Most Romantic Things to Do With Her

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21 Get some bonfire in your room and sit on the carpet with her watching her favourite film

Very unlikely you might burn her.

Minus the bonfire, it's a good idea

I wouldn't want my house to get caught on fire

Yeah, if you want to burn your house down. - RiverClanRocks

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22 Everytime you see her after a certain period of time wrap your arms around her and refuse to let go (playfully of course)

I do this to my girl all the time she hates me trys strugleing to try and get me but than we normaly turns into real paly if you know what I mean

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23 Go skinny dipping

I loved it with her

I would LOVE that if a boy did that with me

It really feels amazing.

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24 Get blue lights in your room and pleasant slow music, perfect for a dance

I love it your amazing at this I'm naked you should come over

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25 Take her to her favourite restaurant with a wedding ring in her glass

That's how people die. Safety should always come first you dick licking jack ass

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26 Bubble bath, candles, low light, and just you, her, and soft music

It really is fun relaxing together in a;warm, soapy, bath tub. Everyone should try it at least once.

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27 Call her and say you're picking her up for a full day of just the two of you

Make sure it's a suprise! :) Give her like 20 minutes to get ready and bring her favorite drink over with her favorite breakfast food to start off the day. She'll be thinking about you long after it's over and will definitely lead to her wanting to do give/do something back (: But make sure she knows she doesn't have to. You did it out of all the love in your heart;)♥

28 Nestle her head in your chest and stroke her hair.

Before girlfriend:

1. Videos games
2. Girlfriend

After girlfriend:

1. Girlfriend
99. Video Games

If You have a girlfriend, You don't need them quite.

So sweet... If someone did this to me, I'd fall asleep feeling so safe and warm... ☺️

29 Lay together in your truck bed and watch the sunset and stars.

Layed so many times cause of that

30 Go with her to the movies and eat popcorn
31 Go to kiss her lips and quickly peck her on the nose

I do it all the time and we both end up laughing afterwards! It works! I enjoy seeing the amusement on her face afterwards.

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32 during hugging time tell her that u adore her

I think this one is the best, she will always want to be in your arms,

That could make her to think that you are not playing with her

33 Send flowers to her house and a love card with her favorite candy

Do this for a special occasion, if you want.

34 Do everything she loves doing and support her every day

Always keep a short distance or you will get up in the friendzone

Hmm.. Maybe just do it once in a while.. It can get annoying.
Support her when she needs support. Or if she works, tell her
You think of her and love her as much as birds love seeds.
Not every time though, only once and a while and think of different things.

35 Take her to the place you met in the beginning of it all

Always a good idea, because you get to understand when serious what brought you two togther.

I'm 14 I met my girlfriend In elementary school and tomorrow where ganna go on a long walk it's a little chilly out and I'm ganna lend her my coat cause she yes cold super easyand where ganna sit together on the big playground equipment where we first talked and hopefully have our first kiss.

36 Kiss her in the rain V 3 Comments
37 Drive inn

The drive-in is amazing did that for my first date with my girlfriend and halfway through the first movie fireworks at the fairgrounds next to the drive-in started going off and he started smiling and blushing which was so adorable. And make sure the movies are scary movies because she will scoot closer to you and you just wrap your arms around her and hold her tight and assure her that she is safe with you. It works trust me!

38 Climb a tree

You feel young again when your doing it like transfers in love, and are away from everyone else at the top

Tree climbing is so swaggalicious. Makes her and I happy. When she's happy I'm happy. Love you natalia!

What are we suppose to do when we reach the top? Jump or hang ourselves? I'd rather jump.

39 Text and Tell Her When You Think of Her

Make sure you put your heart and soul into it

40 Go to Six Flags then tell her you love her on the top of the Giant Drop V 1 Comment
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1. Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark
2. While watching a sunset hug her from behind kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear
3. Hug and kiss her from behind and tell her you love her
1. Kiss her deeply on the lips and then say "you'll always be mine, forever"
2. Hug her tightly in the starry night
3. Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark
1. Take her to a restaurant where there is just one table and not a single person around with light music and candle light
2. Kiss her slowly, so she can feel every spark
3. Take her to the terrace under the moon and say even the envious moon is hiding behind the clouds

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