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South Carolina is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.


I am Latino and I have been living in Columbia, SC for 11 years. This place is very racist. Blacks and Latinos here cannot excel in anything and if they do they pay for it daily. It is forbidden by a bunch of uneducated rednecks who believe they own the place. It is sad to see how they treat the Mexicans here, really sad. Coming from a very progressive South American country I find it difficult to understand people around here. Sometimes I even feel as this people would not be human. There is a place in the suburb call Lexington, if you are black you better do not move there as people told me in my face that they usually start thinking about selling their homes when they see black people moving in. I am trying to move out, I can not believe I lasted so long here. These place is living hell for minorities.

I've lived in South Carolina my entire life. With the most balanced racial make-up of any state, South Carolina may get a bad rap, but it's not grounded in fact. In the midwest and northeast, a lot of racism appears not to exist --- however, when in some cities it's hard to even meet people of color, how can a judgment on racism be made? When people move to South Carolina for the first time or visit, they always comment on the fact that there are "a lot of black people." Why, yes, we here in South Carolina do have a balanced racial population. That being said, racial issues that may be ignored in some other cities become big topics here. I love our state and the fact that the Confederate flag is now gone proves that this state continues to progress.

I work in a public school system in SC that is very racist and unfair to black people who are qualified for the positions. It's an unwritten rule to hire just enough black people to cover a minority law that they've been sued for in the past. I've been here almost all my life and am so ready to leave; however, I can't say it's the most racist statebecause it's the only place I've lived besides Charlotte NC which was an awesome experience with the nicest people irregardless of color. Many whites in SC expect less from black people and when they see that you make more money or have better morals, they become intimmidated and a bit envious. Snakes are what I call these types! The others are very nice in your face, but they are just as evil behind your back. I don't allow them to get very close not only because they are white but because some white people have a totally diffrent mentality then I grew up with when it comes to morals, values and respect.

White guy here, grew up an hour and a half from Chicago and lived there 26 years. Moved to upstate SC about 13 years ago. I've heard incredibly offensive things said to blacks here and it just gets ignored by anyone involved like it's an everyday normal thing. I think the minorities feel if they try to do anything things will get a lot worse for them. SC has oppression down to a science- it's sick. In addition, I never had a problem with police until I moved here (UNTIL) These cops love nothing more than to harass law abiding citizens and it doesn't matter what color you are. I'm white and they scream at me for no reason so I know the minorities get it 10 times worse. But if they see an actual thug or crime happening they have no problem turning the other way and running- cowards! The majority of people here are uncreative and 100% followers. It's a beautiful place but the people are definitely flawed. My wife and I can't wait to get the hell out of this state.

I've lived in the Upstate of SC for 15 years. I am a middle school teacher in Greenville. The police in the smaller towns seem to be under educated red necks. I was stopped in Easley, SC by a Easley Police officer that wanted to know "Where are you going in this fancy car? " I was driving a new 2014 BMW. He asked if I had any drugs or open containers in my car and if I cared if he searched my vehicle. I was on a main highway 123 going home to Greenville after a Clemson basketball game. I asked what made him think I was breaking the law. He said "Don't start getting smart with me". Another cop drove up and I let them search my car. After going through my vehicle, they found nothing and the policeman told me "It's very suspicious to see a black guy driving a $45,000 vehicle around here." He laughed and told me he was finished and that I could "Go on". Both cops laughed as I drove off. It was clear that the police officer was on an ego trip. This characters actions was nothing more than ...more

As a native of this racist state, I believe it should be number 1. The Confederate Flag still flies at the state house and racism is alive and well. Whites are racist and will use every tactic to keep blacks down. Some uncle Tom blacks survive by catering to the massa. It's a sad and discriminatory state with a long way to go. I thought things had changed after moving away and returning. I believe it has regressed. If you're black or progressive, don't come to South Carolina. It is a hateful depressing and evil state... And extremely dangerous

Been here most of my life, and I hate it. Only thing that keeps me from moving is 1) cheap cost of living, 2) wife likes the slow pace here. Never have a seen a large majority of poor, uneducated people that proudly and willingly vote against their own interests like the people in South Carolina do. White people here don't want to see Blacks and Latinos be successful, and most of the black people have Stockholm Syndrome and will keep their own people down too. Avoid this state at all costs.

Yes this place is hell you have the white people who come from out of state to live here just so they can show there true colors with out fear, and the black people who were born and raised here still have that slave way of thanking. Which they pass down from one generation to the next. The white people here hate to see a black person with an education, make it or have just a little more then they do or who can stand toe to toe with them on any level. I came here 13 Years ago from New York and I must say I have never seen such a thing am getting the h out of here just as soon as I can. I can go on and on about life here but I will leave it at this stay away from this place

This is extremely true I'm 15 and I do not like it here at all there so much racial tension, ignorance, and hatred. I wanna move to a state where people won't judge me just because I'm black. Because I believe color doesn't define who you are and what you do. And if your in an interracial relationship you get stared at. I've lived here all my life and I can't wait to move somewhere else like California or some other place when I get older

There is still racism against latin people no every latin people is ilegal we pay taxes and work hard.

