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Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state located in the northern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.


I moved from NJ to Pa a few years ago, foolishly thinking it would be similar just less crowded. Boy was I wrong! They are the most xenophobic, racist uneducated trash I have ever met. Its like I stepped into the 1960's! People here get away with hate crimes, they use the word "colored" like its proper to use, and they are the meanest, least friendliest folks ever. A friend from the south said she's seen more confederate flags here than down there! The racism is so bad even those who had kids with AA are racist! They drive around with these kids waving the confederate flag and use the "n" word like it nourishes them! The healthcare system is failing, and the education system is worse. Professionals here are just glorified trailer trash. Outside of Philly & parts of the Lehigh Valley, and maybe East Stroudsburg area, Pa is a racist, xenophobic, uneducated wasteland. Stay away!

I am a Caucasian male, and I am disgusted with the way people treat people of color, or accent speaking in this state. I got off work one day and stopped into Panera bread in Hermitage Pa. I had got a sandwich and a coffee and was sitting at a table fairly centered in the dining area. A man had come in, clean cut, properly speaking, more mannerly then I had seen in a while. He spoke in a volume that wasn't disrespectful. What I saw was horrible! Some of the workers were snickering and making rude comments about this man, whom was olive completion. Maybe biracial? To me it didn't matter. But the man heard this just said thank you and said have a blessed day. He went from a smile to a straight face. He sat not that far away and before he could even finish his coffee people in the area were saying things that I was astonished to hear now a days. "We don't need his kind here." Etc. Yet he sipped on trying to ignore it. People encouraged children to be loud and rude. Passers by ...more

People really need to QUIT mistreating others if they do not want to be mistreated, and yet they STILL do it!

That's so ridiculous. If people like that came to an all black neighborhood or all Latino neighborhood they would get jumped or shot. People need to watch what they say for real... Because that guy could've had been not so friendly! On a different note I'm glad he was the bigger person. He can go where ever he wants it's a "free country".

I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I have been to many states. I live in Oklahoma now and it is way less racist than PA. Pennsylvania is the most raciest state. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh but I went to a school were I was the closest thing to black. I am half black. Every time my friends would see a black guy they would automatically assume he has a gun and that he was going to shoot them. My mom lost one of her clients at work because she found out she had black kids. We had this black family attend our school at one time but the other students told their children to go pick cotton and treated them unfairly because they were black. They left a few months after that. Every time I would mess up on something my friends would joke around and say you can't do that because you are black! Growing up I hated the fact that I was half black I believed that I was less than everyone because I was black. Even the teachers would joke around with me about it. I always got go eat watermelon and ...more

Dark Hispanic male live in North Easton Pennsylvania Luzerne County pretty much sick and tired of this Jim Crow standard of living here stereotypical nature of the people that live here very are very justifiable not everyone is perfect be it black or white Or brown and/or yellow one group should not be singled out because of the color of your skin I understand that the majority of the population here is white but it doesn't mean that I am NOT human I might be a different color shade of skin but I shouldn't be treated equal many different aspects have been denied jobs then denied entry into places friends are hard to come by here. I am married to a white woman and we have two children together I love her very much but sometimes being here put a strain on our relationship sometimes I have to tell her to use her skin power to get what we need to go or what we need I don't like doing that things that I can do myself I have to use color of skin I looked up this website to find police races ...more

I'm 12 years old.. And I go to middle school. I live in Pennsylvania. Everywhere I go, there are always racist Americans. In store, banks, and there are even MORE in my school. The kids in my school hate me because I'm Asian. It's really hard to make friends here in my school being an Asian. Many teachers in my school are EXTREMELY RACIST. I can tell by their faces and the way how they act. 1 time, a teacher was handing out papers. And she purposely handed out 3 to a table. She was supposed to hand out 4. I knew she tried to make me have no papers. She knows I try to act nice to others to make them have the papers first. Yep... Pennsylvania should be on the number 1 list. I think the racism is buding up everyday and every month, every year. Well. I guess it's time to commit suicide. Thank you racism people, you make me feel depressed everyday... Really wanna kill myself..

