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Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.


I actually moved from Chicago, and with my experience I believe that most white people here in Dallas area are from other states, second gen, third gen people, who come from ignorant families. It's funny its 21st century and we still have this. Oh yeah most Texans are rednecks or hillbillies maybe that explains why. Hey people from the north will most likely say the same thing.

I moved to Austin from Detroit Michigan I am white I feel the hate from all people of all colors here and I'm not leaving just to make those ignorant people happy I don't have to say anything to anyone there just flat out hateful

I live in Dallas, TX and yes there is a lot of racism here. I use to work in Walmart and many customers came in referring to blacks as the N word or referring to fried chicken comments. Once an old white man called a black man a silverback gorilla. One white guy told me "you speak well for a black".

Also, after I left Walmart at one of my jobs my white coworkers, all women, who never spoke to me nor acknowledged my presence in any type of way, all redneck hillbillies, referred to the black boss as a "High Monkey".

Last, my job was notorious for promoting whites with lesser experience and education and work quality and paying them more than blacks. The company is being sued.

Dallas is also hella boring but I give props to its publicity firm for promoting it the way they do. The city is racially segregated and people aren't really friendly. People are also very vain here and not genuine.

I live in Houston. I see it first hand. One night while driving a taxi I picked up 4 white guys in the Heights on Blossom Street. I think it was the 5800 block. When they entered the cab one was pissed off because I would not let them drink beer inside of the taxi. One of the guys said, "I'll blaze this car up. Thinking he was joking, I replied O.K. and laughed. He then stated, "I'll fire up a Blunt. Again, I joking said, "O.K. " and laughed. About 1 minute into the ride I smelled the scent of smoke and said, "Man I know you're not smoking in my cab. " He was smoking a cigarette. He said I'll let the window down. I said no you're getting out of here. I immediately pulled over at the corners of D'Amico and Waugh and asked all four to get out the vehicle and told them I didn't want their money just leave. As they exited the vehicle they said f*** you N*****!. I maintained my composure and got out to close the doors that they intentionally left open. After ...more

I agree with the statement below from SoCal guy (I'm from there as well an Asian too) Unfortunately, they are a lot of racists here in TX. They are just so proud yet they got many crappy looking areas and nasty weather. I have been to other states but the people are not as disrespectful as the ones that are here. I cannot count how many times I have experienced being treated bad but it is surely very prevalent in and out of the big cities. Examples? Here in H-town, I got one guy throw a cup of drink on my car. Also just yesterday, this old man that I've been helping out kept telling me that he pays taxes and that he repeatedly interrogated me with my status here as if I was an illegal. One time, I applied to this pre-school with a very huge sign that says HIRING. I got inside this school and they were all white. She saw me and she immediately mentioned that she forgot to take the sign off but I saw this other white lady filling up a form. I found out after six months that they closed ...more

I moved to Texas from NYC because my son's mom moved here and wanted to be near my children. I have experienced racism in many parts of the country and world, being that I served in the military and served in a war. I have never experienced such backward, gun toting, white supremacy, racist, TEXAN ever in my life. One experience that stands out was actually in a college setting. I was in my last semester in undergraduate school and there was a Caucasian man from Round Rock, Georgetown area to basically told the whole class that Texas should be its own country, and that they don't take kindly to no one, especially "Yankees" telling them what to do. Me and two other students mustered the courage to address this racist pig and his cowboy wearing, gun in the pickup, truck driving Texan, that, what he said was the whole reason why the south lost the war. Texas, especially, the burbs, are exquisite in hiding their racist viewpoints. I even had some so called Christian women in ...more

Your story sounds a lot like mine except I disagree that there is hope for this horribly racist state. I've lived here for over 20 years and it's getting WORSE. The white people here CLEARLY hate anyone who is not white. They make it VERY hard to find happiness here. I tried moving to 7 different cities/towns and it was the SAME racist people in every one of them. They are the worst, most racist people in the country. We are moving to California and NEVER looking back! - lisacole5555

