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41 New Mexico New Mexico

New Mexico is what heaven might be like. Love it

Never been discriminated agains in New Mexico, mostly hispanics, native americans, whites very few blacks. I don't feel I am being looked at like I belong in another planet. I am hispanic.

I was born and raised in New Mexico. For the most part the state is not racist. But like with all states there are the small towns that are less educated and racist. But I'm from a smaller town and our High School has all different races and everyone is accepted. Everyone gets along for the most part. I have done my fair share of traveling among the US and New Mexicans are by far the politest people. I am currently in small town in Montana and you would think I was carrying a severed head on my shoulder. (I am a 30 year old Hispanic woman)

Raised in Albuquerque. I am mixed race (Hispanic and black). Racism exists everywhere but NM is one of the best places honestly but racism does exist in NM. Also left a previous comment here describing the dynamics of Hispanics, Mexicans, Anglos, Blacks and Asians in NM but it was deleted. IF you don't want the trust posted why have a place for commentators.

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42 New York New York

The most racist people I have ever met, vein born and raised in New York City, were white people, who for some odd reason hated other white people. These people also came from small towns that had maybe 5 black people at most, some never knowing a non white until they moved into the city. These people came from relatively conservative states and the people somehow became ultra liberal. They moved to NYC because the wanted to experience city life, and to meet more black people. These people are embarrassed to be white, which by itself is embarrassing. Random white people who still call the B and the D train "the orange line" although they go into different parts of the city, and they stop other random white people and tell them how racist they are being even if nothing racist was happening.

New York is very very racist. There are places in New York City and especially within the state I would be afraid to go to as an African American. I had a friend who was verbally assaulted by a group of white men over a stop sign and he had a white disabled person in the car with him. They called him all-kinds of n-word and followed him for blocks threatening him. People think New York isn't racist because it isn't blatant. During a visit to the Disney store in Roosevelt field mall with my niece; we were followed the entire time. They also did not carry the Princess Tiana dolls but ironically carried a very white-washed Prince Naveen. You can go to Toys R US in Valley Stream during Thanksgiving and Christmas and you will not find black barbies or black baby dolls AT ALL. When you take the train, older white women give you dirty looks and hold their purses tighter. And lets not get started about the police department. We have heard those stories. And of course neighborhoods are VERY ...more

When I was working in real estate in upstate New York, I was shadowing our top agent. She told a black couple that they should take down any personal photos or race-specific art so that it created a more "neutral" environment. Not once did I ever experience her or any other agent asking the same of white or Asian homeowners.

Think about what you just said there are no Bad stereotypes on white people and where they live unless they live in trailers. It's just the way the world works the "LIGHTER THE BETTER". Better- higher standard of living, faster cars, etc... - Tambam

I lived in Long Island it isn’t racist at all and I have never felt odd or suspicious in NYC either (I am black).

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43 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.

Minnesota law enforcement targets Native Americans, and anyone of another race. The schools in Minnesota are very racist and most of the time will say things directly to you and then even threaten to call law enforcement if they don't like the way you react to it citing that they will side with them. Schools around tribes and reservations will do anything to make sure the Natives DO NOT graduate. They say things like "you need to go back to the rez, because your kind will never make it in the civilized world. " Or they will call them filthy savages after being targeted by white kids who will say anything to get out of trouble. When applying for jobs, they will throw your application in the garbage if they see who you are or even where you live. This is the reason a lot of them can not get a job. It is in your face here and if you turn them in for it, they side with them no matter what. The IRS also targets the natives here and will audit a lot of them without waiting for ...more

I've lived in Minnesota for 20 years, and have had my share of "Minnesota Nice". Its a joke, its so real they smile in your face and pretend like they like you, then stab you in the back. True story, I was the second black woman hired at a local financial institution. There was only one black male in the entire department of 300 plus. When you go to a car dealership, they immediately show you the cheapest, crappie car they can give you. One dealer told me, we have other cars in the back of the lot, Walser Bloomington, MN. Too increase your knowledge, an African-American womans car broke down on the highway one night, she flagged down a state trooper to only get beat and rapped. The officer served no time, incident was kept away from the media. I worked at a county job, the employees were seated by ethnic background and race/color. Welcome to Minnesota, home of hidden racism.