I am from Mississippi one of the most racist states in America. I traveled to Redding, PA to go to the mountains. When I was on the highway, there was a group of white people riding in a vehicle behind me and my friends. They pulled along beside us and were all hanging out of the windows screaming "GO BACK TO MISSISSIPPI, GO HOME N******!"

It was extremely stupid of these people to yell racial slurs. I feel sorry for you.

A long time ago my mother who is Vietnamese bought some ramen noodles for school and we went through the 10 items or less line. We had exactly 20 items but we bought a pack of 20 ramen noodles and pack of 10 apples. The cashier counted each ramen noodle and apple as an item each so in all we had 48 items. Ths lady in her 40s screamed at us after we came outside and made a scene. She wouldn't listen to my mom who said we didn't know they counted each one separately. The manager came and he happened to be Indian or Middle Eastern. The lady completely lost it and dropped her stuff. She screamed racial slurs before many people and said that she weren't gonna buy from that place again.

I feel really bad for your mother and you being screamed at by a RACIST animal!

I have two friends that were working overnight at the fast food resturant I work at and her and another black person was working. A lady came through the drive thru and said " I know there are black people working here please do not spit in my food you dirty n*****". When I came in that morning my friends told me the whole story they were very upset. PA IS RACIST!

I grew up in Erie, Pa and I have to say that it is very racist toward people of color and also prejudiced against people who aren't protestant or catholic. I worked at an amusement park there and they were horrible to black people. They never hired any black people and did not like to hire poor people either. Even Jewish people were whispered about behind their backs. My growing up was very white and although I knew there were a lot of blacks in Erie, I hardly ever saw them. We grew up to be afraid of blacks and to not include them in anything. I'm glad I moved out of there so I could see a larger perspective and examine my own beliefs. I rarely go back now, but I know its no different than when I was growing up.

Everyone talks about how the south is so stupid and racist. I moved here 2 years ago from Georgia and I am still ahead in school. I sit there bored in my classes. Not to mention, right across the street from the school a confederate flag is hanging. Pennsylvania was part of the Union, they don't even have an excuse. Also, when the school started to ask for them to take it down, 2 students walked over after school and told the owners of the flag, "Keep it up, people should be offended." It gets worse the farther you get from cities. Central Pennsylvania is roughly 95% white and is the only reason Trump won Pennsylvania. At my school I have about 5 black students in my grade, they only get stereotyped by racist peers.

I have live here for 22 years I have seen nasty people with no kindness towards the poor people. The funding is destroy they are greedy and do not like mix people or black people. They put black people down and view them has criminals only and that is so bad. They kill there own people they are for the whites only. It is the commonwealth state and racism is alive in this state.

Wow I am sorry for your bad experience but I moved from Philadelphia to Berks County and did not find blatant racism but understand that it does exist with some of the older community. Every time my wife applied for a job they tried to get her to fill out welfare to work paperwork despite her telling them she has never been on welfare. My experience with younger white shows that they are very open minded and share my values. Berks county I see confederate flags but not as many as you say. It sounds like you had a bad relationship with a white man and lost you daughter. Berks county children services does seem to be bias against blacks and they are very aggressive in removing children from homes. I don't know your circumstance but you should spent good money for a lawyer to get your daughter back but at the same time make sure you are capable to care for her. Racism is every where, we don't and won't ever live in a utopia. Work to win you daughter back, heal from the relationship ...more

I live in Philadelphia. My dad can get mean, and he's got bad road rage problems, two out of the three that I witnessed that I remember got race involved somehow. The last one that I saw was very recent, and it got race involved, but it wasn't really about that. After having driving related problems with another person on the road, the person pulled up in the lane next to my dad. She rolled her window down, she was black. She called my dad racial slurs used for white people, and he just called her ugly. I didn't see her because I was so busy hiding in the backseat. As you see, it isn't just the typical whites being rude to blacks or Mexicans. Many people here discriminate all races. When it comes to race, it sucks here, but not as bad as Southern states.

