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Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States.


Yes, Memphis Tn. is a racist city. However, it goes both ways, I am a white woman previously married to a black man. When we would visit his family, and we went out in public I had this strong feeling that we where different. I also am very observant and I noticed that the segregation amongst the races was very prevelant. I did not see any ladies at the mall of different races shopping together, nothing. My ex husband said I was just being too sensitive but I could see it clearly. I called my Mother in law Mom as that is normal for me, I remember a couple of black women looking at me like I was from another planet. I will never forget it. I have two children now and we live in Washington State, this is the most diverse and accepting state I have ever encountered. I even lived in a very rural area in Washington and had no problems there either. I cannot think of many states like this. Racial issues are around I suppose but I have never experienced them. Myself and my two biracial ...more

You made two mistakes. You married and procreated with a black. Aside from the emotional racist argument, this is a decision lacking in a perspective of reality and common sense. Too many disadvantages. Second mistake was trying to live in Memphis, which is one of the most crime ridden areas in the country, most of it perpetrated by blacks. Not the best area for raising a family. Washington State has a reputation as the single-white-mother-capital of the country, so you're better off there. Start making better life choices. The black culture isn't your culture. Don't try to change what you can't control. - moronphobe

I have attended a private school in Tennessee. The school was really racist against Asian students. Some teachers had clearly racist attitude toward Asian students and treated them with cold and unkind attitude. At the school, Asian students were often targeted for mental bullying such as exclusion from friendship, spreading rumors, making fun of Asians or particular countries, not respecting the way Asians are, and dividing the friendship or communication between Asians. In fact, Asian students were treated much worse than black students or any other minorities. Teachers all turned a blind eye on racism against Asian students. Some teachers rather seemed to be enjoying the situation. I felt it was institutional racism. I don't know about other parts of Tennessee, but racism at the school was just awful. My strongest memory of Tennessee was this horrible racism against Asians at school.

Tennessee Racist? You don't say. I went to high school in the Shelby County area but was raised in Hawaii. I didn't even know what racism was until my parents moved here. I was met with hatred from both blacks and whites, as the blacks didn't like me because I guess, I wasn't from their eco system, or didn't fit into their collective mindsets... And the whites didn't like me because you guessed it, I was black. I went though most of High School without any friends or dates, and caught animosity everywhere I went. It wasn't until later when I found some out of state Military kids, that I was able to lead a somewhat normal teenage life... You know friends dates and all. I've never forgiven my parents for bringing me to this backward place and plan on getting as far away from these creatures as soon as I'm able.

I Live in Nashaveille TN, an although I love my city an state, it's obviously is still a lot of racism an hatred for other races, not just black, but all who aren't white. If your black getting any job besides factory work or fast food is almost impossible. There are very few black people in any higher positions here. People have been so blinded by what's happening here it's almost sad. I've been to 48 states, an so many different cities. What I saw outside of my little bubble was an eye opener. We are made to feel as if we are fortunate to be making 15 16 dollars an hour, but we were designed for way better than that. We can also be presidents of companies an CEO, hell we can own our businesses. Black people need to wake up an quit fetching this bone like it's meat on it. Even the children of my generation will bluntly tell you they do not date outside of their race... I have a 4 year old son, an this is not the environment I want him growing up in, so I am debating on where I will ...more

Are you serious? You sound so stupid. "How many times have you been in a non black neighborhood and had your life threatened? " One, black people are not welcomed in some white neighborhoods. When found in one, the police are immediately called or someone comes out to question your presence in an unfriendly manner. You go back a couple of years, black people were tortured and killed for being anywhere near white people (whether in their neighborhood or simply in the same vicinity). I am in no way a racist, but everyone has the ability to be evil and hateful, no matter what race you are. From what you've written, I can easily deduce that you are not a fan of black people. I don't want to call you racist because that's harsh, but I feel it fits you. Also from what you've written, I feel that many people have reason to be suspicious and not nice to you while you're on duty. I can tell that you carry out your job with feelings of superiority that is obvious. I'm sure this is only when you ...more

I was born and raised in TN. I never experienced any form of racism as a child. It wasn't until I became an adult that I realized that that was probably because my parents kept me from experiencing it. I married and moved away for awhile to NC which I loved and came back to TN for a brief moment. I am a nurse so I applied to a local hospital where I was the only black nurse on the floor. I can't tell you the racism that I experienced. I was called the N word twice by a patient, almost fired because the patient wanted to take advantage of pain medication so decided to report me because I wouldn't let her OVERDOSE herself. The nurse manager sided with the patient and I was written up. I witnessed the facility (was then Middle Tennessee Medical Center) let a licensed Registered Nurse say the N word and continue to allow her to work there. They suspended her for a few weeks and then allowed her to come back to take care of BLACK PATIENTS. I had a man tell me that there was no way that my ...more

This state should be #3. The way they are always intolerant when it comes to different religions and races. Racism needs to end right now! Including ignorance! We need to move on to the 21st century! Maybe it should be at the top of the list, but I think it should be #3. Because they are racist, intolerant, uneducated, stupid, and hostile everyday! Most whites from this state need to stop this racism before somebody starts complaining and posting that they are doing this bigoted, racist, intolerant, ignorant, and nasty behavior everyday! - buzzerbeater

As a Biracial man the most intense racism I felt was from the black men in Memphis. I have lived all over Tennessee and also in Alabama and Mississippi but the largest group of racist people I have ever met are once again the black men from Memphis. I was called an Uncle Tom, most don't even know the definition of Uncle Tom and haven't read the book, a high yeller and many other things. I have felt racism from many whites but memphis blacks take the cake, hands down.

