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Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.


I'm from VA. I'm 26. I grew up in south side Richmond and I was always judged because I wasnt black or Hispanic. I was different. I'm 75% white and 25% black. Nobody knew what I was. I wasn't bullied about my skin color but I was looked at very differently. However, my mothers (whose white) side of the family is very racist. When it comes to the older generation. My mother was never attracted to white men she was always attracted to black men. My grandfather was not happy and treated her very very unfairly because of that. Me and my mother no longer speak with him, because I feel he doesn't accept me as his grandchild because of my race. I treat everybody equally. My youngest child is half El Salvadorian. I also have a black partner and it's a woman. I also get very judged by that by my oldest daughters fathers side of the family. To me, I've seen more hatred towards the white race here from black people because SOME black people do take it too far saying the white people owe them ...more

I see segregation and no room for opportunities to make an honest dollar as a young person because of one's skin color or as an immigrant. It is like those in authority are loudly saying "go back to where you come from." This is how one feels going in circles, being stagnant not going anywhere. Trying countless of time to find a job is frustrating and the job sites does not make it easier. When a person does call you for a job opening and from one's answer that you are not a citizen, 9 out of 10 hang up the phone on you.Its hard, it's like each man to his own self. Nearly everyone is grumpy, skeptic and individualistic. It's only prayers that keeps one going and faith. But I thank God there are one or two persons who helped me to get a job which was church related. It has since closed down but was grateful nevertheless.

It really is sad how the society operates not being kind and equal but again this is facts am sharing.

I'm from Northern VA, lived there all my life and it disgusts me how people who haven't lived here all their lives are judging a state by 1 or 2 years. The Confederate flag is really nothing, it's been there for a century to show Southern pride, and if that is too much to take, I don't know what you can take. Virginia is a Southern state but it is also a Blue & Red state, as far as I know, the most racist region here is Appalachian Plateau, a very redneck area. Here in NoVA we don't get much racism, but as I am Asian, and Indian, people ask why my eyes aren't small like all Asians, so I'm not a Asian because of that. So yeah, most racism here is directed to Asians rather than Blacks, Latinos, and Whites. But I may be wrong as I am Asian which gives me another perspective.

I lived in Virginia most of my life, about 40 years and while growing up and going to integrated schools, is where I felt the most racist of racist there. I see no change in that status at all. Some things never change. I no longer live in the state of Virginia and will never go back there ever. It's the deep South. No need to say anymore.

I'm orginaly from Kentucky and I thought racism was bad there until I moved to Virginia with my wife who is from Virginia. My Mother told me when I moved here that I was moving to the old capitol of the South during the Civil War. Her opinion was right on target, if you don't believe me look up Farmville, Virginia. Check your history of Farmville it was a real hotbed of racism during the Civil rights movementLet, National Guard was needed in the schools to protect Black Americans. Also there has a big controversy over the raising of a Confederate flag off I-95 near Chester, Virginia. Lets just say I miss my Old Kentucky Home due to the racism I've experienced in Virginia. Best advise I would give you is if you're thinking of moving here, visit first and talk to the locals, you may change your mind. Defintely do your homework.

I was born here. This was the most racist state I lived in. I have also lived in Georgia and Mississippi. Both blacks and whites are racist in this state. The blacks always bullied me in groups and the whites bullied me because I looked different and I was poor...Not just name calling, but physically harming me and threatening me. I hate this state. It should be number one. The rich white people that moved from up north are the most racist.

I see confederate flags flying all over the city of Richmond. The only difference I see in Mississippi (my home state) and Virginia is that people in Mississippi are more hospitable. They have "manors. " The infusion of northerners into the state of Virginia has reduced any southern hospitality that maybe once existed, but the racism remains, so it is the worst of both worlds.

Virginia should be in the top 10. They are very insulting towards Indians. My friend is Indian and the stupid racists say he stinks. Even though he smells good and definitely better than those racists. These people need to get a brain. Even the teachers at school are racist(they have a double standard against non-whites)

I am African American and I have lived in Virginia all my life. From the time I was born until I was 10, I've lived in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. That area of Virginia was very multicultural and city-like. I've never experienced racism until I moved to the Southern part of Virginia. That was the first time that I saw the confederate flag. I always thought that the flag was illegal. I didn't even knew what the word 'redneck' was until I moved down there. In southern VA, they act like the confederate flag, confederacy, and the n- word was fine and completely normal. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with people.

