Most Shocking Moments of All Time

A moment in time that was shocking to and affected the entire world.

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41 Hurricane Katrina

I would want to move to New Orleans if it weren't for this.... - Trivium

42 Brad and Angelina
43 Sadam Hussien Sentenced to Hanging

Oh he deserved much much worse. I still think we should dig him back up and do it again

44 Chernobyl

What the hell is wrong with earth? Who cares about one famous person death. It's about world.

45 Pro Wrestler Umaga's Death
46 The Day Obama was Re-elected

Well, not exactly. I was pretty sure there was an equal possibility of either Obama or Romney winning, so I was prepared for either of them to win.

This isn't bad. Whoever added this to the list is a Trump supporter.

All he wants is war. And why is America in dept 17 trillion dolars when they have such high taxes.

47 Ebola Outbreak

I don't really cares

48 Martin Luther King Junior's Assassination
49 Death March During Japanese Occupation in the Philippines

The Japanese actually killed some of my great-uncles, who fought in the Filipino army. - ethanmeinster

50 2013 Boston Bombing
51 Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out

I understand he was an international YouTube star being the first to gain millions, he started Fred, and I agree his sexuality being revealed was kinda shocking, but why does it need to be so high on the list, it should be lower than 200.

Glad this isn't number one, it was a lil shocking, but it should be around a hundred something, I've seen much more shocking things, like 9/11 or the titanic, plus Christina Grimmie's shooting and the shooting in Orlando club.

Lucas Cruikshank came out and shocked the world, telling everyone that he's Gay, and revealed that he's dating a boyfriend named Matthew Fawcus, changing YouTube history forever.

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52 President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's I am sorry Speech
53 River Phoenix's Drug Overdose

He gave so much to us in such a short time. Real shame we couldn't of given back to him when he needed us.

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54 Death of Pope John Paul II

the propecy of the end of the world is false and its very shocking to all christians and all the people who knows the pope even if they are not catholics - ronluna

55 The Rock Returns 2011
56 The Day the YouTube Video "Friday" Was Released
57 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

My Granddaughter was killed in this terrible tragedy. R.I.P

58 Brock Leanar ends Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak

Should be number 1 to be honest

Why would they...? Wow.

I was shocked and couldn't sleep 4 6 staight days considering that undertaker was te best that there ever will be and some dingus lime Lesnar beat undertakers streak

59 Slash leaves Guns n Roses
60 Man Lands On the Moon

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon.

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