Most Shocking Moments of All Time

A moment in time that was shocking to and affected the entire world.

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21 Native American Genocide

Still happening.

22 Japan's Tsunami
23 The Sinking of the Titanic

sure it was 90 years ago but think of all the dteaths! think of the children!

The unsinkable ship going down on her maiden voyage - Grizleybear

It was indeed something unbelievable.

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24 Terrorist Attack On Mumbai On 26/11/2008

It scared the hell outta me! It took lives of so many innocent people...

definitely scary! people hardly got out of their houses! - ferrari012

25 The Armenian Genocide
26 Kurt Cobain's Death

Why is this so low on the list I'm still sad about it

I love Kurt cobain, and I love Nirvana RIP - MegaToolica

Why does every good singer have to die? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

27 Chris Benoit's death

The day WWE died

28 Rwandan Genocide

This should be top 5! Almost 1 million people were massacred under a 100 DAYS! 9/11 was bad, but this was worse! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

29 Death of Tupac Shakur

The man was ahead of his time, almost prophetic. If he had continued to live a long life, he would have achieved so much more.

Pest in peace Tupac one of the greatest rappers ever

30 7 July 2005 London Bombings
31 The Chernobyl Disaster
32 Britney shaving her head bald

actually it was pretty funny - lostgirl19

I think she was having a midlife crises either that or she did it for the attention. - egnomac

33 Princess Diana's Death

Actually, the true humanitarian that the world lost at the end of the summer of 1997, was Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I'm not trying to diminish Diana's charitable works, in any way, & like everyone else, I was shocked & very sad when she was killed. However, even Diana would agree that the world lost the greatest humanitarian, when the world lost Mother Teresa a week after her own death.

The world lost a wonderful humanatarian, and a beautifual person on the inside and out. Too sum it all up she was pure class with a heart of gold.

Not exactly up there with 9/11 or Katrina, but the whole world was shocked.

34 Bush Says that God Told Him to go to War

England is the root to most of todays blossomed problems. If they had control of any mass destruction weapon, solely, we'd all be doomed. Whether that be to their will or our graves, is the only question. Most would take the latter willingly.

England has the only government who are responsible enough to have nuclear weapons, because they won't be claiming that god told them to press the button. In this alone the British are the most stable minded and discerning people in the world. - evolver

When I saw this I went, "Wow, this guys reason for war is the same as the terrorists' reason for 9/11". - aman28

Oh yes, and a five headed alien caterpillar on a magic carpet told me that the government of Iraq and al queda have weapons of mass destruction!

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35 1991 Mt. Pinatubo Eruption

The province of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales was filled by lahar. it is a worldwide evnt catastrophe, causing many houses, people, things, animals, plants, infrastructures, fields, etc are being buried. Mt. Pinatubo is now a great tourist attraction. - ronluna

36 JFK Jr's Death
37 Osama Bin Laden Death

The mastermind behind 9/11 was killed. Got what he deserved. - sam11855


38 Pearl Harbor

who gives a crap about Britney and her hair? - rybax3

It was just an average Sunday morning then the Japanese brought us in a war that we didn't want to go into. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

39 Ozzy Osbourne Biting The Head Off The Dove in CBS Records
40 The Drowning Death ff Natalie Wood

soo scary!. like help me.

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