pretty cool" because he is literally the only one.

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27 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The state is the tenth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.

A friend of mine asked me to keep her company on a road trip to Wyoming. We stopped at a gas station for gas and pee break. Noticed the cashier lady watching me heavily while on the phone. Then, 2 police officers showed up, I was followed around by 2 local police officers the entire time! My friend was left alone because she was white, I'm guessing. They also followed us for a couple miles on the highway. Not sure why they followed us, we didn't dress or behave like any trouble makers. We only stayed for a couple of hours and left. Big mistake going on a road trip to Wyoming.

Stopped at a firework stand in Wyoming started talking to the owner found he was from the phoenix area, I asked him why he decided to move to Wyoming. He told me with a creepy gleam in his eye, "The people in phoenix are just dirty they are a lot cleaner up here if you know what I mean, " implying that dark people are dirty

Wyoming is very racist, the previous posters here are lying. No white woman in Wyoming would ever date a black guy, and Latinos do not get along with whites. What are you people smoking? I assume you're Wyoming residents trying to make Wyoming seem tolerant, but sorry that is just not the case. Stop lying and misleading people. It is dangerous if people of color come to Wyoming and think there's no racism based on all of your comments.

I am a black man that married a white woman from Wyoming, her family loved me to death, and even though we got divorced, we are still friends to this day, and I love her family as if they were my own.

Lived in Wyoming for years. You see confederate flags on pickup trucks and houses. Cops hold thin blue line parties and get togethers. People are especially racist against blacks and native americans here. The latino/hispanic population here is similarly racist.

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28 Connecticut Connecticut

I am from Alabama and when you are a rooted southerner as I am, you accept people racism because it is their problem, not yours. As long as there is no violence, or mental abuse, I am fine with it. I do not like the unknown racism that I find in the north. In the north, Black People not only must deal with the racism of Whites, but also racism among Hispanics, Chinese, People from the Middle Eastern Countries, and many other groups who do not perceive or America perceive as Blacks People. At least in many parts of the south, there are only Black People. At least we can speak English as many of the Whites do. OK, basically, there is no rest period for Black People no matter where they live unless they have made it cross the bridge, so to speak, and I am praying every single day and night that I will be one of those Black People.

OK, when one speaks about different parts of the country being racist towards Blacks in the south, at least you know where you stand. At least you can ...more

Quote" "I'm from Alabama... Black People destroy each other more than any other race..."

I think you are wrong, Race does not affect a man's character, rather peer pressure from peer group does. It just depends on the group which you belong or grew up with, for instance, if a Black boy was born and brought up in family that teaches the Chinese culture, he would definitely behave like the Chinese, if his parents teaches prosperity in unity as a race then he would behave like the Chinese even more.

I'm David from Nigeria.

People that say "at least we speak English". Your being racist. I know people suck and act racist, just ignore them, they will eventually die out. Every statement has been negative so far. I thought a positive statement was needed. Now I'm not naïve, race is still looked at questionably, that's just human nature. If someone physically harm to you, call the police, use your local politician. We pay big $$ every year on taxes, talk to someone! Things only change when handle them democratically. Dream people and believe in yourself, everyone else can F off. I'm glad CT is so far down this list but would be happy if lists like this didn't exist. Peace, its cheeper!

I'm a white student at a suburban public school and there's a lot of racism towards Muslims and blacks here. Also, lots of homophobia. Terrible place to live.

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29 Alaska Alaska Alaska is a U.S. state situated in the northwest extremity of the Americas. The Canadian administrative divisions of British Columbia and Yukon border the state to the east; it has a maritime border with Russia to the west across the Bering Strait.

If your are a person of color, ie. Asian, mixed Asian, Black, Mulatto, Native, Latino, Pacific Islander; you can almost forget about getting a white collar job. If you drive around Anchorage, very rarely you will see a minority wearing a suit or if you go to board meetings, conferences or any business event. Most professional minorities there are self employed because of that barrier and yes most have advanced degrees and Ba's. Besides from the professional atmosphere, its pretty tolerant of different racial groups and has all types of mixing. Great place for blue collar workers for any group.

