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1 Tendulkar Given Wrong LBW On Duck 'Three Times in A Row' Against Sri Lanka

Giving wrong decisions three times in a row is really frustrating for the millions watching because the one given out(wrongly) is "SACHIN TENDULKAR".

Now there might have been 3 more hundreds to his list

Greatest batsman don't deserve that

Father of cricket
100 centuries

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2 Terrorist Attack on Sri Lankan Team in Pakistan

I'm a sri lankan that is the one of most tragical moments in my life. We all are human beings so please think and just live like that even pakistan players have to protect themselves in pakistan

No doubt Pakistan was involved.

Oh... didn't they know they entered the land of terrorism? - Ananya

This was sad - KingSlayer93316

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3 Bradman Out for Duck In Final Test

Extremely disgusting moment. I wasn't born at that time however my father told me about that and I was really upset to see that he needed just 1 run and unfortunately he did't score even that. The greatest feat that could ever be achieved of 100 average. I see not a single person who can even maintain an average of 65. Can this be ever achieved? God Knows.

I wouldn't say it was "disgusting", per say. It was a very shocking moment for the cricketing world, yes, but disgusting? No. He needed four runs to complete an average of 100, and getting out on a duck was very heartbreaking, particularly for Bradman. - Sxerks

Could've got an average of 100... but missed by 0.06 of a run. ;( - nic1997ps3

Nothing came to my mind without disappointment when I knew about it. I didnot take dinner that night.

Oz won the test by an innings but if they had not then I am sure that he would have done something.he average would have been above 100.

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4 Under-arm Bowling by Chappel Brothers

Cheats. It was just the one Chappel brother though. The other one was following captains orders

Kiwi land will never forgive them total B. S by the chappel brothers I love to win but you don't sell your sole for it.

Completely went against the spirit of the game and sportsmanship in cricket

Australia are dumb cheats

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5 Poor Decisions by Umpires, Sydney Test, Border Gavaskar Trophy 2007-08

According to me it was THE most disgusting moment in cricket... So disappointing to see players like Ricky Ponting, Andrew Symonds, Michael Clarke showing such ungentlemanly behavior on the Cricket field.

It was so disappointing for me, Clarke was so annoying at that time - Ananya

Should be on top

6 Australia Advanced to the Final of World Cup 1999

What's disgusting in that? - Ananya

Nothing shocking or disgusting in it.

Shocking! Gibbs could have caught those but he was careless

7 Shoaib Akhtar Breaks 100mph Barrier

He proved himself the fastest bowler in the cricket History

Broke my lee' s record? - Ananya

He is best forever

No big shock - Adron

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8 Andrew Flintoff Retires

God knows why most cricketers retire before 35 years of age. - Ananya

awesome - Adron

9 Symonds Went On Fishing at the Time of Important Team Meeting

Idiot he is - Adron

10 Windies Players Refused to Play for Their National Side Because of Dues

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11 Bodyline Series (1932-33 Ashes)
12 Sachin Tendulkar Retires

I am so happy he retired he was the best batsmen in the world not. mohammed shehzad is better than him from Afghanistan

13 Philip Hughes Dies After Being Hit In the Head by Ball

This really ought to be #1. A guy died playing cricket for crying out loud. But nah, Tendulkar getting a raw deal from umpires is totally worse...right. - truckturner

Saddest moment in history of cricket. Phil hughes ( rest in peace).

Tell all of it to Sean Abbott

This is sad, not shocking... - KingSlayer93316

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14 India's victory vs West Indies In 1983 World Cup Final
15 Pakistan Trio Jailed for Spot-fixing
16 Kevin Pietersen Sacked from English Team

Just kick that Andrew Strauss - Adron

17 Dennis Lillee fights with Javed Miandad
18 West Indies beats England in final
19 MS Dhoni Announces Retirement from Test Cricket

I was shocked that how could he take decision to retire without any meeting

Thank god he did. - Ananya

20 Phil Hughes died

Everyone will miss u

21 Michael Clarke sledges Tendulkar

CLARKE: Oops, you're too old you can't go
NARRATOR: Sehwag gets angry
SEHWAG: Your teammates call you pup right
SEHWAG: Which Breed
CLARKE: Ooops!

22 Eoin Morgan goes for Duck against New Zealand's Ish Sodhi
23 E Morgan goes for Duck against New Zealand
24 Shaun Tait announces Retirement from ODI and Tests
25 A replay of the Chappell Bowling Incident during the first T20I
26 England loses to Bangladesh
27 David Warner fight with Joe Root
28 Pakistan smashes India in Champions Trophy Final 2017
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1. Terrorist Attack on Sri Lankan Team in Pakistan
2. Tendulkar Given Wrong LBW On Duck 'Three Times in A Row' Against Sri Lanka
3. Poor Decisions by Umpires, Sydney Test, Border Gavaskar Trophy 2007-08
1. Tendulkar Given Wrong LBW On Duck 'Three Times in A Row' Against Sri Lanka
2. Bradman Out for Duck In Final Test
3. Under-arm Bowling by Chappel Brothers


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