I live in Erie Pa. They don't want to hire blacks at even the lowest paying jobs here. They have whole neighborhoods that are white and if a black moves in they lose their damn minds and band together to get them to move. I have never seen anything like it. You have to see it to believe it.

It's 2014 and this is still happening. No offense but white people can be so nasty and cruel. Now I know where NOT to go. I don't like how people act in this state anyway.

No offense but some black people and every other race can be VERY nasty, intolerant and bigoted, but you can't put "cruel." Stop generalizing and find your place and STAY there.

In Pittsburgh there is a lot of under cover racism, especially when it comes to employment. If you have a less ethnic sounding name you are most likely to consider for employment. This is a proven fact.

Pa is very racist move here from Nyc which has a lot of different culture. Never experience racism until I came here. First night we move in our house police show up saying someone called saying we were breaking in. I said excuse me I just brought this house. Officer was very nice he felt so bad. They don't like see African Americans grow as people. It's so sad how some people are in this state. They don't like us but most white women here have kids with black men. You see white men with dreads like there black. But you hate our culture? Think about it.

This list needs to be updated badly. Since the rise of Trump and the 2016 election, we now have a clear geographic picture of which states are the most racist. Racism is prevalent in the Midwest, Northeast, and South, not so much out West. Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire should be much higher on the list joining the Midwest and Southern states. Trump's racism appealed to Whites in the South, Midwest, and Northeast.

It's actually been proven PA is the most racist state. I know it because I live there! (I am also a bit racist, no offense). But anyway, in almost every conversation I overhear in more populated, unfriendly areas of the state has something racist in it! Whether a joke or pure racism, every conversation.

That's because white red necks think they are better than everybody else and obviously whites can be just as ugly as the people they're talking about. They wouldn't say half the things they say around a bunch of minorities believe that!

Pennsylvania is one of the most racist states in the USA.

I just moved to PA from Poland and all I can say is that PA sucks, the American "patriots" hate me because they think I'm Russian and keep calling me a Stalinist, commie and sometimes the stupidest of all call me a fascist or Nazi, if you're a slav, stay away from this damned place.

People in Pennsylvania are really racist especially towards black people. If you are a black waiter/waitress you will not be tipped as well just because you are black. Around the Pittsburgh area it is harder to fine a job.

Work is better than no work. The only one that will put food on your table is you.

I hope that you will find a career or job where there is an intelligent higher class of people, such as a school or hospital.

Also, I believe that how one conducts and presents themselves has much of an effect on people.

Remain strong and do not let others keep your esteem down.

I have lived in TN, Fl, NYC and PA has been the most racist state by far ridiculous. I've experienced more racism in 1 month than I have of years in the other states. It's a shame.

First off, I'm not sure what it is about me that compels strangers to open up to me about things they should keep to themselves, but I assume that I wouldn't have heard all the racial commentary I have if I wasn't white. I lived and worked in southern PA a good while, and I've been everywhere in the state except the northwest. The most jaw-dropping opinions I've heard were in Bucks and Allegheny Counties, but in York County, a good number of the ex-Marylanders there figure there's nothing wrong or odd with assuming every black person they don't know wants to harm them, even if they call themselves liberal. All of those folks got especially ugly and unhelpful when Baltimore's riot hit the news last spring.

So true! Between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh there is nothing but Mississippi. If you belong to minorities don't even dare to visit central Pennsylvania.

There is a huge difference between northern racism and southern racism. Southern racism is more open and direct.Northern racism is more smile in your face and turn your back and get you fired. I'm a 44 year old black male I lived in Harrisburg Pennsylvania almost my entire life. I've noticed that There is definitely racism here just like in every other state. But Pennsylvania has a funny way about their way of being racist. Especially if you get entangled in the commonwealth court system. Pennsylvania is pretty much a state for women. Men really have no rights when it comes to family courts. Ultimately in order to win in any court in this state it's all about money. If you are a lower income person good luck in this state...