More like Minnesota FAKE. I grew up mixed with white parents in this state and lived here my whole life and never went a week without something racial... I'm just used to it now I guess. They will pull you over for anything or neighbors will be nosy thinking any noise is reckless and call the cops. I was laughing with my window open when I was 12 and the neighbors called the cops saying I was being loud. When I was in Kindergarten I experienced someone saying to another student "why would you want to play with her...shes brown." wonder where she got that from. My son is always accused of being "bad" and he's the smartest sweetest boy but the label stuck and he feels like he is but doesn't understand. I was arrested for "rioting" when I was at a memorial. I am 100lbs and a female and got my face shoved into the ground and they also tried to charge me with assaulting an officer. I won the case but had to go to three day trial with a whole jury of white people. I just wish I could eat ...more

Also "white privilege" is PRETTY evident here just a heads up lol

I mentioned earlier that I got a near 6 figure job in LESS THAN A MONTH while in MN
Cops frequently wave and smile at me, although I constantly speed on the highways(because they're clean) with my convertible sports car
I was invited into a house the VERY FIRST night I stayed in MN, by other white's and asked if I wanted to spend the night if I needed a place to crash even though I was staying with women (who had been attending St. Thomas)
Frequent invites to go fishing/ice fishing, golfing, hunting, etc are the norm

Pretty sweet state if you're white and "in" - truthteller74

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44 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.

My husband and I bought a house in Edison NJ. After about 4 years we were ready to sell it. One day my husband called me and said that the agent called him to say that someone had written on our for sale sign. The for sale sign that once read For Sale had now read, For Sale by N******. We had no idea who had defaced our sign. Maybe it was the guy around the corner with the confederate flag in his garage.

I am a white female and I can say that countless I've met during university here has called me out on my foreign accent. It does not matter how academically and socially successful you are, because people only look for ways to drag you down if you are not American. I remember one Asian friend of mine (I am only stating this to point out that even minorities are racist towards each other) criticized my pronunciation and then proceeded to mock my country of origin (I am from Turkey, a Muslim, Middle-Eastern country) by insulting my family, my name using colorful insults (camel-jockey being a personal FAVORITE). Anyways, I can only hope for the blind hatred towards any minorty to end because I think we, everyone who has been subjected to racism can relate to this. I am a hard-working, independent, freely bisexual woman and if I am going to be secluded for being born in a Muslim country, then all those racist idiots can screw themselves.

This state is the MOST racist state ever! I can't pass by without being looked at. All the whites talk to their friends, pointing and laughing at me like I am some joke. It's so annoying and aggravating to hear on a daily basis. The racist jokes they play on you are for their entertainment, because they can't know any better between a white collar citizen (me) and a blue collar (them). If you want to live in a state with less racism, do NOT move to New Jersey, the Great State of Prejudice.

Side Note: Even though New Jersey is the 3rd state to join the Union, it doesn't mean that racism is to be placed. Everyone who judges others before knowing them are just plain idiots lower than an IQ of a 1 year old. They should be ashamed of their prejudgments on people they never saw before.

I have no idea why there are so many comments about Edison, NJ on here, as it is one of the most ethnically diverse and least racist cities that I've ever seen. To the person that said they saw a swastika on a child's backpack, I want them to know that it was probably a Hindu Swastika, which is a religious symbol for Hindus. I firmly believe that no child would ever flaunt an actual swastika on their backpack.

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45 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States.

I lived in MA for most of my life and began to realize how little opportunity there was for me. I am a person of mixed race with a very light complexion. I was too dark to be considered white and other people of color would treat me badly because I was too light. There was discrimination at every turn. I was followed around stores, discriminated against in college classes, denied employment opportunities, paid less than whites doing the same job, and heard all kinds of racist statements from both sides. I moved to Alabama, which is also very racist; in a different way. At least now I have my bachelor's degree so I will have better opportunities but I will leave soon. I believe racism has transformed into more of a class issue. If you don't have a lot, you're treated terribly. I think this is a problem throughout this country. Those who can afford high rent are able to live more comfortably than the rest. Meaning they don't have the same issues to deal with. Their children go to better ...more

Here in Mass, we've got on one side the left-wing apologetic whites - who do everything they can to make certain that everybody knows that they aren't racists. This includes recognizing race to the n'th degree, resulting in racism. Ask these people about other races, and they have no real clue. In fact, they almost all say things like, "Oh, I have a black friend, or an Asian friend or so on and so forth. Really? They only have "token" friends, and do it to prove that they are PC. And as for the other side, we have loads of white trash Yankees (no, not the ball team) that hardly have any education that use N almost as they use the female derogatory term "B" (not to offend), and would rather spend their hard-earned cash at the local pub than on their own families.

