You are beautiful.


Saying this to a girl really means a lot. I boosts her self confidence, makes her smile and if you genuinely mean it, she'll know it. This line can't be an everyday thing though, because it will lose its meaning. It's important to use it at the right time. The best time my bf ever said it to me was when I had a really rough day and I was feeling pretty low, so he turned to me and said "You're beautiful." and it was the best thing he could have said to me at that moment. - Jeheffiner

I said this to a girl yesterday and she said,", YOU ARE PERFECT." WE AREN'T DATING YET

So I said this to my girlfriend and she cried. She told me that no body had ever said that to her. The best part about all of this is that I feel like I've found the girl that I want a kid to call mommy. She means the world to me. When she first said I love you to me, my heart melted. Being her girlfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I called my girlfriend just to say she wasn't beautiful. I heard crying in the background and I told her she was she was brilliant, hilarious, incredible, breathing, enigmatic, heartstopping, passionate, riveting, fiery, gorgeous, tempestuous, dazzling, exhilarating, and hypnotic. Yes, I did write them down. I wanted to go beyond what her ex's have done for her because she we worth it. After I told her that that and my reasoning, she said she wanted my last name. So it worked

When you say this, you really have to mean it. Because a girl can tell just by looking deep into your eyes. When you say any of these lines, just make sure its natural my girlfriend, and yours or anyone else's, loves to know, and needs to know that you're there to comfort her. This is one of the best ways in showing it!

Tell her all the time she loves it and will have to believe it at some point. You are her boyfriend. She wants to nothing more but to make you feel as special as she feels when she's around you. And when she knows you think she's beautiful she will feel more special

You can call her sexy, cute, adorable, hot, or any other term, but the one all women want to hear is beautiful. As a girl, I can honestly say it is the highest possible compliment to receive. Sexy is only skin deep, beautiful means you see her for who she really is.

you should always tell your gf/bf this but under no condition do u tell your girlfried( if you are trying to be sweet) your sexy!! not good she wants to hear u say she's beautiful it makes her feel so much better

Beautiful is said to often it makes me feel like when guys say that about there girlfriend they are say they're normal. I think it is used to much that it's usual. What I say to my girlfriend is your breath taking.

This is right on it. Girls like looking sex yfro there guy but they love it when u see past sexuality. it tells them that there more than sexy. There unique and special to you.

this is the nicest one my boyfriend says it to me and i feel so loved and wanted its great. always tell them when something they said was sweet, they then know to say it more often and make you smile

My Girl is so very Beautiful but sometimes she don't realize it so I gladly remind her how Beautiful she is! - Curti2594

Why is this not the number one? Ladies really want to hear this or they think you think there ugly. Its true you got to remind them.

This is true but not as an ego booster or sustainer, rather just to know HE Thinks so. That's what really matters.

Yes. So true. I believe my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. I do tell her this. I say it with meaning.

It really does need to be said because girls love to be told how beautiful/gorgeous the are

Any boyfriend should say that anyway

I tell my lady she is beautiful every time I see her... Because she is

Makes my girls smile all the time, it is what they want to hear

plus if you dont tell her, someone else will

try not to make it sound so corny though.

If a guy says your hot, he's looking at your body.
If he says your pretty, he's looking at your face.
If he says your beautiful, he's looking at your heart.

Girls love being complmented I love it when my boyfriend says this to me