This is b.s. I'm Native American and was born and raised in Alaska for 29 years. The unfortunate part about Alaska is there's some accepted and unacknowledged racism against Alaska Natives, but Alaska is full of minorities who frequently speak up when people say racist things so it doesn't happen nearly as often as it does in some lower 48 states. Anchorage according to the 2010 census is the most diverse city in the nation and at least I was able to speak my mind and people would listen to me and would appreciate culture and people of different ethnicities. There's no perfect state, racism isn't 100% eliminated in Alaska, but it's far batter than many other states and much more culturally diverse. I recently moved to Denver, CO and it's a true culture shock. It's the most racist place I've ever encountered and makes Alaska feel like some kind of cultural oasis filled with open minded people.

I am white and am married to a wonderful Native person. The idiotic questions I have been asked about how we met or is this person bothering me ("No, he/she is my spouse") have convinced me that the migratory white and Asian population here is very ignorant.

No be a racis

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30 Indiana Indiana

I live currently in Indiana and have been living in the state for going on eight years. A shadow from the past (1930 Lynching, aka Last recorded lynching in American History.. scary thing is the people who lynched the black men with only one black survivor- James Cameron, are still living and glorify it) hangs over the place. The black people are suppressed by white supremacy. I am a victim of this racism like many others in my community. The white people don't even like each other but make a pack to keep the black people down. The only thing I can compare my experiences to is what was going on in the 60s and further back. In 1996 the K were still openly meeting and had the telephone number in the phone book. Our governor, Mike Pence, authorized for books on the K to be put on lock because this history of the K is so shameful! This organization's head courts in the 1920's -1930's was in Indiana. Most of white Indianans have ties to them. This stuff runs deep. The racism I've seen has ...more

Indiana is the most racist state in America. The police officers will kill you if you are black. Racial profiling is normal. And being a bigot is the culture here. If you are African American, black etc. Stay away from Indiana especially if you have an education because you will intimidate the petiole here and they will make your job hell. Also some blacks here are so brainwashed they will hate you too just trying to fit into an environment where they are not accepted. This is a horrible place to live. You have been warned!

I was an Army Recruiter in Bloomington In, in the mid 90s and Indiana is above and beyond racist! I would just be doing my job and feel as if I had to watch my back daily! I once spoke to an applicant over the phone received an interview and when I got to the house, they said we thought you were white and slammed the door in my face! Tragic!

I lived in southern Indiana for three years. It is steeped in prejudice and segregation. I have never heard the level of racist gibberish anywhere else in the world that I heard regularly and repeatedly from Hoosiers.

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31 New Hampshire New Hampshire

Forget about tattooing here if you're a person of color. It's hard enough getting to know people in the industry without having to deal with the bigotry. Oh, they'll take your money, but they won't give you a chance. I've been to five different shops spanning three counties and have been told in not so subtle terms that I'm not white enough. I've been to art school and am passionate about art, but one of my old friends, who was never into art and can't draw well now tattoos... he's white.

I am a biracial adult (half white and half black). I have lived in New Hampshire all of my life, and I have received nothing but racists slurs from people, and women saying they wouldn't date me because of my skin color and hearing disability (I wear a hearing aid and cochlear implant). It has kept me from making a lot of friends. New Hampshire is a very close minded state in my view, I wouldn't recommend anyone of color moving to this state.

Yes I am an Indian American. I am very brownish and I get stares all the time when I am outside. People just keep staring at me and my children

I'm Hispanic married to a Caucasian, I've lived 5 years in NH, we turn eyes everywhere we go on the state, now that we have a child is even worse people look at the, then at my husband and then our son and they just can't get it. This is what people here call "conservative" what it actually means closed minded. When we were looking to buy our house we had a realtor telling me "I'm not even going to show this house to you, you don't have money based on my accent over the phone" my husband and I are looking to relocate because we worry about the racism my son has encounter just being a toddler and we worry about all the racism he will have to deal with here in NH. As a Foreigner I don't care that much if people give me a look or are mean that's their problem not mine but I am a grown-up but I worry about my son.

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32 Nevada Nevada Nevada is a state in the Western, Mountain West, and Southwestern regions of the United States of America.