9 people killed by a white gunman in church during prayer service and the gunman admits it was racially motivated and they give him million dollar bond instead of no bond. The next day they fly the US flag at half staff but keep the symbol of racism, the Confederate Flag at full staff.

This State has A huge history of Racism... Andrew Jackson, one of the most racist presidents of the U.S. was from South Carolina. South Carolina was also the first to secede in the civil war, fighting for the protection of slavery and discrimination. More recently, African-Americans have been slaughtered in churches and gatherings in South Carolina. AND WORST OF ALL WHICH definitely PROVES South Carolina TO BE THE MOST RACIST, is the high amount of voters for Donald Trump, and how almost 50% want all Illegal Hispanics to be immediately deported. Not only do they hate hard working African- Americans... but they also hate Latinos who do whatever they can to have a chance for a better life for their families... AND they want to stop Muslims from entering the U.S., who are afraid and helpless from the recent violence in the Middle East!

I have lived in SC for over 10 yrs. Never have I seen so much confederate crap, the flag flying at the state capital, state troopers are rated in the top 10 in the country for police brutality at one point. I've got pulled over for really "driving while black" numerous of times. I'm from Charleston, we have a fair but small population, but I think there is 1 cop for like every 20 people or something. They're are a lot of them. I can't stand those dickie shirts that most of the white people where. I just try to fly under the radar.

I am a young black girl in school. I had a presentation about Africa and some of the teachers that went there. Can I tell you guys that the one high-school english teacher just had to say that she learned how to say white-person in African so she can use it when she goes there again. I was so offened. She also said, "It's just sad how some of the African tribes does not know what a white persion even looks like. Now I know why they have bad education." I was sitting right in front of the room, where she knew she could see me. When I keep older, I'm moving back up North. The people there are less racist than the people done here.

This state is so bad with the people of color. But... For the record the kids get along with each other. There's more and more whites dating colored people. Really the more racist is the old white folks.

There was a school in South Carolina that kept the confederate flag on the roof and took it down in 2016 which is YEARS after the civil war was over. When the government told them to take down the flag because it was racist the principal said it was "historical." They did end up taking down the flag but that is so rude - IAmADuckQuack

Guys stop with this list. It just makes the people who live in these states feel worse about themselves. It's not going to be the thing to end racism, nor will it make the people who live in the states of the "racist states" feel good. It lowers their pride in their state and causes others to make stupid assumptions. I've lived in a beautiful part of SC for my whole life, and rarely encounter racism going on. If y'all are so consumed by the stereotypes everybody places on the south, then maybe you should try visiting! I'm not saying that we're "100% racist free", but I mean really, what good does this list do?

I was down visiting South Carolina during a drip to Florida and I have to say that the people in South Carolina are some of the most dirtiest, disgusting, rude, and most racist people you will ever meet, visitors to SC be aware.

My family and I moved here and we have been astonished with just about how much racism is still happening. My school is even segregated by race, but by a way where I can't address it

I lived there the longest 13 years of my life. Not only are they racists, but they hate anyone from the wrong state, wrong income level, wrong school, wrong church and the list goes on. Charleston was worse than the Upstate area.

South Carolina state house flies the Confederate flag. Even after the terrorist attack on the historical black AME church. Actually, it was the only flag on the state house that was flying full mast after the attack.

I would put South Carolina as #3 at least. Epitomises "The South Shall Rise Again" in my opinion. Home of now deceased Strom Thurmond, and ever the southern gentleman Lindsey Graham. I TRULY hate Lindsey Graham.

In some parts people will literally star at an interracial couple as if I they are seeing a entirely new race of humans emerge out of some foggy wood works

Lived in SC my whole life. Wanted to say that those of you complaining about racist police need to realize something. The police here are just dicks in general. I lived in the upstate forever and have had many of the same experiences with them that yall call racist. Thing is I am a white dude. This everyone is a criminal mentality is due in large part to the fact that most of our police are former military. They bring the military mindset into the practice of law enforcement and it is not a good fit. Andy Griffith is no more. He has been replaced by Rambo with all his tacticool toys. I am a veteran and I can attest first hand that what works in a war zone does not work well in law enforcement stateside. To be honest we probably hate Yankees more than we hate black people.

I've noticed the cities with the most black people in it has the highest murder rate crime rate and pregnancy rate I'm just statistically speaking... hey why don't we just call it like we see quit trying to put sugar on sauerkraut it's not about opinions about statistics facts and findings