Most Shocking Moments of All Time

A moment in time that was shocking to and affected the entire world.

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1 9/11

I have lived in New York for my entire life and I was 12 when this happened. My dad worked in the world trait center on the 28th floor. Sometimes I would go to his work on bring your son to work day and I always loved going up the elevator. I was on the school bus on my way to school when I heard it. There was a bunch of screaming in the bus and I looked in the direction of the explosion and I saw it. The World Trade Center was attacked. I gawked in horror as I ran out of the bus and towards the tower that had been hit. My dad was in there. I would never forget watching as the tower lit like a torch. Then the second plane hit. The rest of the event was a blur but the worst part was a day later when I heard the four worst things any child could ever hear. "Your Dad is dead"

RIP dad. I love you

I'm so sorry. I would just add that I view your father as a great hero. - Ned964

Don't think it would have been as critical for me if I didn't have a child at the time. The second worse was the so-called Neo-cons using this supreme tragedy to coalesce power and attempt to re-establish the Imperial Presidency. Instead they should have become leaders and coalesed the world and our citizens to fight back. Bush spent his capital on all fronts and all he did was pour gasoline on the flames of terrorism. No leaders even near the White House when we needed them the most. Only opportunists, political and financial. A sad eight years... - mgenet

I was only a little over a year old when this happened. My parents saw it on the news. But what I hate the most are the COUNTLESS conspiracies about this. If Bush wanted to cause this to his own country and silence the people who know it happened in the conspiracy theories, WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?!?!? Not to mention that saying they are actors disgraces the victims! My sisters boyfriend's grandma died because of this event! there is only ONE man to blame and it's NOT BUSH! That man is dead now at least, so good riddance. Sorry about the rant, but there really is a special place in Hell for people like Bin Ladin.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry your younger years had to be marred by this horrific act, and I'm sorry that you lost someone close to you. I agree with you 100% about the conspiracy theories, why would anyone waste time, or divert their attention, from the real issue? I'm not a conservative, or a liberal, my political views lie somewhere in between these extremes, and it is a lonely place. I just can't believe there are people among us everyday that would insult the families involved most directly by this by claiming our own government had an involvement in it. It's political subterfuge at it's worst. - Ned964


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2 The Holocaust

This is 1,000,000 times worse then 9/11. Most people voted 9/11 as it was modern disaster ( It was very bad ) and they forgot about this. The Germans murdered 6 million Jews in terrible, inhuman ways. People were forced to dig their own graves and dig their families graves. They locked them up in a room and gassed them! People were buried alive and sent on walks of 100s of miles and if you cannot keep up you get shot! Think of all the old people, all of them would've died! So many people murdered in inhumain ways. - Listmaking

Just imagine being a soldier and coming across what you expect to be a PoW came but it was something much worse. You see dead bodies everywhere and living skeletons walking around with diseases such as typhus and pneumonia. All the people who worked at the concentration camps are part of the SS, which is part of the worst group in history, the Nazis. The allied soldiers heard about camps around 1942 for the first time but just thought it was propaganda making the other side look bad. You wish it was just propaganda, the Holocaust was to horrible to be true - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Sure 9/11 was bad but in comparison to the Holocaust? Are people that stupid to believe that 3000 people dying is worse than 6 million Jews being gassed and then burnt to ashes or starved to death? The Holocaust wiped out families for goodness sakes.

10 million in total were killed, 6 million jews, the rest composed of gypsies, poles, norwegians, etc etc - SoldierOfFortune

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3 Mass suicide of 909 people in Jonestown, Guyana

Why just tell me why

The Jonestown Massacre, as it's known. - naFrovivuS

What the fuuck I had no ide

4 The Indian Ocean Tsunami

Nothing compares to the deaths of hundredths of thousands of people who died in the said tsunami incident. What worsens the incident is that it happened right after Christmas. - ronluna

Can we say CRAZY! Mother nature can be S-C-A-R-Y!

I think this event is probably the most scariest. Loads of people died and I just feel so bad.

A time when those who ate fishes and other sea food became food of them itself.

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5 Death Of Michael Jackson

Love you mj... Michael jackson deth is the most shocking moments of the all the time... You are best singer and dancer forever... Any one can't get it... You have 49million people fans in Facebook... Best forever... You are the best singer in all the time...

How is this above The Bombings of Hiroshima?

The shocking moment ever! - Heman

Love you mj...

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6 Hiroshima / Nagasaki Nuclear Bombing

death of bruce lee is shocking because he is one of the best legendary martial artists ofall time but what can you expect from surviving a blast inside abulding in hiroshima or nagasaki and it causes lots of damage including radioactive that causes damage on human cells - ronluna

Why did it ever need to happen? It was almost needless. In 9/11, thousands were killed, but hundreds of thousands of inoccents were killed. It was horrible. D: - nic1997ps3

this was so much more affecting than anything else on this list 9/11 was a terrible thing but this was the first time nukes were used and definitely changed the world dor the worse for introducing such a terrible threat to so many innocent people - Cantonez

This actually happened unlike the Holohoax. Even if the Holocaust was real this would still be way worse. - Rambles

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7 Freddie Mercury's Death of AIDS

Unique! What an absolute legend. Would have loved & paid anything to see him perform live

he was epic I wish I was around at his time. it was a loss of great tallent - rockit(primejive)

The lead member of a great band lost.. It was such a horrid event.