You think Ma is blue state, so people there are liberal. WRONG! They are only liberal when they vote. Everyday life, they believe Whites can cut in the line in front of minority. They do it so naturally as that's their god giving right. THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL NASTY PEOPLE in the U.S. look how they drive! That's shows how ugly they are inside. SHAME ON YOU GUYS!

They're racist tom brady voted for trump

By your logic, going to Starbucks would make you a murderer because Hillary Clinton murdered 4 people... - CobaltCards

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46 Colorado Colorado Colorado is a state in the United States encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern portion of the Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.

I am so surprised that Northern and Western suburbs of Denver are not on this list. I grew up in these areas and when I was 9, walking home from school everyday only 1 block away from the elementary school, I was almost run over by two white men in a really huge truck. They ran up the side walk to get me, as if a little black girl could actually be a threat to them. My brother and I had to fight every other day due to the racial slurs. This was elementary school. When I was in middle school, my science teacher said that he figured I would get the answer wrong to a question given to the class because " look at you"
I was accused of cheating by having the same exact answer to one question on a test, I was supposed to have copied it from a white boy sitting across the room. I was given an F and not allowed to defend myself when I asked to take the test. Another class, when the series Roots was on I automatically got a name change to "Kizzie". I was ruthlessly ...more

I have lived here 4 years from detroit mi... People think they are in higher command because of their race. I have had white women flirt with my husband right in front of my face, and when I confronted them most of them told me they could do whatever they wanted to and that they simple just found my husband attractive and it didn't matter whether he was married or not. And that they would call the police on me if I did something to them. Also the work industry here is catered to white people, my husband worked very hard as a correction officer in a level 5 facility. He was called into the office several times and was told he was a over achiever! White men were jealous because he had got an award that they have never received and had been there way longer than my husband... So they were making stories up about him saying he tries to hard. At one point when I was sick my husband took a fmla- once he returned to work he was given a verbal warning although he didn't know why until he got ...more

KKKolorado Springs - that says it all. I tried to get a job in a captioning for the deaf, call center, you know, where no clients could SEE me because I've come to the conclusion that that's the only way I will GET the job and KEEP the job because it won't matter what race people think I am if those affected can't, you know, SEE me. I aced the telephone interview which is conducted out of their Salt Lake City headquarters, aced the voice-dictation software test (most people don't even pass that on the first try) but then the face-to-face interview came and I got the usual - but no, even worse, this was a "what makes you think you can speak Spanish" line of B.S. They are hiring bilingual Spanish-line captioners and yes I can do that; I can translate Spanish so why the hell can't I transcribe it, people?! Yeah I could do that job but they wouldn't even give me the test, and said at that point that they just didn't want me there, that I just wasn't something they wanted to ...more

Too many Mexicans

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47 Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America, receiving statehood on August 21, 1959. Hawaii is the only U.S.

I wouldn't put Hawaii first, but it should definitely be in the top five. I'm no jaded tourist, I was born and raised here in Hawaii and had the misfortune to be pale skinned and blonde haired. My best friend was Hawaiian by blood and that wasn't enough to stop the racism. Anyone who is brown, Pacific Islander, Asian, or Portuguese is considered "Local", all white people are considered haole (don't let them tell you it means visitor. It means 'without breath' or 'soulless'). In school I was bullied, stolen from (even though I was poor), and targeted for fights-- even as a girl. My entire life revolved on how to get out of fighting, because everyone knew it might start off one-on-one, but if you begin to win, all of your opponent's friends will pummel you into the ground. I had many friends, mostly boys, who were sent to the hospital this way. One boy was beaten in the halls of my school until he had a seizure. Growing up, this culture taught me that to be any mixed variety ...more

People posting here seem to have a wrong misconception of how things here work. 1. Haole means no breath. This definition originated when westerners first came to Hawaii and would not do the ha, or the exchanging of breath, which was understandable, they didn't know what it was. People of European descent are called haole because of this. 2. Almost all of the racism in the state stems not from rude locals who just want to be mean, the Hawaiian people are jaded and hurt because western influence nearly destroyed our culture. White people are scowled at because they come here and buy all the land and destroy the environment, thusly hurting our people even more. The Hawaiian people did not want to become a state, colonizers overthrew our kingdom and did not give the natives a right to vote. When we were voted to become a state, it was the white people who came here and took our land and our language and our culture that chose for us to become a part of this broken, bigoted nation. - pkainoac

Just because the rest of the country tolerates rude and disrespectful behavior doesn't mean we do in Hawaii. If you act like an ass, you'll get treated like an ass, simple as that no matter what the color of your skin is. If you're respectful of other cultures and act like a decent human being, then you'll fit in just fine... By the way this is coming from a white girl with blonde hair and green eyes that grew up in WAIANAE and not a single person has ever had a problem with the color of my skin. So maybe look at the way you carry yourself before you go around throwing out the racism card at every corner. - k14ersche

no its not - Manowar9

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48 Washington Washington Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state named after a president.

