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101 The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire In Southgate, Ky.
102 Pan Am Flight 103 Explodes Over Lockerbie, Scotland
103 Shooting of Trayvon Martin
104 Heysel Stadium Disaster
105 Typhoon Haiyan

The typhoon that said to be one of the strongest typhoons in the history. It wiped out numerous people and destroyed lots of structures. Heavy wind wiped out almost the places that suffered from it. Who would not be traumatized in this incident? It totally shocked the whole world!

106 Death of Paul Walker

I can;t believe how we lost an iconic actor in an accident, most horribly shocking day for years.

107 The Death of The Ultimate Warrior

How creepy is it that The Ultimate Warrior dies 3 days After being Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. - egnomac

He greeted death like only an ultimate warrior could. Rage in Peace warrior

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108 Men Land on Moon - Moon Landing
109 The Legend Of The Titanic was Released
110 MH370
111 ISIS Controlling Iraq
112 The Fall of the Berlin Wall
113 2015 Baltimore Freddie Gray Riots
114 Peshawar School Massacre

Tragic incidence of the history in which 250 innocent school kids lost their lives.

115 Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770
116 Identity of Zuper Blahq Revealed
117 MH17
118 Suicide of Budd Dwyer
119 The Oregon College Campus Shootings

On October 1, 2015, there was a college shooting, killing 9 people.

120 1970 Kent State Incident

4 unarmed college students at Kent State protesting the Vietnam War were gunned down during protests.bu national guardsmen

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