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161 I am punching your salad V 3 Comments
162 Hi I Am Big Fatty Fatterman Son Of Fatso Fatterman And Son Of Fattina Fatterman And Grandson Of Fatsam Fatterman And Grandson Of Fattica Fatterman! My Daughter Is Called Fatsaria And My Son Is Called Goerge!

Prince of the Turkish world. #Brigitte for the world

V 4 Comments
163 tooth

Tooth! Haha! The best one's are always the one syllable words. Much like this gem... Or. , FART! Haha! Ah dear... - Britgirl

164 Freddy the Pinecone

I don't even know what to say at this point

V 2 Comments
165 Adolf Hitler riding a great white shark through a black woman's swimming pool.

THIS IS SO RACIST. It's funny. Black woman are the best.

166 Ebenezer Scrooge is falling from the sky! Take a swim in the Lego ocean and talk to the cosmic frog
167 Sir Nicholas De Mimsy Porpington is under my bed.
168 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie

And just what is so random about saying Pinkie Pie? In my school, I say it so often, it's normal.

169 Help Steve has Captainsparklez in a headlock someone get sky with the butter!

I agree with you K. it should get higher! So random! I'm going to try to memorize this and tell this to my friend. - funnyuser

V 1 Comment
170 candle
171 window
172 apple sauce
173 Pie
174 In doggy land, toyota sudokus llama barbeque
175 catfish.
176 cheese
177 Who is my car?

Seriously though who is my car I left my bike at the gas station.

178 You're not in the Boy Scouts anymore
179 More papaya where you soften the closest proximity to forcefully make it tumble quite frequently like smashing your elbow skin a bunch of times and rolling left and under not so much. Lasagna.

Now THAT is very random. Well played, sir, or madam. - PositronWildhawk

Now THIS should be number one! - funnyuser

180 I like blue cheeseburger flavored soda V 2 Comments
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