Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

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261 You are the key to my heart.

omg guys... the girls freak if you say this to her. Trust me they love to hear this.

262 Til Death Do Us Apart

If it's true love then not even death should be able to part you from the one you love. I plan on spending an eternity with my girl.

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263 You're beautiful to me, the world is an ugly place but you're such a sight to see
264 You're amazing, You've changed my life completely; I love you with my heart & soul V 1 Comment
265 Every time I hug you its assures me I'm alive

Rub her back gently while hugging and saying so... I did and she melted to ma arms with tears from her tiny beautiful eyes -

How do you forget your alive dude

266 I love you more than life itself

I can't live without her, she completes me

267 My heart beats so fast when I'm close to you and do you feel the same too?
268 I lay down and think about all my flaws in life, how can I get back on my feet? Suddenly they all disappear now that I'm dreaming of your face.

That makes it seems like you wsnt to jerk of to her face lol

269 If I have to choose my life or you, I'll choose my life because you are my life.
270 You are so awesome that I have a dozen scientists in a secret lab working to develop a phrase that describes how awesome you are

Wow... She went nuts over this one..

Instead of awesome why not say beautiful

271 Do you like AC/DC? Because you shook me all night long.

I think this one will ruin a lot of relationships

Love it my girl and I listen to that all the time (I think she hates it but listensto it because I like it)

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272 The beat of your heart plays my favorite song

It is a very nice line for a girl whom one is madly in love with.

273 Now I know why my heart beats one beat too slow because that last beat was always meant for you
274 To me beautiful is an understatement for you
275 There's only 1 thing, 2 say, it's 3 words, 4 you, I love you.

This one is really amazing, I told my girl and she blushed and smiled and couldn't stop hugging me

276 I must have done something incredible for karma to give me someone as amazing as you

Perfect. I am not typically a good person, so this works on many levels.

277 Do you see any stars this night, cause what I see was you in the sky V 2 Comments
278 Are you a long and boring book? Cause you're really thick.

Lmfao wouldn't use for a serious relationship but maybe a friend's with benefits type of thing 😂😂💯

279 Even if I don't make it into Heaven, at least I got to see an angel

That's good

That's good

So helpful

280 My heart beats just for you
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1. Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.
2. God was showing off when He created you.
3. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
1. When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."
2. They say a picture tells 1,000 words, but when I see yours, all I see is 3: I Love You
3. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

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