You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on; you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything.


My girlfriend is every one of those things, I love her with all my heart, she is my everything and my whole life is her and only her. Each Day I Love her more and more every second. I will never let her go. Her and I have a special connection with each other, just there's something we both have that will never split us apart. I love my girlfriend forever and ever with all my heart, and she loves me too. I'm going to say this to her and I know her reaction will be loving.

I need to say this one to my best friend
She needs to know how I actually feel about her,
How much I love her
Every day
And how that love is only growing more and more

These wordings are really so touching whether it says by a girl friend or a boy friend... I said these words to my future coming wife over phone and she was so impressed with me and said YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN LOVE ME THIS MUCH... amazing, I love her so so much more then my breadth

This was her response to that one: Wow, you just made my heart melt :) those words I well treasure for ever. You are the love of my life too, and I know we will have the most amazing adventures together.. I love you and I'm grateful to have you, everyday I'm with you I get more excited about what we will share together in the future xx

This works like a charm I really recommend this to your girlfriend but if you don't say it at the right moment then I could back fire on you, which I have seen as well laugh out loud. But the right timing and this will be one of the best things you say to your girlfriend or wife in their eyes.

Simply Amazing! My girlfriend Loved it and it really showed her my feelings for her, just make sure you say it to the right girl that you really love and she will love it!

I text this to my girlfriend and she told me that she loves me and it was the cutest thing any1 had said to her :-)

This has got to be the most sweet and to the point thing to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend this can go either way it does not have to only go towards the girlfriend. This is something along the lines of what my fiance would tell me when we were dating and still does.

This should tell your girlfriend that you can trust her completely and count her as a trusted love. A girl will love it= they usually like it when you say "I Fell I Love With My Best Friend" then things get all awkward. I should know; I'm a girl

WOW.. That's all I can really say, I mean I told my girlfriend this but only the your my one and only.. She loved it I mean she kissed me and it also saved the relationship. Hope you read this Cait (P.S. if you know what I mean than what you should do is say it at a good time never just random she'd dumped me and I asked her out and when she said yes I said it and all I wanted to do was kiss her.

Great I tell this to my girl all the time I love her with everything I have! She is my baby girl and I ever lost her I would cry my eyes out and I would probably never ever ever move on! She would probably kill me if she knew I was doing this! I don't know though she might like it and accept my apology!

My bf has said these things to me out of nowhere... I love him and he's my everything too...

I love this one, I said it to my girlfriend and she hugged me, we are just in 6th grade so you know we don't kiss, but we do hang out. It my be 6th grade going on 7th grade but I think I do love her, but I'm afraid to tell her.

Works well when you say it when your alone with her, and when she doesn't feel good about herself. After I told the girl I liked she kissed me and now we're dating. You Should give this one a try.

Very true! I love this saying, and it worked wonders with my girlfriend. Instantly she wouldn't let go of my hand, kept asking for cuddles and always kissing me!

Well I think it sucks all of these you should not be on the Internet looking up things to say to her. Besides the best words a girl would want is for the words you said to her to be true

My girlfriend said aw and you could listen to her say aw all day and she said she would love me forever and I love her too

Its really romantic and sweet thing to say to someone, I love it it makes me want to cry. I just love the way I feel when I read this and reminds me of my girl and how hot she is

Just awesome! Works every time. She loves it when I remind her of these things. It makes her feel loved and cared for. Any wife, fiancee, or girlfriend will love this.

When I told this to my girlfriend she was like:"I love you. Like seriously.I. Love. You. Not how kids at school are like ' I love you so much! '. I am 100% in love with you"

I think that this is one the the sweetest, kindest, things to say or hear, when/if you say this or a variation of it, n its on the real you whole life will change

I literally copied some of the best things on here and my girlfriend just replied "oh james! I love you very much! "

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Ok, every girls loves to hear that you think of them as your best friend. I use this all the time.

This is amazing. I would love to here that from somebody I care about.
The one fake rose thing is overrated. I've seen that everywhere.