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Utah is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest, the 31st-most populous, and the 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.


I've lived in Utah for going on eleven years and, as an educated man of African descent, I can justifiably say that the prejudice here is strong, the racism is systemic, and culturally ingrained. I am often defined by the color of my skin and treated poorly or alienated for it, especially when I don't live up to the stereotypes that inform the ignorance of those who seek to describe me. "Hey who's your favorite artist? " I might be asked. "Oh, I really like Maynard Keenan (Lead singer of rock band "Tool" for those who aren't sure)," I might remark. GASP! "But you're BLACK! You're supposed to like Lil Wayne," or whatever. They will do everything they can to cast a non-Caucasian person in an inferior light. An Indian man can say: "There are five flowers in a vase," and be scoffed at. A Caucasian man can say "There are five flowers in a vase," and recieve a gold medal. They are extremely passive aggressive and covert about it, but any person of deeper tones who has been the victim of ...more

Utah is the most racist place I have been outside of the Middle East. If you are not white, you are going to have to work extra hard to make sure white people like you or risk being a social outcast with little or no opportunities.

If you are not white you have to be dumb enough to be a fashion accessory or rich enough to intimidate them. If you can pass for dumb that's good enough. It doesn't matter if you can speak six languages, if one of them isn't English or if you speak English with a thick accent, they will think you are stupid and hence be more likely to accept you. Another tactic available to attractive women of color is to date a white man. This will temporarily afford you the right to act as if you are white but don't be confused, this is all contingent on your continued tacit support of the white Christian patriarchy.


You may ...more

Also, if you are pretty and a different race, they will accuse you of being a witch. Causing them to have sexual feelings for you. They will try to force you stay married to a Mormon man, and they will harass you if you attempt to leave. They will use legal means to keep you in an abusive relationship with someone from the state. They also read blogs, so if you contribute online, they may retaliate because you talked about it online. I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous they are; the police are corrupt as well and carry out the whims of hateful church members. Stay out of there; do not even drive through. - Rubany

Sat Lake City is also full of racists. Simply visit Utah for a few weeks and move on. It's lame and depressing in here. You have all these older Mormon men giving you the weird looks, like you're invading their city whatsoever. I constantly feel like I am a treat to them. Personally, I think Utah must be number 3 or 4 in this chart. Certainly before California.

Xenophobes all over the place. The younger, progressive ones think they're accepting and all, while most of them have obviously inherited their ancestors xenophobic tendencies.

They always hang out amongst their little, grungy circles, and never invite you to events. Also, Utans are very sensitive to sharp humor, or conversations even slightly out of their comfort zone.

These people love small talk. They can discuss their favorite coffee flavor, or sandwich bread with excited, high-pitched tones for hours. Going though all the necessary and unnecessary details.

Also, Utahans love to punish you, and ...more

I live in Utah, and it's rather racist. It's a passive aggressive, white collar racism. My employer would constantly insult me referring to my country's third world status and occasionally create hostile situations. He was an absolute psycho-redneck. He even beat me. I am an immigrant, thus, I did not report or file a lawsuit, thinking that my case is insignificant to authorities. I simply quit.

I know some people from Utah and they are very closed minded. They truly believe that they are superior to everyone else. They think black people are the devil. They are sheltered and not open to other races opinions. When my boss met the new VP who is now over her boss she almost passed out when she saw he was black. Whites in Utah treat people like they are less than human and they all think they are decedents of royalty from Britiain. They are more hillbillies there than any other state.

So I am an active member of the Mormon faith living in Utah. I am deeply offended by the comments that say we are a cult and worship devils etc. However, as a military brat that has lived in other states, I can honestly say that the total lack of cultural diversity in most cities and towns in Utah should definitely make it at least a top ten if not a top five racist state. It is true that if you are not white or Mormon you will be pressured to conform to the culture or leave. Which is why as soon as I get my University Degree I am moving to a more diverse state.

The state of Utah is a lot more racist then people think. They just don't show it too much because since it is predominantly religious they have to be nice to be a little bit nice to you. But you see it every where. Especially white women against Latinos. It is very obvious. I do not recommend single Latin men to move here, I sure regret I did.

Utah should be much higher. It's a very racist state, the white people here stare at you if you 're black like they see an alien. The stores, billboards and even the bus posters are mostly of black people which is so weird because how else to prove your racist than to focus on posting black faces around. I hate this place it cold and the people here are cold. If it wasn't because of the military I would never have considered this place full of hypocrites and dumbasses that think they know everything. And Salt Lake City isn't that great. SLC is practically closed down on Sundays so the Mormons can go to temple and do their devil worshiping. Also this is the first place I ever had a stupid white server girl with verbal diarrhea blurt out she thinks all black people smell good. One good thing about this state was that I found that while there are horrible people that live here there are also good people. Someone hit my car in the parking lot and a guy chased them down and made sure they ...more

This state should be 14 positions higher. Talk about your story about this state and get Utah to the #2 position. This state is religious for sure, which means if you are NOT a White Mormon you are NOT welcome.