Born and raised in Texas. This is a very racist state. I would say Houston is more openly racist. Dallas is more overt. I laugh at when the state tries to advertise itself as diverse. It is in fact diverse on paper yet segregated. Most of the suburbs are monolithic. There are only a handful of cities in this large state that are diverse by neighborhood and not by population. If you are a minority and are seeking employment, you better know someone or your not getting your foot in the door. If you are from out of state make sure you have something lined up before coming here. Minorities are more likely are not to be hired for a job or promoted. No matter how much experience, education or qualifications you have. I don't know what's up with the hiring managers. It seems like some of them are intimidated by qualified minorities and will opt to hire someone incompetent and not deal with their own egos. They will promote a white person with a high school diploma over a minority candidate ...more - bg1506

This is so true. If you are not white you will have hell finding or keeping a job or even renting an apartment. White people here are so racist and they are really good at hiding it from the world. Living here is a HUGE reality check. Texas should be number ONE on this list! - lisacole5555

I have lived here all my life, and I can say with certainty that there are far more ignorant racist whites, than intelligent educated whites like myself who believe in equality. My father and brother can both be counted in the ignorant racist category sadly.

There are large number of whites from southern and western states living in Texas who hate anybody they consider "The Other". I think whites move to Texas to get their PhD's in racism. There are a few good whites in Texas, but they will turn on you at the drop of a hat. Just say Barack Obama and watch them change. They will turn into a cave dweller, right before your eyes.

I lived in Frisco Texas, which is about 45 minutes North of Dallas. I can say without hesitation that DFW is totally racist against non whites. I am half japanese and half white from SoCal. (People there call California "The Land of Fruits and Nuts". It was very difficult to get a job (at that time, jobs were plentiful). I finally did get one and my boss confirmed that the racism was very subtle. I think he was just being kind because it did not feel subtle. I did meet some nice people there, but overall the culture there is you are not really accepted if you are not a good ol boy or gal.

I would also like to mention that Dallas Texas is one of the most ugliest cities I have ever seen and they have a bunch of morons who planned the infrastructure there. As my mother put it. Living in Texas was like living in Hell.

I am Mexican but started studying in the US a couple years ago. People here are very friendly, but still... Ignorant and therefore racist. It has happened to me more than once than I would be speaking Spanish with some friend and someone will yell "SPEAK ENGLISH THIS IS 'MERICA! " which is sometimes followed with an insult. I am legally studying here and come from a upper-middle class in Mexico, and still I have been asked if I crossed the river illegally. People have told me right in my face that Mexicans are lazy. Sometimes they don't even believe I'm Mexican because "I look too white". Some rednecks have told me that there should be no international students in my college because they receive scholarships they shouldn't be getting any since they are not American (even though they pay the triple). They will call Mexican any hispanics regardless of their country, they are just ignorant overall not only about Latin America but about history, current politics, and other countries and ...more - somuller

My wife and I are Mexicans, and by the way Texas was from Mexico until it was stolen from the U.S. in 1847 (the U.S. history claims it was bought from Mexico, but the reality is that Santa Ana was forced to sign the selling trade or killed), that is why there are still a lot of Mexicans in Texas and because it is a border state :) and lots of texans goods are bought from Mexican tourists.

Around 2011, one time we were visiting my sister in law, who lived in Cypress, TX (one of Houston's suburbs) my wife and I took my then two year old child to a playground in a neighborhood there. I was swinging my child, my wife, who is darker skin than I was seating in a bench. I was amazed that I heard two white girls (around 10 to 11 years old) who were seating in the side swings saying to each other: "look!, how ugly she is! Look at her, what is she doing here? , why they come? " since we were talking in Spanish they did not know I understand them. I say nothing, but was just ...more

Recently, in Houston Community College system (for District 2), a homophobic, right-wing man won by deceiving black voters. How did people react, specifically in the news sites? They were joyful, acting as if people that state that it is cheating are acting "politically correct" and blindly support the Obama agenda, also acting as "black people are racist too! " when they do seem to forget the history of slavery and oppression against black people in the Deep South.

