Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

Just the right things to say... now, wait for the right moment, and whip out one of these lines.

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21 I'm so confused. They told me that angels are only in heaven, but I've found one here.

This is pretty good, I mean like its good if said at the right time like when your holding hands with her or cuddling you know just to make it more romantic.

Best thing to say to a girl if you wanted to go out with her for all you dudes out there alone and want a girl trust me this line will work. A am going out with my crush for 2 years alredy

Don't swear by it. Some girls are extremely sly. I would prove it if you could do that though internet.

The best thing you could SAY to her! Awesome

My girlfriend really wanted to sex with me when she heard this - riki1234

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22 I say I love you so much because I never know if one day one of us will end up in the hospital, and I want your last feeling to be me loving you.

For those guys who are clingly, and a girl gets mad because you're saying I love you to much, or something. Make sure you say this line, It'll make her cry. Trust me.

Not if you do high risk sport like base jumping. My girlfriend would be mad at me!

Lovely saying...
this will touch anyones heart...

My girlfriend best friend just recently passed away so I was trying to make her feel better and I have said this and she felt a lot better.


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23 I need you, (Name), like the roses need the rain. Like the poet needs the pain. I just can't live without you. My body and soul are yours.

I love this one. dude your a genius. my girl was gonna break up with me and I hugged her and said it to her, we kissed and she changed her mind. now were still together and we love each other

I said this to my mom on mothers day. She loved it, her eyes lit up. I love my life.

I like this one I said this one and she just fell apart

You're writing lines about her, romantic poetry. - lovefrombadlands

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24 You are so amazingly... wonderfully... beautifully... awesomely... maybe... no most definitely the most precious of all precious things.

I said this to my girl, and she went insane with joy. - jprg12

Oh my god, my best friend was feeling so down, and I said this to her and she immediately stopped feeling blue and gave me the biggest hug, best one so far!

I wrote this on my girlfriend's wall at 2:30AM and she called me the next morning telling me that she had a bad nightmare so she woke up and went on Facebook. She was so amazed with the post that the next morning she made me the biggest and best breakfast possible and told me that I cured her bad dream :D


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25 Last night I wanted to send you a message, but all I could write was, noh ss!w !. It didn't make much sense until I read it upside down.

Its really good and unusual. Very original and will flatter her even through a text message! Genius because nowadays text message is one of the only method of communicating.

This should be higher up... Because this is a really good line... It really works because it's just very clever... Props to the creator...

There is a girl that I like and she's going to a different (British) secondary school than me and I know that I might not see her again so sent her this. She hasn't got it yet but I can't wait for her reaction in the morning.

Wow that's good

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26 I'll love you till death, and then some.

I told this to my girlfriend.. she cried, and said "if that's true, Than please, please, PLEASE.. Live forever! "

I told it to my girlfriend, then we kissed for about 10 minutes and held hands and fell asleep, if you tell her this, there's a 98.2% chance she'll return a loving message

My girl started to cry and kiss me at the same time

I don't get it.

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27 Before we ever met you were my dream girl, and even now that you've become a reality I still go to sleep every night thinking about you because you're the one I want to wake up with every morning.

This is so adorable, I said it to my boyfriend I did say dream guy... ) he replied my princess (this is what he calls me) since I met you I have forgotten how to not think about you, it was hard enough already :, ) was a lovely moment x

With this one she said you are going to make me cry. I like this one a lot and apparently so does she!

I've said this to my girlfriend on Facebook messenger even though she is busy and stressed the next 3 days with study and exams at uni she said we will talk about us then I just feel I have to resolve and tell her how I feel I do understand her poerspective I am trying to prevent a break up I really hope it works please tell me if this is the right choice - Jake1993

Who wants to hear that? It doesn't make sense! - Lucretia

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28 Last night I was looking at the sky and I started counting the stars. I noticed that two were missing and I cant help but feel that you stole them, because today, I saw them in your eyes.

That's really sweet. I can't wait to use it on the love of my life. I know that she'll love it.
I tried it, and she - the normal blusher she is - just looked down, blood decorating her cheeks, and hugged and kissed me shyly, with a beautiful spark in her eyes. I'll die happy!


The one is really sweet, you will definitely get awwed for this one, I used it when my girl was having a bad day and this cheered her right up. So yeah... Use it!

It got me nothing () I'm pissed

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29 I could hold you forever.

This is less possessive than "I'll never let you go", but implies the same thing. This should always be whispered.

Made my heart skip a beat and dance. This is something I would really remember forever.

If someone said this to me, it's a wrap! I would remember it forever but every girl is different. I love this!

But you can't because I need to go on that waterslide. - lovefrombadlands

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30 Had an X-ray today, guess what they found? You. Safely tucked away in my heart. They said my heart is fine with a girl like you in it.