Utah is very racist. From my experience, I lived in downtown Salt Lake City for 4 1/2 years. In the upper class commonly wealthy area referred to as 'The Avenues'. I hated living there. It's so boring and depressing. The city shuts down at 9 P.M. the white people are rude, racist, think they're superior amongst other races. And it's funny how they are so racist towards black people when Utah has one of the highest adoption rates in the nation. And hey this...THE CHILDREN THEY ADOPT ARE BLACK! ' That's insane.
If you're not Mormon and white you're treated as an outcast. Being black attractive and successful in Utah will outcast you as well. The blacks that are there and happy have either been adopted and raised by a black family. Married into a write family and converted to Mormon religion. It's a cult! The people run the state of Utah. Let's put it out there. The white men own their businesses. Build their own homes. While the women stay home barefoot and pregnant all the time. ...more - Anti-Utah

There are two key things that makes this state racist. You either have to be white and/or a Mormon to have a happy and successful life. Utah was founded by Mormon pioneers in the middle of the 1800s. Today, majority of the population are both white and mormon. With Latinos and catholic coming in second place. The point is, the advantages mostly goes to both white and mormons, those whom are not in neither will have to work harder to have a better life.

I have driven from coast to coast, and visited almost every state in the US. By far the worst driving experience I had was in Utah. Literally, every car blew past me (blowing my car to the side) and cut me off with no blinker. It wasn't my driving, because nothing like tis happened in any other of the 25+ states I've driven through. They were making a point my kind was not welcome...SCARY!

I live in Utah and I've encountered lots of racism. I'm half Mexican and even some cops are rather racist. I'd rather live in California again.

Utah should be at the #2 position, If you want to feel racism come to utah,
White Police officers like to target Minorites, and the mormon religion is racist...

For the first 130 years, the culture's theology was one of the last bastions of systemic racism in the country. Until 1978 Black were not afforded full blessings in the Mormon church

I was vacationing in Utah several years ago (I'm from Illinois). When I went into a gas station to pay for gas, the white young woman behind the counter all but threw my change at me. Oddly, she was extremely friendly with my white husband. I'm half-Asian, but I think she thought I was Native American by my skin tone, jewelry and dress. Needless to say, I will never go to Utah again.

Cold, racist, close minded people. It's a beautiful state, but it's not worth surrounding yourself by hateful xenophobes.

Utah is a paradise for white people. The passive aggressive hate for other races is everywhere. This state goes unnoticed because of the major religion. Being judged by every soul in this state is impossible to avoid. I hope for those moving here that are not white, to have a better experience than I did. Slavery ended but racism is still alive and strong but more quiet.

75% of the people here are moronic racists who would rather pay 10% to some cult than learn about actual history. They seem ok at first but when they realize you are not going to be a mormon and live "right" like they do, they start giving you the cold shoulder and showing their true ignorant selves. Not ALL mormons are like this but Utah has the worst of them. I know mormons who moved here and promptly moved away because the people here were strange and cult like. this was out of the mouth of a devout mormon. STAY AWAY FROM Utah AT ALL COSTS. unless you are a racist hick then you will fit right in.

Boy oh boy Utah should be topping this chart

A ninety percent white society, full if people that treat other races like a different species. All non-whites are alienated/not as good/why talk to a black person when there are white people left in the world.

Pretty much everyone is racist toward anyone that isn't white. Unless you are white, it seems like you are a second class citizen.

It sucks here. Utah is dry which is bad for my hair so I wear a wig to protect it and the fact there a barely any black hair salons that are any good doesn't help anyway. I hate it here and the people are rude and nasty nice. At the airport they had the audacity to pat down my wig which was so damn rude an unnecessary.This is the only place I've seen this.I lost my phone and ask the security to check the bathroom cause I couldn't cross back into the line and they ignored me walked slowly and lied the phone wasn't where I left. I abhor this demon filled state.

It's definitely very racis t.. i t doesn't show always because the atmosphere is very passive aggressive... I go to the university of Utah which I believe is the most diverse and least racist place in the state... but even there I get racist vibes every now and then... like people not responding if you say hello... walking right through you... bumping and not apologizing... and the looks... that says a lot... and I am a graduate student... from a different country... so I felt unwelcome there... that being said I also met really nice people there... who were white... and Utahn... don't know about what faith they followed but they were really nice and genuine... the worst part though I think is that the same racism trickles through to schools and professional places... even at the university I have observed subtle discrimination even against professors who are from a different religious and racial background... and children are left out in school and not integrated into social ...more

Salt Lake City is the most progressive city in Utah. That being said, only city centre is the more "Progressive" area. Beyond 2100 South It becomes a conservative Utah-Mormon hellhole. The farther south you go, the more it seems like you've entered the Deep South, esp. Provo. There are no confederate flags, but the people act like POC are the scourge of the earth, and they'll shove a Book of Mormon down your throat faster then one can get out of there, as if somehow a BOM will make you white, and "Perfect" in God's eye.