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141 When I look at you my heart starts dancing on my tongue, 'cause it's too much for my chest to handle!

So cute I love it

It sweet. I would love it if a boy would say that to me

This is so cute. I would probably melt if a boy said that to me.

I'd love to use this one - Curti2594

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142 No one can take you from me

Wouldn't be that good to say over Facebook but in person it would be perfect just perfect

You should be careful how you say this 1.. Might sound possevive... But in the right way its reli sweet

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143 I have chosen to love you

If you don't think love is a choice plan on breaking up, moving on and getting divorced every time your feelings change. Love is a decision, not a feeling. If all you have is a feeling, more than likely your emotions are probably coming from selfishness: "I love the way he makes me feel" "I love the way she looks at me" Sounds like its all about you. Love is choosing to stand with someone when they've wronged you, hurt you, or even when you find out things about that person you don't like. I love this one!

Not good because she will act it's the hunger games

This is a very mature and healthy thing to say. Love is a choice. For when the honeymoon stage is over, one chooses everyday! This is phenomenal!

Maybe 'out of all the women in the world, I have chosen you're heart'

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144 You captivate my every being

This is great work you have done so far, I was losing my baby but now I try using this words and she is bad to me with great love, thanx so much

Shows that she means the earth and the stars to you. Making eye contact is vital. Mean it with your whole heart!

I hate you is Wht she said after this abd she said when you said that I k we you didn't live me

145 I hate Justin Bieber

Yeah,my girlfriend hate him because is an...

This will get you laid

This is so funny

I love him so much xx eline verhaeghe

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146 I wish there was a pause button on life, because I would use it every moment we're together

This is the best one my girl loved it. she kissed me n told me shell never leave me. she also said I'm the best boyfriend ever she loves me more then ever =D

It just tells it like it is. I think most people feel this way, I know I do. It just alway seems like there is never enough hours in the day, especially when your with the one you love.

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147 Kiss me

I love it when she tells me this

Say this to your boyfriend, he will love it and kiss U.

I'm a guy

This is super sexy when a girl says this to you, not gonna lie. It always gives me the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that she still loves me and wants my attention.

Dude take it slow and if she don't say it after. A month try make your move if it don't work than it ain't ment to be

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148 I used to wonder if there was a reason to live. I don't wonder anymore cuz I found my reason, it's you.

Love this, it's a m a z I n g!
She loved it.., she burst into tears of happiness.
It was so sweet.
Use this when she is feeling upset,
We didn't get much sleep, if you know what I mean!

That's so cute, It made me smile and get tears when I saw it, I hope this one gets up on top 10! - MrFuhktard

This is such a good and amazing line, it so awesome and cute hope this can get up to the top 10 I love this

I changed it a little worked great though

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149 Before she falls asleep, Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

From an old Mama Cass song

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you...

150 There are so many beautifull things out there, sunsets, autumn tree's, but you (insert name) far surpass all their combined beauty

i thought this up on the spot, and it made her smile, and thats all that matters to me

god, she makes saying these things so easy

This made her blush and then she gave me a kiss

When I told her this she smiled and that's all I need to see her smiling

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151 Baby, your that shooting star that I've always been wishing for.

That's what id use it's a good phrase

Change baby to your partners name because baby is a little cheesy

That's something cool to say to your girlfriend

How would a girl not smile after this one - Curti2594

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152 If I had a shotgun right now, I'd point it straight at the sky at shoot heaven down for you.

Sorry, but um who the crap made this? A phsyco path?

That's sounds more like what a redneck would say... I'm going to say this to my country beauty she will love it.. Thanks

This is lyrics from Bradley nowell from the band sublime

Wow wow wow she just started crying

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153 I want to be the best, because you deseve the best.

It's best when you fail at something and then she tells you that all that mattered was you did your best... You could say this line..

Am I the only one who started to Sing the Pokemon theme when I read this

This is how everyone should act when in a relationship - Curti2594

154 I can bring you out tonight, but with 1 condition... hide your wings. I don't want people to know that I have an angel walking beside me.

This is by far pn of my favorites because my girl is an angel to me.. I said this to her and she huggued and kissed me till I counldnt take it.. I love that girl to death

Its an amazing quote... I Love it and even my Angel will love it :-)

Said This To My Girl She Kissed Me

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155 You are the spark to my fire

fire represents energy or soemthing wonderful in the universe.
spark is the point which make fire more outstanding%

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156 I dropped a tear in the ocean and when I find it, it will the day I stop loving you.

Mt girlfriend cried when I said this because of this we getting married

I hope your right bro because she means the world 2 me, and I hope this doesn't ruin us

Said this to my girlfriend in a text and she said she felt like tearing up it felt great knowing that I make her feel so special thanks

This is from a Jay Sean song called Tears in the ocean

This is good I like it

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157 When I'm feeling that nothing in the world is going right, I look at a picture of us together and know that you can't get any more right than that

This is honestly really cute, all guys should try this line on their girlfriends

It is right you get a really good feeling when you see your wife or girlfriend because they complete U.

Ya that's really cute every girl would want to hear her boyfriend telling her that

This would melt my heart just for saying it! - Curti2594

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158 If you asked me whats more important you or my life id probably have to say my life.. and then you would leave me not realizing that you are my life

Haha my girlfriend used to give me brownie points. Most of the things I said to get them I found on here. She quit counting after 1000 I probably have about a million now

Worded just right, just used it last night and she said it gave her the warmest feeling, an got me a whole lot of brownie points

At first I was like... what? Then I kept reading and was like ooh, awe my girlfriend told me she loved me we hugged and she told me to never let go. And we had an amazing kiss. I've been with her for 3 years now and were getting Married so I recommend you guys saying this to the girls. "Source: I'm a Guy"

"If you asked me what is more important you or my life I'd say they are one in the same..." that is what I'd say instead so she didn't get that reaction before reading the whole thing...

You kinda lose them for a second but then the last part hooks them right back in and their hearts melts! - Curti2594

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159 I wish I was tucked up in bed with you all cuddled up and cosy

perfect especially if its night and you have nothing so say all it takes is
wanna know something (to act manly) even though it kills me to say it like this I wish I was tucked up in bed with you all cuddled up and cosy

This is seriously a really cute thing to say. Love it when my boyfriend says it to me. Always makes me want to be by his side

So comforting, as this is the best to say when TLC is needed!

Screw the man card I'd use this! - Curti2594

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160 I'm sure there are thousands of girls out there that cry on their pillows every night, and each single one of them wishing they were as beautiful as you are.

She said aw because it too sweet

Little offensive but still works!

I said this to my crush and she loved it ad went out!

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1. God was showing off when He created you.
2. You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.
3. I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
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