Most Romantic Rock Songs of All Time

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61 Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
62 Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
63 Angie - Rolling Stones

One of the best slow Stones songs...

64 The Only Exception - Paramore
65 Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles
66 Here, There, and Everywhere - The Beatles V 1 Comment
67 Ashes of Eden - Breaking Benjamin
68 All I Need - Within Temptation

Perfect fot broken and stubborn hearts, I just love it.

69 You Complete Me - Stabbing Westward
70 Only the Broken Hearts - Sonata Arctica
71 Follow You - Bring Me the Horizon
72 September - Daughtry
73 Like a Stone - Audioslave

So calm yet such a deep and moving piece as a hole song

Audioslave is the bomb.

74 Violence - Anathema
75 Forever and a Day - Saliva
76 Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Arguably the most romantic song dedicated to a woman. This deserve to be in top 5

Seriously? How is this below the top ten? This and layla should be in the top ten

How can it not be in the top 10

77 Dreaming (Tell Me) - Yngwie
78 I Died for You - Iced Earth
79 Poison - Alice Cooper

ALIVE as hell! This blazing masterpiece is one of the few love rock songs that are not lacking of energy and passion.

There's no way this is #78. This song is addictive as hell. - maarilynmaanson

80 Save Me - Queen

Save Me by QUEEN is phenomenal! I would've voted for Love Of My Life, but Save Me has more 'Rock' to it and is very romantic!

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