When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."


I have a better one that tops anything on this whole list you say:

I can't truthfully say to you that "I would do anything for you, " because by saying "anything I would be saying I wouldn't be doing enough. I would do EVERYTHING and more for you (insert name here) and I would do it in a heartbeat, and I wouldn't look back, because I would know that it was the rite choice, because it was a choice made for you. - yourstruly

I gave the roses to my girlfriend and said this when we were in her old treehouse and she looked at all the roses and started to cry. Then we kissed up there for about half an hour. Finally, we went home and that's all she talked about for and hour. When we went to bed we were cuddling, so I was really pleased with this. Really pleased...

Or you can give her 11 roses and say there are twelve and when she counts them there will only be 11 and when she says where is the 12 say its you and I will love you untill the last one dies and then say she is the last one

Did that to my girl friend. She is no longer my girl friend she is my wife now after I did that she asked me to marry her. Awesome ;) if you want a girl to love for a long time say this.

That's what I did and then my girlfriend broke the last one and said "now what"... And I said "that's weird I still love you"

I love this... I haven't done this as yet but its definitely going to happen.. I can aready imagine her face when she realizes.. but also another good thing to do to a girl... hold her head close to your heart.. ask her if she hears it beating and when she says yes.. tell her its because of her..

1 Week Later.. She Rushed At My House And Started Crying. Because That Is The Best Thing That I Did For Her.. It Rocks Men And Now Everyday I Used To Be ENergetic Because I Have The Girl I've Always Wanted..

-Thanks For The Person Who Did This.. I Appreciate You Man.. Wish You The Best!

Or gave her 11 roses and put in the card (2 cards but the other one is inside the roses) that says

"there are twelve and count it please, (lowest part of the card write : there's something wrong is there (or something like that) read the back portion of this ward" ) then back of the card write : look inside of the

Rose bouquet (or something like that )

And the card inside of the rose bouquet please write "its you and I will love you until the last one dies and you're the last one~

This is so cute but it doesn't seem so romantic because of the way they say it. If they say "here my love a dozen roses. One real, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, and the last one is fake. I will love you till the last one dies. " doesn't that seem slightly more romantic?

Actually the last rose is dead. A better term would be wilted. But this is one I will plan to use when I visit my girlfriend in February. We live about 1520 miles apart and with my job its hard to take time off. It takes a couple months to save up enough vacation hours to spend. :(

Aww, this is so cute! I would love it if my boyfriends did this, but of course he doesn't. This isn't even one of those cheesy pick-up lines. This is adorable!

My boyfriend did this with the first dozen of roses he gave me 2 1/2 years ago and it still makes my heart melt every time I look at it! It just goes to show how truly dedicated he was going into our relationship.

I Love This One! It's Beautiful, But It's Weird.. My Boyfriend Told me This Awhile Back And Now That I Saw It Here Makes me Think He Lied Too Me! But He Said He'd never Lie Too Me... I Hope He Hasn't Lied Too Me Anymore Then Just That. D:

I wish someone would say this to me... this is the most romantic thing that I have ever heard. I think anyone brave enough to use this line is wonderful and their girlfriend/boyfriend should feel lucky to have them!

I think it's really cute! I have a long distance relationship with a girl (she lives in England and I'm from Slovenia) and I love her so much! When I'll visit her I'll definitely bring a few real roses and 1 fake and say that! I hope she'll say something like "Never let me go, please". - kiler67

That is so sweet, I think I'm actually going to do this for the girl I love. She is the best thing in my life and I will always love her. Until the day I die and for what ever comes afterwards.

I thought that was the most romantic and creative thing to say to a girl. I hope one day when I find my dream guy, he will do something that is the most creative and sweet thing to prove that our relationship is more than just a temporary fling.

Logic and romance...
The best combination for a message to go straight to a girls heart.
I think its the cutest way to ask out that special someone.

The only problem is if she is bad tempered then you will probably get a sweaty slap I think its good sweet plus you will make her blush I love it when girls do that makes me all warm inside to see that there happy

That was the sweetest thing ever, I wish my boyfriend would do something like this to me and if he did I'm sure that I would cry and give him a big kiss and let him know that I love him too.

I did this to my love and at first she didn't notice the fake one... She was really mad at me.. Then after few days she understood. She came to me crying.

I used this on a girl I really liked, the only downfall is that she will notice the fake flower... But in the end loves it and wont be able stop smiling for the rest of the day... I gave it to her on valentines day, a man did it make her happy! It's a good idea and I recomend it

Really nice. It's a little confusing at first but their is 1 fake rose so it will last forever that's the really nice part about it I will memorize it till the next time I talk to the especial girl of mine!

Aw that is so cute the fake rose will never die. I really want someone to say this to me ill literally start crying hah no actually I wouldn't but its still a very cute thing to say it.

I really love my girlfriend, and want to make her happy. So I bought her a plastic red rose and said this to her. (and gave her her favorite chocolates) it worked like a charm.