I grew up in Longview Washington and during the summers my dad would take me and my family around Portland and Seattle. I had friends of All races and I was White. But whenever I was around my black friends other friends they wanna think I not Ghetto enough to hang out with them simply because I am not black. I show them a few scars, show them I am armed to the teeth with a pocket knife, tell them I grew up on 15th and they shut up real quick. But in Washington Area this is how it always is.. Oh I gotta prove I am the real n* otherwise I can't be that white guy playing Basket ball.. Or Hey look at Datt Cracka walking on by with his video game clothes he must be such a loser.. It gets really old having to stand up to everyone the people in Washington are all Cowards don't matter what race you are they have a big problem there with everyone. People give you this icy stare.. (If you are white are black you know what I am talking about) It is this stare where they just literally stare and ...more

Washingtongian in Seattle since birth and not so proud of calling myself an Washingtonian at all since realizing that racism exist evening in Seattle. African Americans are continuing mistreats whether it's in any professional field in Seattle. I'm Caucasian and Asian American and it's disgusted when hearing family or friends disgracing African Americans in today society. We all have our issues and my culture is not prefect too. If it's not the Asian, Latinos, Caucasian, Arab, Scandivian, Irish disrespecting them or continuing secretly insulting them during interview for a job by offering them less then what they deserve instead forcing them out of an employment to make way for our Caucasian or light skinned cousins who are racist against the black cultures as well. While having certain people spying on them them while they are shopping in small business the community they live in. It usually their own race doing the same. Which brings to me to this question. Are black people not ...more

My sister's family is bi-racial. Her eldest child joined the Marines just so he could escape african-American baiting. The principal at his public school said more than once he belonged in a different school because he "looked" black. At a school function, a chaperone came up and tried to seperate him and his white date, because he looked "threatening" to her.
One of the country's largest neo-nazi churches is in Eastern WA. Don't get me started on eastern WA neo-Nazis.

In Washington, it entirely depends on where you are. I have some MMO buddies from northern Washington and they are quite racist. I've heard them say things like "why not have white reserved areas" or "to be honest, Trump should find a legal loophole to deport legal Mexicans". I've also seen some documentaries set in Washington that had people in rural Washington that where EXTREMELY racist.

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49 Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States.

I'm Native American, I went to Yale; and during one summer session I took at Brown I was looking for a place to live; I had someone respond to an ad I placed online as a "room wanted" ad and I swear I remember specifically writing it saying I am Native American so no slamming the door in my face when you see me, sort of thing. When I got there she asked me "how did you get into Yale; I thought you had to be smart to get into Yale. " I guess people don't realize after they SEE me that all of the Ivies DO accept qualified minorities? I went to a college prep high school in the suburbs in California, scored in the top 97th percentile of all students at the time on the ACT's, and got straight A's. The only part of that which apparently "looks too stupid" to have gotten accepted into not only Yale but Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and Johns Hopkins, is the color of my skin. But no, Rhode Islanders are either too bat-ass naive to see that that's a racist thing to ...more

Rhode Island like Western Massachusetts is very racist towards Asians. It's not the "kill a Muslim" kind of hate crime state but certainly the white or Hispanic person is always right. Funny how that is empowered by a black president and black governor in a Massachusetts.

Rhode Island.. racist? Nope!

Real racisist Nebraska should be lower on the risk and so should Iowa

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50 Delaware Delaware Delaware is one of the Mid-Atlantic states located in the Northeast megalopolis region of the United States.

Delaware is a fairly good state and doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much corruption as many states - The least corrupt are Connecticut; New Jersey; Vermont; Maryland; Rhode Island; Massachussets; and Delaware

Nice state but the state government is corrupt.

Delaware is the worst state to for anyone. After most people move out they then refer to it as HELLAWARE. It's a very corrupt state. It's tax free shopping however the state troopers are so corrupt they will do anything to generate revenue... I mean anything. Stay away!

"One time in Delaware I was going to a movie with my cousin but the man wouldn't let her in because quote "Too dark"

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