I've lived here for 4 months now... From California (Born & raised) I am in the banking industry. I have showed my ability to perform my duties and learn in an efficient amount of time. I even correct the supervisors that have been with the company for 5+yrs. They still treat me like last class, like I am LESS, not as bright, as though I have to work twice as hard to get the same level of respect. By the way, I am a 26 yr old female (African American), and there are 7 other employees. 6 being Caucasian. 1 being an older Hawaiian woman

I've lived here all my life and witnessed the demoralization on behalf of Black people. The STATE is run by Mormons... therefore, if you are not white AND Mormon, there is no place for you in society. They (the Mormons in charge) have been known to throw a few crumbs to Black people in terms of occupation. I have consistently been the only Black person in many classes in public school all the way up to college at UNLV (which has a racist past itself- you can look up the first college mascot which was a fox wearing a confederate uniform that didn't get changed until the 80's). The school district, Clark County School District, has a known reputation for suspending/expelling Black students significantly more than their white peers. This is not a place to raise a family of you're Black. Las Vegas was and is known as the Mississippi of the West (that is a fact and is published in a few texts).

Lived in Reno and worked at NAS Fallon for a year. Racist and homophobic coworkers mainly all born and raised in Northern Nevada. Many negative things said about native people and land rights, Mexicans and Blacks. I am of mixed race and was told at least I'm not that dark. Was told Blacks are ruining this county and they are worthless. Had to hear many racist things said about Mexicans and Hispanics at work. Part of this was the industry I worked in. Reno itself is nice and people for the most part are open and accepting but these small towns... You have to be white and conservative to not be targeted.

Want a job at even McDonald's? Better be Mexican

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33 California California

Yep California is racist still. In S. CA near the Fresno area- all the races are polarized against each other. I was surprised at how racist the Armenians were to the Mexicans since they were treated badly when they were the new "race" in the '40's and '50's. They weren't allowed in a country club pool, though they were allowed to join and pay dues in Fresno. Made me aware of the pecking order concept and how as each racial group gets a foot-hold, they are willing to stomp on the next guy down. So--i hold ALL minorities accountable as they rise in economic and political power since each group seems to emulate the group that oppressed them before they "made it". Just stop racism period. When we moved to N. Calif we were astounded at the "casual" racism. People expected it and were angered when we objected or "educated" them. They said WE were the weird ones since racism was common and considered the norm. We had no clue that "Little Mississippi" could exist north of Santa Rosa. Though- ...more

I live in Sacramento, California and it's recast here but not obvious. Northern Cali loves Asians, Indians, and whites who are highly educated. There are many educated blacks here in northern Cali; yet, nobody hires them and an stupid excuse is always present such as lack of work experience, educated, or simply that there is someone with better credentials and experience than you have. In Cali, almost everything is based of economics, profit, and zip code. YEP, ZIP CODE. Depending on where you live depends on how you will be treated as a minority. San Francisco has more of a mixture of races; however, it's still a Caucasian's playground. The difference between the west and south USA is that the west is less vocal about racism. Racism exists but is discussed behind closed doors. In the south, tell you exactly how they feel to your face and don't hide anything.

I can't speak on the other states but I can say California has a lot of subtle racists. IT has it's fair share of white conservative baby boomers who like Rush or Tom Metzger (OC, INland Empire). But there are a lot of immigrants and there is a racial caste system that most immigrants are quick to latch onto and enforce. Whites on the top, blacks on the bottom and everyone else in the middle. It is especially evident in Orange County and the Bay Area. I have lived here for years and I don't want to become a bitter person but I can't even go to places I used to anymore without being treated differently.

People from south and central America (Mexican, Salvadoran etc... ) seem to really dislike me. The men will go out of their way to intimidate and harass. Especially if I am with a white girl. I have almost been run over a couple of times in what were clear attempts at hitting my, by people from these areas.

Places like Alhambra, Walnut and Monterey Park are very ...more

Underrated racism. California is not as liberal and not as tolerant as most outsiders think. Most of the white folks here will try to hide it, but they are very uncomfortable around minorities. Los Angeles County is somewhat racist, where I was raised. I went to a high schools where blacks and Mexicans hated each other.. but Orange County is VERY racist. I once met a horrible man who complained about too many “chinks” living in Irvine and all the “lazy blacks and Mexicans” are ruining this country!
The South is historically racist, but racism has expanded to much of the country, and California needs to be ranked higher.

