Most Sought After NBA Cards


The Top Ten

1 99-00 EPIC Signature Bill Russell


- anthonybecerra831

2 2003 UD Top Prospects LeBron James Signs of Success Auto

Greatest LeBron car by far!

3 2003-04 UD Exquisite Lebron James Auto Jersey RC

An autographed jersey ROOKIE card of THE KING. With prices nearing $10,000, everyone wishes they had this one

- anthonybecerra831

4 86-87 Fleer Michael Jordan RC
5 03-04 Dwayne Wade Exquisite Auto Jersey RC
6 99-00 UD Retro Wilt Chamberlain Autograph

One of the very few Chamberlain certified autos. With a market value of approx $1500!

- anthonybecerra831

7 03-04 UD Legends Chuck Daly Auto

Just bought three of them on Ebay for cheap... storing them away and possibly, one for my dad. Born in Michigan, these cards mean more to me than most. just memories of a great coach, taking my team all the way two times till Jordan took off... great times...

This legendary coach just passed away recently. Any certified autograph of him would be coveted!

- anthonybecerra831

8 06-07 UD Chronology Pete Marvich Cut Auto Card

The only way to get a certified Pete Maravich auto card in any product is a cut signature as he passed quite a while ago. For all the NBA Top 50 collectors, this (or any) Pistol Pete autograph is #1 on their wantlist

- anthonybecerra831

9 98-99 SP Authentic SOTT Allen Iverson Auto

One of the first Iverson autos on the market... super rare!

- anthonybecerra831

10 98-99 SP Authentic Vince Carter RC

Even though its /3500. This card used to sell for nearly $1000 raw back in the day!

- anthonybecerra831

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