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441 I would give my whole life just for one day with you. V 1 Comment
442 I'm not Superman but I'll always be here to protect you
443 I would die a thousand times by God's choice just to spend a day with you

Don't say this to her if it isn't the right time but when the time is right it works like a charm. Remember when saying this always say in a whisper or not too loudly.

444 I lie awake every night trying to sleep... trying to dream. But my mind and heart know better. There is nothing in the land of dreams for me when I am loved by you.

Works and it got me kissed for the first time. Girls love this because it adds to the magic of love especially first and true love

445 I need you like the sky needs the sun, like the grass needs the spring wind.

I love this one, When I told this to her, she completely melted. Guys pure gold!

446 We'll have to snuggle and watch every movie ever created, so you never have to leave my arms baby.
447 My momma always told me that someday I would be able to hold the whole world in my arms, but I never understood what she meant until I met you

I like this one, my girlfriend almost started crying it made her realize how much I love her, thank you for the quote

I told this to my bb girl km and I'll never forget the moment it shared between us

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448 I just realized something, wishes do come true

You have no idea how happy she was. - kevinal56

449 You’re like the North Star, bright and beautiful.
450 Besides God you're the only other thing that can help me breath again.
451 Heaven must be missing an angel because you're right here on earth.

I said that to my girlfriend and she didn't know what to say.
A romantic comment is all about make your partner speechless, but once you let one out they will be expecting more and the only way to stop that is by saying, after your comment, to your partner "You deserve more. She will be flaterd.

452 I'm so clumsy... I keep falling in love with you.

This worked on my girlfriend after we got into a fight.

453 Every mirror you look at is like my heart. Stand in front of it and you know what you'll see.
454 I'll do anything for you, because I'm nothing without you.

It's just way sweet and you should use it!

455 Don't put candles on my birthday cake anymore. I don't need to make a wish because I already have you.

This is good if your birthday is really close by.

456 If I could take all the girls around the world and put them in one room none of them could compare to you
457 Let's do a perfect robbery, let's steal each others hearts!
458 When I hear your name in public I become the happiest man in the world, when I found out that they were talking about some one else I become the saddest
459 You are so gorgeous you're like an angel from heaven
460 You're perfect from head to toe... you're a masterpiece...
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1. Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.
2. God was showing off when He created you.
3. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
1. When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."
2. They say a picture tells 1,000 words, but when I see yours, all I see is 3: I Love You
3. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

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