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34 Oregon Oregon Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by Nevada.

Portland is VERY racist and they do know it I'm a white woman married to a black man and have mixed kids which is yes by my choice so I don't want any you got yourself into this comments... We don't live inside Portland but on the out skirts but anytime we go to the the store and my husband hands anyone cash they put his change on the counter they will not hand it to him in his hand and people stare at us everywhere we go. I have recently gotten VERY AWARE of ow deep the hate of people here in Oregon City is since my son started going to school he is one of only 3 black children in the whole school... The kid's were telling my son that they wouldn't play with him because he's black and black people steal and black people go to jail... So as his mother I went directly to the principal who tried to brush it off by saying "kids will be kids" which was not good enough for me I tried going to the superintendent and left message after message and sent 2 letters with NO response. I ...more

Ha I love the people on this list that claim an entire state to be racist because of the idiots that live there. There is a lot of racists in many different states. That somehow makes the state racist? It is one thing if the government of that particular state is racist, but seriously. This list is by itself stupid. As many racists in the world there are still people who simply aren't, and on more than one occasion these people outnumber the racists. Oregon, as well as countless other states are that occasion. One person, or a group of people do not make a state racist. I just hate how people would honestly make such poor generalizations, based on random encounters with racist people.

I lived in West Linn just outside of Portland, and I have to say that there is a lot of racism in Oregon. It's just very hush hush, you know they don't want to seem behind or stupid up there. When me and my husband first got married we went to visit a family friend of my in laws just outside of Portland and the first thing she said was "I bet your mom was real happy to see that you didn't bring home a little n***** girl". I guess she just assumed that everyone in Mississippi are African American. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and there are tons on interracial couples and biracial people. I grew up with just as many African American friends as white and I never have been spoken to in Mississippi like I was in Oregon. I will say that the United States as a whole is a very racist country compared to many others. We have a long way to go.

Oregon is very divided! It should be o
Lower on the list sadly. Community's are so divided, democrats in one town, a town full of racists in the next. There are a lot of hick towns full of racists. Usually in the city people are more open to diversity. Still, of you go to a feed and farm store full of white hicks you will defenantly be treated differently for being brown. I am brown I would know. Ohh and yes I have been called a beaner and people act like it's normal.

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35 Virginia Virginia Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.

I am from Virginia, and let me tell you, it is indeed quite racist. I am mixed race-half black, half white, I experience more racism from black people than I do white or Latino people (though I am a light brown complexion and have kind of straight hair). I've had some black friends who thought I was fully black until they met my mother (who is white), they all of a sudden stop associating with me. There has been some black people that have tried to make me "do their work for them" and when I ask them why, they said because I was a "half breed" and that I have never experienced the things that they have been through from white people! Even when I applied at some jobs where the manager was black, I was always turned down despite that I'm very well educated with a college degree and the job was given to black people, a majority of them had just gotten out of jail or didn't even finish high school (one job I applied for, I was turned down and a black guy who had ...more

There are still confederate flags and statues just 20 minutes south of my house. Certain kids also own and where confederate flags. If your not in northern Virginia, your definitely in the south.

I'm from VA. I'm 26. I grew up in south side Richmond and I was always judged because I wasnt black or Hispanic. I was different. I'm 75% white and 25% black. Nobody knew what I was. I wasn't bullied about my skin color but I was looked at very differently. However, my mothers (whose white) side of the family is very racist. When it comes to the older generation. My mother was never attracted to white men she was always attracted to black men. My grandfather was not happy and treated her very very unfairly because of that. Me and my mother no longer speak with him, because I feel he doesn't accept me as his grandchild because of my race. I treat everybody equally. My youngest child is half El Salvadorian. I also have a black partner and it's a woman. I also get very judged by that by my oldest daughters fathers side of the family. To me, I've seen more hatred towards the white race here from black people because SOME black people do take it too far saying the white people owe them ...more

I was born here. This was the most racist state I lived in. I have also lived in Georgia and Mississippi. Both blacks and whites are racist in this state. The blacks always bullied me in groups and the whites bullied me because I looked different and I was poor...Not just name calling, but physically harming me and threatening me. I hate this state. It should be number one. The rich white people that moved from up north are the most racist.

