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441 The weirdest thing happened to me this morning... I woke up with tears in my eyes... and they were rolling down my cheek... and I knew I must have been dreaming of you
442 My past relationships were like arrows pointing me straight to you

I like this quote. its simple but gets the point across

443 If I went far away, I'd write your name on every star so everyone could look up and see that you mean the world to me
444 I love you is not enough to express my feelings for you
445 I would rather spend 5 minutes in your arms then a lifetime with any other girl.

I added this because it is by far my favorite thing to say to a girl when I mean it. Granted you can only use it once, but it is worth it. They love it

446 Your smile makes me laugh! Your laugh makes me smile. Every time I see your face, I can never frown on that day.
447 My love for you is deeper than words can describe, more than a smile is worth, bigger than a kiss can show, longer lasting than an eternity, I love you so much and I will spend the rest of my days proving it too you.
448 Everyday I Live Life Like Its My Last Day So I Always Will Love You Like There's No Tomorrow!

I'm a bad boy, and this made my girls heart melt. She cried tears of happiness, and making her happy is what made me happy.

449 You are the reason why I smile each day.
450 I honestly have no idea how this came to be but I thank God it happened. We met for a reason and us being together and "loving each other forever" is that reason .

I said this to my girlfriend because we hardly met in the first place and it came to be the best thing of my life.

451 I hate saying goodnight to you because I never know if I'll wake up to see you again V 2 Comments
452 I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand and the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep and there are no words for that

Used this one. Brilliant results. Not too cheesy and really makes her really smile.

453 I'd go to hell and back for you

This was said when I was very intoxicated and if she didn't already have a lover... It would've worked.

454 Life would die without you, and I would too

It is so cute I wrote a poem with this in it and I know when I show
It to my boyfriend he will be so happy!

455 If you asked me if I've seen any of the "7 wonders of the world". I'd say "yes... But why is there 7... There's only one and it's You"

Oh man this one is heart melting - Curti2594

456 Babe, you're like the sun and I'm a plant, and without you, I wouldn't last.
457 You're my drug and I'm addicted to you
458 If my legs where broken I'd crawl to you, if my arms where broken I'd drag myself to you, if I died I'd wait for you in heaven forever
459 If every word I said could make you smile, I'd talk forever.
460 My love for you is like a tattoo, it will stay with me forever

Tattooing your name on my body is not enough, my love for you is etched permanently in my heart. hows that?

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1. Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.
2. God was showing off when He created you.
3. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
1. When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."
2. They say a picture tells 1,000 words, but when I see yours, all I see is 3: I Love You
3. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

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