Some of these posts are pitiful. I was born and raised in Virginia. Have you people making some of the crazy comments bothered to look around you. You cannot walk10 yards without seeing mixed couple/family. Its pretty darn tough to be a racist state when the races mix like they do here. Maybe some of you need to look from within.

Virginia should be top 3 it is very racist there. I moved to VA from California in 1999 I was called N-word and discriminated against my whole time there. Southern VA is one of the most racist places in the Nation confederate flags still fly and passed off as heritage.

I've been called a racist; however, I hate all peoples equally.

Virginia should be much higher on this list. It is, by far, the most racist state I have ever lived in.

I go to college here not knowing how racist the people could be and lemme tell ya. I underestimated tremendously. The town itself is flooded with racism. This state sucks

I'm only 13 and think this state is racist. I live in Virginia and the magority of the kids at my school are African American. And the teachers are racist towards us. I feel that it should stop and I think that someone needs to put a stop to this.

After having grown up in Western NC and moved to the DC suburbs, I was absolutely shocked at how racist northern Virginia is. Mind you, it's not the overt name calling type of racism I grew up around. It's much more subtle in the northern counties.

I was told by a real estate agent that I couldn't live in a certain county, because "white people don't live there." It was also assumed by many of my co-workers that because I grew up in the Appalachian south I was racist, yet they constantly talked trash about our bi-racial coworker behind her back.

I routinely witnessed traffic stops for "driving while black" in my Arlington neighborhood. In fact, all the neighborhoods in Arlington and Fairfax were pretty much segregated. I remember getting the strangest looks walking my dog because I was a white guy in a "Salvadoran" neighborhood.

I guess at least in Appalachia, you know who the bigots are and can avoid them. I had to leave that place. Most classist, racist place ...more

Yes, Virginia is racist and one of our most racist Presidents Woodrow Wilson comes from this hole! He even took this sickness to Princeton University as it's president. Banned interracial marriages and segregated federal institutions. Anything with the name Woodrow Wislon on it sickens me!

CORRECTING AN ERROR: *I do NOT have to stand with SOME white people for purity of the race. My apologizes if anybody reads my comment.

I am from NOVA (Northern Virginia) and I have never experienced any kind of racism ever. The communities are extremely integrated and the teachers treat all students equally. Bi-racial people aren't treated any different. I myself am Ethio-American. Not only am I foreign I am also 'Black'. For anyone else who stated differently, I urge you to re - evaluate what you said.

I'm mixed as well. I'm half black and half Spanish. People automatically assume I'm 100% because I'm a tad dark for a mixed girl. My hair is very curly naturally, because everyone on my dads side has curly hair. My last name is Spanish for Curly hair, but everyone would always scream "look at the negro with negro naps! " When I was in elementary school in California. The sun made me tan and I blended In with the Mexicans and Filipino's, but once they found out I was black, people would would bully me and lie and say that I was being racist towards them. Boy was that a lie. My mother and brother and I would make jokes whenever we saw a black guy walking on the side walk. We would all yell, "look it's a black guy! " Because you never saw people of my color or darker there.

It got better when I moved back to my home state, Virginia. Middle school was hard because I'd get bullied for being a "half n*****". I feel that blacks or mixed people will never truly hold a genuine place in ...more

Considering that this is the Capitol of the Confederacy, this should be #1.

Born and raised in Southern VA and those that say that the confederate flag is all over are not being truthful. Besides the Confederate flag isn't a symbol or racism. That is your interpretation. Read about the flag. And VA is no more racist than any other state. In fact the so called persons of color are WAY more racist than the white populous. And I have lived here 43 years.

Southwestern Virginia including Roanoke surrounding area is very racist. Tragedy happened here. History is remembered. Forgeiners are unwelcomed.

FCPS is a School District Near DC. it is Very racist. teachers Give you bad grades if your A "Immigrant" and They Are Rude Towards Kids with Ethnically Backgrounds. They Set you up with Other Classmates that are Black or Hispanic cause they think that You Guys would be a Dumb Immigrant Class. so Racist. I am a American With a Kurdish Background, I was walking with my Kurdish-American Family & This White guy Assumes us Bombers and Pulls a Middle Finger at us & Nearly Runs us Over. & Nearly All Schools in Virginia has The U.S. Flag, Virginia Flag & The Confederate Flag in The "Average American (racist) Classroom" Confederate Flags are Everywhere!

Went there on vacation and everybody seemed very judgemental.