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36 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln.

I'm an African American that was born and raised in Nebraska and I'm currently in Texas for school, I have also had the pleasure of being able to travel and see this great country I feel that the great state of Nebraska is far from racist. Now we as a people would be ignorant to say that there is or isn't racism from one state to the other, but Nebraska I feel is one of the lease racist states in this country. It's a beautiful place to be, and with the continuos expansion I honestly believe Nebraska is and will be a great spot to reach for the American Dream. - Tambam

Omaha is the worse. Grew up there, never moving back. Very segregated and the stories my mom tells me about what people at her job say when they thinks she's not around (fried chicken and kool-aid jokes, anyone? ). Currently live in a smaller town in MO. Better, but only because people are more covert with their prejudice.

Most covertly racist place in America.

That's crazy

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37 Vermont Vermont

White people love following African Americans around in stores, they love to stare at us like we're less then them. I can't go to the farmers market with my friends without being stared at, cut in line, called slurs, or being followed around. I hate Vermont. Not only that white teachers in schools favor white students than, African American students.

Lived in vermont for 10 years the most racist place I've ever lived by far. It should definitely be higher on this list. The rate of incarceration of black folks is on par with southern states like alabama and mississippi but they like to think of themselves as progressive. Be very careful if you are driving through this state as a black person or spending time here as any race other than white. It is a beautiful place the mountains and lakes are gorgeous BUT I'm not sure its worth the negative experiences.

Well before Mr. Obama was elected President here in Vermont our racists hid out with their ignorant native population. Now as the Southern and Western states began a backslide even a state up North like Vermont has turned out with regret a very backwards place when it comes to Racism. I have also noticed that those who do not seem to hate People of color don't stand up to their foolish neighbors and fellow community(many church goers) I will Always be White yet I will stand up for all the peoples freedom. Not doing so would make me a coward. Whatever your Race or Religion fight against Racism and help the future become better!

This state is top of my list and I've been in most states and lived abroad many years. I'm 7/8 white. I'm 1/8 Cree. I've been here a year and it's just insane experience after insane experience, because some people assume I'm Hispanic and don't accept that a person who looks like me has a graduate degree. It's the denial of their stereotyping and fear and anger toward non-whites that really startles me though. In some ways, the depth of covert racism in the North is more brutal than the open bigotry in the South.

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38 Maryland Maryland Maryland is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

I'm from NZ and had a homestay girl Tiffany Joy Grove from Maryland who is here as a student teacher (internship) with a local school for 8 weeks. My husband is Caucasian, I am not. She asked to be moved out of our homestay purely on the grounds that she did not want to live with me! How racists is that! WE OPEN OUR HOME TO AN AMERICAN AND SHE IS RUDE AND RACIST TO OUR FACE! If she s going to be a teacher with such racists views I wouldn't offer a job at my school. New Zealand is very multi cultural and not racists. Such racists sentiments should be kept in MARYLAND!

I used to live in Montgomery County, MD. I had lived there since I was born. I moved about 6 months ago at age 15. In all my time living there, I have never experienced racism. Because Montgomery County is SO diverse, there really was no reason to be racist. The high school I went to had 50% White 50% other. Maybe even more of other. If I went into a store, I'd see a mix of all races. My neighborhood though. was filled with whites, but there were also Hispanic, Blacks, Asians, people from the Middle East, and Indians. My closest friend was from Pakistan. I'm Hispanic and so were most of the people I went to school with. If I were to go into one of my Honors classes you would see only 10 whites out of 30 students. I have moved to South Carolina, and now I can say that I have experienced racism. All of my neighbors are white. My family is the only colored people here. If I'm friends with a white person, it's because they are from upper north, not down here. I've been shunned by so many ...more

Yes very racist and its undercover the blacks are very oppressed in Baltimore it is very very segregated... Federal hill just to name one area in the city very few blacks live there if any... I was once called out my name for no reason at all... Employment are you serious they think all black folk can do is services jobs... I can't wait to move out of this hell... plus it is dirty as HELL..

