Most Ridiculously Violent Movies


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1 Cannibal Holocaust

Banned in Australia and many countries a long time ago. In 2006 it is allowed in Australia (Uncut).

This movie is so stupid.

Maybe you don't understand the meaning of this film. I'm not gonna waste my time educating you, go look it up. - MontyPython

2 Dead Alive

The part when he was smacking the baby around was hilarious

3 Hostel

Holy lord! This movie is packed with so much sex, nudity, blood, and torture.

4 Oldboy
5 The Evil Dead
6 300
7 The Expendables 2
8 Kill Bill - Volume One
9 High Tension
10 The Passion of the Christ

Well, duh, it's the death of Jesus Christ! What do you expect? And it's only the truth, not stupid made-up violence! Geez, these people...Whoo.

Well, how is this movie looks violent? It might be sad because it was'nt fiction at all. It's a true event

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11 A Serbian Film
12 Battle Royale
13 Rambo (2008)
14 Tokyo Gore Police
15 I Spit on Your Grave
16 The Wild Bunch
17 A Clockwork Orange

this was RIDICULOUSLY violent.
so much nudity too.
if I wanted to get a kick on the silver screen, I would just look up a porn site, not a 'classic' movie

18 7 Days
19 Machine Girl
20 I Saw the Devil
21 Friday the 13th

Some of the blood in the movie is just plain old ketchup.

22 Saving Private Ryan

The Graphics are incredible

23 Total Recall
24 Edge of Darkness
25 Salo or 120 Days of Sodom
26 Rambo
27 Reservoir Dogs

I guy got his ear cut off by a straight razor. Enough said.

28 Freddy Got Fingered
29 Wolf Creek
30 Apocalypto
31 Saw VI
32 Robin Hood (2010)
33 Scarface
34 Braveheart
35 Hollow Man
36 Heat
37 Die Hard
38 Pulp Fiction
39 Snakes on a Plane
40 Kiss of Death

In all fight scenes, they are all BLOODY - harrisondavidmel

41 The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
42 Planet Terror
43 Robocop
44 Ninja Assassin

I cannot believe people don't mention this more often! Twice as bloody as 300!

45 Kingsman: The Secret Service

The trailer looked PG-13. The real movie was a sadistic gore-filled cluster Good movie though

46 Casino
47 Kite

This movie is very worser than transformers 4, teenage mutant ninja turtles, left behind, the legend of hercules and is bad like saving Christmas

48 Foodfight!
49 Antichrist
50 Irreversible
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