Not only are Texans racist and uncivilised, they are also uncompassionate towards other people. Recently, again in the Houston area, people took pictures of a dead homeless man, and a middle school student got his lunch thrown away because he could not pay 30 cents. A MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT! LUNCH THROWN AWAY OVER 30 CENTS! What is wrong with you people? Especially in the city with the largest church in the world!

And don't you Texans give me the "not all people are like that" attitude. Admit your state is ...more

Oh, yes! Texas is horrible! I live in NJ, but I went there to visit a friend (she's from NY, but was sent there by her company). And let me tell you- they hate everybody! I'm Polish, so I'm white but I have an accent, my friend however was american -so no accent, but she's black for a change. We were exposed to some kind of racism demonstration on regular basis. And they don't even try to hide it! That's what shocked me- they do it so openly and nobody cares! It seems like everyone there agree that this is the way it supposed to be! It's not- it's dangerous and it shouldn't be ignored!

The placement of Texas on this list is very appropriate... Texas racism can be very blatant. From what I've seen, the thing is its not from one particular group of people. I've seen racist Mexicans, whites, blacks, Asians- its on all sides.

I live in Richardson, TX a suburb of Dallas in North Texas Collin County. I can definitely feel the bigotry and hard core racism here. My Heritage from India, brought up in Europe and Canada. Lived all over the USA, but here have to know my place, and cannot voice your rights without being punished.. The bigots control the HOA's, the City and County Governments. Our family home, in a well respected nieghbourhood has had its windows smashed, family smeared, illegal trash dumping, car windows shot out, mail stolen, property vandelized and death threats and Richardson Police/ County the look the other way even when there is evidence to prosecute the perpertrators. Its Corruptions or bigotry that seems to win here. Our family is moving when practical without much loss.

They wont' say anything to your face, but once you are out of range they mumble & Scheme how to sabotage you. Anything in the shade of brown is going to be suspect. Interracial kids might get a break but insults & innuendo will abound towards brown parent. The racists are so smooth & practiced in Texas for most part. But occasionally it is funny when you have one telling you a brown person how other brown people are just not up to the white par. Can't wait to leave

Asian American here. Experienced racism at my workplace in Houston, TX.

I've worked there for about 8 months and there was absolutely no racist comments about any races, until.. One day at work, I was trying to learn how to say "my name is" in Spanish from two Hispanic female coworkers and as I was pronouncing "me llamo", a male Hispanic coworker came in and said "Mr. Miyagi", since it sounds like the words I was attempting to enunciate in Spanish ("me llamo") sounds like "Mr. Miyagi." Laughter ensued from him and another female Hispanic coworker. I laughed along and brushed it off since I figured it was just a lighthearted racist comment, also I'm usually a calm person and it takes a lot to anger me. Later on in the day, I went over to the front area for work related reasons, where the male Hispanic coworker and one of the other female Hispanic coworker was and the female coworker said, "Mr. Miyagi" and they both ...more

I was born and raised in the Texas panhandle in a very small town that did not have any black people. "N*****" was a very common word when referring to black people as was "wetback" when referring to a Mexican American. I come from a family that claims not to be racist, but they just don't get it. They blame blacks and Mexicans for everything wrong in the state, and when discussing who commits the most crimes or gets the most welfare, they only look at the percentages rather than the actual number of people for each. If they could make themselves look, they would find that whites outnumber the other races in these areas. I do not understand why all of us cannot just look at each other and see a man or woman and not a color. We all have the same body parts. We all have feelings. Just because we do not grow up with the exact same beliefs does not make one race more superior. White people are privileged and need to be knocked down several notches.