Lol this is the 50th racist (the least racist) according to this

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39 Michigan Michigan

I grew up in Detroit, so most of my life I thought racism was really declining. I always like the white people here. In Detroit white people and black people get along very well. I especially thought racism was declining when Obama was elected president. It wasn't until I moved to Fraser, MI that I soon realized racism had never left. I had white people spying on my family. They were so rude. They treated me and my daughters like we were criminals. This one white lady was bullying me everyday. Our children caught the bus together so I saw her everyday. I tried to ignore her antics, but after six months I snapped and ended up fighting her. The police immediately took her side and I was charged with assault and battery even though it was her who started, provoked, and initiated the fight. She even called a neighbor to be a false witness against me. She then proceeded to call the school and tell them that my five and six year daughters and I were going to jump her six year old son and ...more

Hello to all.I was born in Grand Rapids and raised in a small town in Michigan called Stockbridge. I am of Mixed Race my father being White and my Mother was born and raised in the Philippines but came to the U.S. in the early 80's and later became a U.S. citizen in 1987. Anyways, My story begins like this. Growing up in a small town like Stockbridge seemed to be a good decision on both my parents part as my mom worked in Ann Arbor at UofM and still does and my Father worked in Lansing at Ingham Medical Center. So Stockbridge was centralized so they could drive the same distance to and from work. Upon being enrolled in school Racism began right away. People would walk up to me and my sisters asking us what China is like or call us Gooks or different things like that. Which now is very tame. But as the Years went on and on especially in High School people would ask us the questions again but this time would actually physically shove or push me or my sister. I remember several being ...more

Lived here as a child in the city and I came back here to live as an older adult in Troy and I noticed in Royal Oak and Troy that all these years blacks have lived segregated in desperate straits in the city and whites lived handsomly in the suburbs because blacks could never make it. They can't now. It is too hard to have that American dream in these suburbs for blacks. Whites are very uncomfortable around them when they see them as if blacks came out of nowhere onto the planet (whites are very weird) and there is no public transportation, hard to get a house, hard to start from nothing, you have to have your generational-feet planted in like the whites have had and by their silent ignoring and sombre expression they clearly don't want you around nor to be helpful if you look like you come from Detroit to them. When you're around that racism there is such a sombre mood that is silent and not happy... Definitely not free, they shut their mouths and become mute around you and almost ...more

Whoever put mentioned Grand Blanc being up north is a moron because that is down by Kalamazoo and Indiana in fact it’s only a 45 minute drive from south bend so you have no idea what you are talking about and the people in Northern Michigan are not redneck at all the rednecks are down in Mississippi and Alabama the people up here are basic white people and vegans

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40 North Dakota North Dakota North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States, having been admitted to the union on November 2, 1889.

The whole state is racist. We have a lot of kkk and white supremacists here. Grand Forks has been in the news (UND) specifically for sporting shirts with native Americans drinking out of a beer bong thing, with the words "Siouxper Drunk" on it in retaliation of the Natives trying to change the name "The Fighting Sioux. " Nothing was ever done about this at the University except to say they were just being kids, yet they were all old enough to know better. Bismarck schools will tell the Natives they are not civilized and will never make it in school or career. These schools will outright say stuff to your face and get away with it because "who is going to side with us" right? Natives are targeted just by being seen driving, walking, riding bike. Law enforcement will see natives living somewhere, claim to smell marijuana and will raid your house on the claim of a smell. Look up the numbers on the jails here and find out how many minorities are locked up on ...more

I lived in North Dakota my entire life up until a year ago. I am half Native American and half Norwegian. You really can not tell that I am Native American though because I have light skin. So people would say racist things about Native Americans and not realize that I am one. Some people who knew I was Native American would call me Prairie N*****. They are racist against anyone who is not White. Just outside of an Indian reservation by Minot, and somebody spray-painted on a dumpster "F*** Indians, We give you enough food and money, your welcome. " on it. If you are not White they will not make you feel welcome.

North Dakota is extremely racist and don't even care about the rights of an individual. They will stop someone just because they appear hispanic and harass them. If they don't speak english they automatically call immigration and detain them. They coerce them to sign a paper saying they will leave the country. They have the chance to fight their case with a judge but when they sign that paper, they don't get to oppose being deported. They treat them badly when detained and don't always provide sufficient food, blankets, etc. This type of treatment should be stopped if a person is not breaking any kind of law.

Hey stop hating my birthplace jerks

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