I LOVE THIS ONE I said this to my girlfriend and she kissed me for the first time she used to be al shy but now she says allot to everyone I love her with all of my heart

Good made her very emotional and she loved it, use this if you are experiencing problems with girlfriends and you need to sort them out...

This is one of the best ones that has worked for me with my girl! It's so easy to just randomly shoot her a text while at work or something. This lit up her face and made her blush a kind of red I'd never seen before! This should definitely be top 10!

But that really doesn't make sense, its anotomically impossible. - Lucretia

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31 Life with out you, it isn't life at all.

This works really well gets a kiss every time! Amazing. I use this all the time and works every time.

Another one could be " your heart plays the melody to my hearts beat love"

That was good and not corny

Yeah BOI, got me good with meh Girl. Lit

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32 Thousands of stars are in the sky but you are the one in front of my eye.

That's great and easy, but if you use it like this it will be much better!

Thousands of stars are in the sky but you are the only one that catches my eye

Mvh Henrik

This is a catch line, not a good Idea and yours is even worse. Take my advise and don't be cheesy

great! one of the best things anyone could say to a girl...

That is amazing my best'un is in tears and I am cuddling her she loves it thank you

She Started To Cry, People Just Come Up With The Greatest Things

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33 Every time I hear your name I smile, every time I hear my phone go off I hope it's you, every time I see you, you make me laugh, I couldn't imagine life without you!

Okay this website is really helpful I'm trying someone these on my girlfriend and they work!

Really helped me out a lot here and it's really sweet thanks for the help x

This is a real relationship saver thanks

Lucretia...i'm pretty sure you've never fallen on love...or maybe u recently broke is something in which u experience things never experienced by anyone ever's up to u how u take those things...cheers

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34 I miss you so much, there isn't a word that can describe it, it doesn't exist. I promise to love you till I find it.

GOLD! This is awesome! Very sweet

My girlfriend said she had no words. Thank you.

She cried for like an hour earned a kiss.

What happens when u find the word in the dictionary automatically?

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35 You're too perfect for words you're the inspiration of my whole life you blow me away with you're flawless looks and beautiful personality you're the only girl who makes me the happiest guy in the world

It just nice to hear this word

This is just the best. I recommend this to everyone. I used this and all I got was endless kisses and hugs

This works very well, she said it was the sweetest thing she had ever been told.

Definitely perfect for a special girl I know

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36 When I'm near you, I'm a better Me. When you're away, I'm only half the man I want to be.

I liked this one- the whole idea of better people.

Theses are some killer word... Mad though it should be list in the top 20

Awh If my man said this to me I would cry and love him forever! I miss my babe. This ne is my favorite one.


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37 Did it hurt when God removed your wings and sent you down to earth?

I have ever read such a proverb it was really really wonderful!

Great one which makes a girl to feel better than before

This is some thing original... Just wow...
I think I m going to apply this as soon as possible to ma girl... Hope she likes it... I would say it face to face...

Yes. As a matter of fact it did. - BeatlesFan1964

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38 Your father's a thief because he stole all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes.

Beautiful line, I Love it Wow her eyes(), they really are the stones from heaven.
Whenever I saw them, I'm so lost in them that I forgot even myself.

That is so brilliant I said it to my girlfriend then she kissed me in such a way I never think of

Not for me, my girlfriend doesn't have a dad ;( still love her doh

Romantic and funny at the same time๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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39 I love you.

I said this to my girlfriend. And she said scream it to the world if you really do... So I whispered it in her ear, she then asked me "why did you whisper it to me?! " And I said "Because you are my world. " She instantly kissed me.

That's a good one. It works! I did it and my girlfriend started crying

Simplest is always the best. The long lines always look fake and made up. You facial expression and body language if good, this will make her day

You just have to really mean it, and she will love you.


Sarah M, if you're reading this, let me say that I love you. And I mean it in a passionate way. You were always a great friend of mine throughout elementary, and I always loved your pool parties. You were such a sweet girl, though I never saw you after I left HPS in Anaheim. I've bumped into more friends in middle and high school, and although I had a soft spot for quite a few, none will be as amazing as you. You're smart, you're talented, and you were everything that I imagined in you. Words can't describe how much I adore you.

- Adam

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40 I believe in God because having you is a miracle.

Its okay... I mean not that bad I tries it on my chick and she loved it we are dating for 3 months hope it goes well

It should really be " you made me believe in god again because for once he gave me a miracle"

God is the Ultimate Matchmaker, trust me, folks!

My girlfriend atheist... I said this to her and she cried. It works!

God is right, that's the best things ever happens you here with me

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1. Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.
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3. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
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