I wasn't there that day, but the minute my brother told me that I would never be able to meet him, I broke down. It's true. Only the good die young.
Freddie, we all miss you.

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8 The Day Bush was Re-elected

It snowed in Texas that day. Hell literally froze over. - tarot_contralto

I moved out of the country

a lot of people dont know how to make decisions which means we have Bush as the president until Jan 2009 - idolangelx13

Bush Jr. of the New Millenniumthat that both stunk like HELL!

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9 The Columbine High School Shootings

This is so sad. I was upset while the shooting was on. Watching these teenagers and 1 teacher dying.

They committed suicide to escape trials but they can't escape HELL!

Unless, of course, Hell is fake and they simply rotted. Or it's real and they went to heaven, simply because they believed God and Jesus. - ARandomPerson

This changed the policies of school security. - Metalhead1997

10 Lennon Assasination

Greatest man ever and greatest musician ever. He wrote imagine which really made people think about how great the world could be. Peace and love!

Biggest loss the music world ever saw except kurt cobain

Deeply affecting

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11 JFK Assassination

How could it happen in the most advanced nation United States of America (as it was in a Third World country)?

They blew a presidents head of on film. How can a homo with aids be a more shocking event?

How President Can Be Murdered?

lbj did it

12 Death of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee never died and never will

Really good Fighter theirs never going to be one like him

Really shocking news for everyone in the whole world.

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put it in the no. 1 then hiroshima then 9/11 then holocaust. it is worst than world war 1 and other kinds of wars like iraq war. imagine evrybody fighting for their lives - ronluna

worst than bush election, many people are exaggerating things - ronluna

this explains it all all world wars killed millions of people more than just holocaust because it is only a part of it and theres death march and hiroshima, nagasaki bombing - ronluna

This list just shows the ignorance of modern society

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14 Owen Hart Falls to His Death at Over the Edge

Such a great wrestler had so much potential just wasted...RIP Owen hart

R.I.P Owen Hart - s646451

15 Guns N Roses & Metallica Tour - Montreal Stadium Riot

Guns N Roses and Metallica had a tour that became the most shocking incident happened in a concert. James Hetfield, Metallica's frontman and vocalist was being set into flames by pyrotechniques causing his arm to have 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They cancelled the concert then the audience become wild. Guns N Roses enters the stage but Axl Rose complained about his throat problems. They also walked out the stage causing people to have riot. People destroy the stage and it flies very far, destroy the vehicles in fire, some crews had died because of the rampage. one of the most shocking incident happened in the lives of Guns N Roses and Metallica's members, crew, guests, fans and other people who attended that deadly concert ever. - ronluna

What happened was that James Hetfield got second degree and third degree burns in his body because of the pyrotechnics in the show. Metallica did not continue with James. Then, Guns N' Roses comes up late and in 50 or more minutes, Axl's throat starts to hurt so Guns N' Roses had to leave early. That started the riot.

That was in 1992. I remember like yesterday. I was there when James Hetfield get burned but I go away when Guns n Roses comes, I think I have something else to do, but when I heard that Riots now I was really?. But that's tragic for a concert live performance show

My family's firsy ear in Montreal, it was horror

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16 Steve Irwins Death

This moment shocked me the most, I think I was maybe a bit young and unaffected to be shocked by 9/11 at the time, living in Australia. This is most shocking remember, not worst event. I doubt WWII shocked any of you here. You grew up knowing it happened, no shock.

there will never be another steve irwin. ever - bendanna

that mans a national treasure - djperth

He was such a nice guy

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17 Manson And His Clan Committing The Tate-LaBianca Murders
18 Heath Ledger's Death

the river phoenix of our generation

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19 The Death of Pro Wrestler Eddie Guerrero

Yes that moment really shocked me I didn't feel that well when I heard about it. He was a great man, and he had great energy but his addiction for drugs got the best of him even though he was off them for several years. Also the death of Chris Benoit and the whole story with his family, very sad. - Undertaker15-0

Latino Heat RIP Eddie Also RIP Chris Beniot - tacoboy

kind of a surreal moment when i heard he died,may his soul rest in peace

20 Michael Jackson Accused of Sexual Abuse

I can't believe that this wasn't put on the list before it really ruined peoples view of MJ - idolangelx13

Allegedly! Allegedly! That's ignorant!

Oh, when will the accusations ever stop?!

2005: LE GASP
2018: Oh great, yet another celebrity affected by the Weinstein effect. - Drewman1211

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