Blatant racists! Almost shameless. Warm weather and beautiful place, but too many cold and ignorant rednecks!

While going out with coworkers on my first day of work, my boss said that a black lady tried to get a job there. He proceeded to say he would never hire a black person. According to him, When the lady asked him where all the other black people were, he said in the prison. I lived there for over 2 years, and saw Confederate flags, and only met one black person while living there. It is a beautiful state, and it's sad that people are so racist there. I won't be able to live there with my fiance, who is half African American and Asian. I know we will be discriminated against.

I am from Illinois. I am appalled at how common the "n" word simply rolls out of the mouths of the ignorant, backwards people here! I was absolutely shocked, dumbfounded the 1st 10 times, and now just shake my head. The free flying confederate flags are pretty offensive as well. 1st chance I get, I'm heading back to Illinois! I've been down here 8 years and am still searching for "Southern Hospitality"... Must be a myth, if you ask me! I've never felt welcome, but instead feel like a 2nd class citizen... And I'm white! God help the Blacks, Hispanics or ANYONE who wasn't born & bred (or inbred! ) right here in East Tennessee!

TN is without question a highly religious state, there for if you are NOT a White Christian you are NOT welcome. There is no one in the State Government that will admit this. BUT when public schools allow Christian prayers to be recited. What more needs to be said about the racist, anti- Muslim, Jewish mindset of this 19th century racist run state!

Teenagers in 2015 ride around in trucks (usually old or half running) with huge flags. It looks like they are desperate for someone to notice them. We work in a public health care facility and nostalgia of them use it. So it seems from the vehicles they drive and the homes we go past flying these flags or using as curtains that this is their way to get anyone to notice them. I have not seen this sort of thing in higher income neighborhoods and I can' remember seeing it in middle income but hey they could visit a friend I guess. It just reminds me of someone who wants attention desperately because they would not be noticed and they don'the care if it is controversial attention as long as you look at them. I feel sorry for them.

Tennessee really is the most racist place ever, white people are racist against blacks, mix races, Hispanics and everything is not white. We live west of Nashville and because we are Chinese/Italians/Americans we get called beaners, I can't get a job, n my son on his first day at DCHS was taking to the principals office by a teacher who accused him of stealing just because he got sent to the wrong classroom n wrong lunch shift so he was just drinking water at the water fountain!
They f$@@@@ snobs, this is not a friendly state at all, wish I could leave right now

I live in Tennessee and it's not racist. Except when people were throwing crackers at me because I'm white and calling me a white cracker...

This is one of the worst states for none white and none Christians,
The racism is enforced by the state official and all establishments

So many people talk about racist white people and so few talk about racist black people. In most major cities in Tennessee going to certain neighborhoods or to the club as a white male is not smart unless you have a group or a gun or both. I say male because lord knows they don't mind white women. Its kinda sad really. Then white people get called racist for not trusting blacks... how can you expect anyone to trust a race that clearly makes it apperant that all they want is to be better than you by any means necessary right or wrong.

Let me educate you a little bit, you enslaved their kind, beat them, segregated them, and were absolutely cruel to them for centuries. So don't you think we have a right to not be to fond of your race? And what does having trust in someone have to do with them being better than you?

I passed through Tennessee last year with my family: a white mother, 1/2 Italian- 1/2 native Alaskan dad, and my baby sister. We stopped at a grocery store and when my dad was holding my sister in line a woman came up to him and asked him "Is she yours? " just because my dad had a slightly darker skin tone! We were also pursued by a cop because my dad wasn't white. Tennessee is Awful place-never going there ever again.

My family lived in TN for 2 years and one day while we was at the park, a truck with white men inside drove up in a dirty camoflauge truck and yelled the "n" word out of the window and speeded off. When will this ignorance end?

I live in TN and I totally agree. My family has lived in TN for years and I was raised here. I have to admit I am a bit racist because of the way I was taught. In my elementary and middle schools, whites were sat up front while blacks all sat together in the back. My dad to this day makes fun of Barack Obama and calls him black trash. My parents and grandparents were raised racist and now I find myself giving weird looks to blacks, I need to stop but it's habit since I was raised here...

THIS STATE SHOULD BE # 1 Most Racist State, not 4!

Most racist place I've EVER lived. Can't wait to move back to MI. Outright ignorance in this state.

Racist true but bigots as well. Anyone who makes a complete sentence is considered a threat. EBT is FREE to anyone that can reproduce is a way of living. E (everybody) B (body) in T ( Tennessee. K still around and the war is still going on between the states. Can't fix STUPID.

My friends were denied breakfast because they were an interracial couple in Tennessee.

Racist to the bone... Both black and whites

I disagree. I, too, live in memphis, and blacks and whites get along very well here. There is a lot of gang violence and gangs, but the low class whites and blacks hang out, and the middle/upper class whites and blacks are all cool with each other (coming from a middle/upper class white man with many black friends and few racist friends)