I live in Abilene. Here restaurants put up confederate flags in their. Windows. And nobody says any thing. My aunt owns the only asian goods store and it is periodically vandalized with hate symbols and go home chi$&*! Even the local news sometimes goes and apologizes to us sometimes. The word colored still flies and even the word mudpeople. This is the bigot country. Do not be Asian here you will regret it. White people here spit on the ground in front of you and
call hybrid drivers gay.

I agree with this comment. I grew up in Abilene with an Asian mom and a southern Caucasian father. Explaining this part of Texas is pretty easy to my non racist friends on the East Coast. I tell them it's just like going to KFC. You have 2 choices, white or dark meat. That's how it felt growing up there. They were too ignorant to know there are many countries with beautiful cultures vast beyond the borders of North America. And I am proud that my children are growing up in an era that is more intolerant of racism than when my mother arrived and hope for our future generation to be free of this type of hatred.

I really understand where everyone is coming from, I myself am white. My wife is black and we have a 2 year old son. These people in Texas are NUTS, they have tried to attack us, run us off the road, and some ass almost ran over my wife in a cvs parking lot while she was pregnant. I hate this place, but the hate doesn't just come from whites this state gets in your blood in the worst sort of way and can have everybody hating everybody else. However if you are a logical individual you can resist it and live a good life. However you would need to move to live a great one. Above all else it's the black community that gets it the worst. They will always be treated like second class citizens especially in this slack jawed, dumb cracker, hillbilly dump they call paradise. They can have it, oh by the way we are moving to a new apartment because someone wrote Niger on our door. Great place to raise a family NOT!

Wow.. I don't know if you worship God.. But I do I'm a black women.. A mother of 3.. And was looking elsewhere Texas was a good weathering place... Anyhow... I'm sorry for you and your family... I would keep you all in my prayers as well as others who have a story to tell..

Dallas is full of Whites who only love their dogs, but hate any other human beings. When I came here in 1965 the quality of whites running businesses were not as racist overtly as they are now, and they would hire you if you were intelligent, now things have gotten worse with racists moving here from Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. Dallas is awful.

I moved to Dallas from Seattle. My fiancé couldn't move because of her family in Texas and I had to come down here. I see people looking at me when I'm driving my car and they look at me as though -"why is that Indian person driving that car.. Like I need to know my place.. I shouldn't be able to afford the car because I'm not white". Although I have the money, I can't imagine buying a house.. It's just scary thinking how the white people might react. When I go grocery shopping at whole foods people look at me like -"really.. This guy can afford this food". I feel that one of these days I might be attacked by these pretentious racist people.

Dude has anyone actually have said these words to you or are you just imagining them? Because feeling judged does not mean that we are actually judged. Just saying...

I'm white and have lived in Texas for a good majority of my wife. My newly-wed wife is Mexican and a good amount of my friends are black. I've experienced racism from pretty much every angle, whether it be whites against others, or others against whites. I briefly worked in construction one summer of my youth and most of white coworkers were openly racist, mostly towards black people. I was working in the small town of Huntsville (about an hour north of Houston) and one coworker said "I'd love to live here, but there are too many blacks for me to be happy." On one occasion, a coworker chucked a Gatorade bottle at a black guy who was riding a bike, and said "eh, he probably stole it anyways". I remember I told the same person that my then-girlfriend had dated a black guy before me, and he responded with "that's disgusting, I'd dump my girlfriend in a minute if I found out she dated a black guy." On a separate occasion, I played in a metal band and our ...more

There are so many rednecks that make up a lot of racial slurs. I'm Indian and they always say so many racist things about me. Not only that, this state has a history of killing black people and it still goes on. Texas is the number one for racism and racial hate crimes.

Dallas is a racist place,.. I have never visited a place that is so fake and people are ignorant,.. Mostly they want to be progressive yet stuck in racist quagmire if stupidy.