Most Smelly Animal Poos


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21 Sheep poo
22 Bird poo

No, it's not that bad. It smells like nothing.

You would know how bad it smells if you had a pet bird/parrot

Bird poo on car - SpencerJC

Why does it smell so bad?

23 Turkey Poo V 1 Comment
24 Llama poo

Always every day I visit the barn a llama poops in front of me and it smells like trash

25 Fox poo

If your dog has ever rolled in this you'll know how bad this smell is, only gotten rid of by adding tomato sauce into the mix. Yuk

V 1 Comment
26 Panda poo
27 Bat Poo V 2 Comments
28 Duck poo V 2 Comments
29 Yak Poo
30 Cockroach Poo

You never see it poop even though I don't think it is constepated

31 Camel Poo

Two hump camels smell twice as bad as one hump camels. Process that knowledge!

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32 Donkey Poo
33 Leopard poo

Acidic retchful muskiness.. A leopard can't change its bouquet

34 Snake poo
35 Gorilla poo

It is super easy to wash off and it makes you think you have a good idea

36 Turtle poo
37 Ferret poo
38 Sheep Poop
39 Beetle Poo V 1 Comment
40 Giraffe poo

Giraffe poop smells worse because the food has to go down that long neck and then hit their stomach and turn around and make a nice big pile of steamy wet mess

It's my sisters teddy and it always stink of rotten egg

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