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61 Will Ferrell
62 Bill Gates
63 I don't understand! You only destroy my planet and finally the turtle doesn't write. To save our family, just bake me again. NO JOKES IN AN ANCIENT LANGUAGE, PLEASE!

I had to read this like five times and I STILL don't get it. PURE RANDOMNESS. - isabellapineiro

I get it! If the world is destroyed and the turtle wont write back, the turtle has to bake me to save the world! Jokes in an ancient language could potentialy bore the crap out of us so much that the turtle wont write back. BUT WAIT jokes in an ancient language contains 31 letters there is 1 eye on the ILLUMINATI 31 minus 1 equals 30 there are 10 letters in illuminati 30 divided by 10 is 3 there are 3 sides on the ILLUMINATI SO this extremely random haffymaff is ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

I think it's talking about some kind of food that has a turtle. This is so funny! - funnyuser

Whoever wrote this deserves a medal and a raise.

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64 wow
65 George the Purple Cow

I have seen purple cows in the original Ben 10. - Kiteretsunu

66 Halo spartan in a grass-skirt and a coconut bra

I like this a lot!

67 My Little Ponies Say Friendship Is Magic With Cupcakes!
68 pudding

Chocolate or vanilla?! Unless its... SUPER CHOCOLATE VANILLA RAINBOW SPRINKLE SWIRL CAKE! Then it would be okay.

69 Kitty
70 A Bird Of Prey Bit Me. Owl.

He said to leaf him alone. Owl. - funnyuser

71 I didn't study!
72 Bobzilla

Oh no its BOBZILLA! He will come for us all

73 Blure
74 Cats
75 Hogwarts
76 Baby - Justin Bieber
77 Tommy the Turd

How about Tommy the toilet turd

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78 Larry the Legendary Duck Pirate

Gather around while I tell you the ancient mystic saga of Larry the Legendary Duck Pirate. - PositronWildhawk


The meeting of Mikey the Magic Dishwasher and Larry the Legendary Duck Pirate :
Larry :Hello!
Larry : Hello!
Larry : bye, you're not my friend anymore! 1(leaves the room)
Mikey : I'm Mikey. - funnyuser

79 A mayonnaise jar is eating my pickle!
80 victory!! victory for zim!

YOU LIE! (filler for post minimum... Yeah... Monkey anus... Needs more quality... )

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