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1 Like

Most popular filler word as of this current generation.

At least like I'm like not like one of like those like teenagers who like can't stop like saying like. - CrypticDeath

def because like every1 says it like and some people like do it all the time like ya kno hahahaha lolz - ballaboi17

Like, this is totally like, the word that's like used the most often, like you know what I mean, like...

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2 F***


dam right, this and most over curses should be 1st...

also below.. metallica? metallicas an old old band, why would they talk about that?

Yes, unfortunately this is said too much! Honestly, you can't go an hour without hearing this said at least times. Discusting. These people don't know what there actually saying.

There are way to many people at my school who say this wword in almost every single sentence they say. My opinion is that they just need to stop.

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3 Stuff
4 No
5 Metallica

I definitely say it the most in my school. I know barely anyone who has heard of these masters. - PhoenixAura81

I love Metallica. - MegadethFan07

I'm a teen and I LOVE Metallica. What is wrong with Metallica?

I say Metallica almost as much as I say "the" - CrypticDeath666

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6 Thing
7 Know
8 Suck
9 Gay

My own species says this like, once every two seconds, which is why I'm embarrassed to be a teen. - booklover1

10 Why

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11 Popular

Popular, popular, every teen wants to be popular. LIKE, come on!

Mhm. They bug me to be popular when I don't want to, also... METTALICA! M/

12 Relationship
13 Dude
14 Nerd
15 Yolo

I've never actually heard any of my friends say YOLO before. Must be because we think whoever says that must be retarded - Danielsun182

16 The

I mean, come on. The is the most OVERUSED word in the entire world. Think about it. Can't be any more obvious. You say the in almost every sentence you say and this goes for everyone. By

17 A**hole


18 Real
19 Swag
20 Literally

The most annoying word ever

21 Totally

I'm saying "Totally" all the time. Totally all the time!

22 Fail
23 Lol

They always say this to make conversations unawkward

It's so stupid I am loser and I don't act like a teen I act like a nice person when all the poplar's are saying like laugh out loud yolo tgif what eww I'm a stupid bimbo nobody I there right mid would talk like that just saw the fulword for god sake sorry for saying god

24 Wattup
25 Hell
26 Boss
27 Seriously

"Did you see him walking with her? "
"Seriously! Like what's his damage? "

28 Duh
29 Awkward

This word just makes everything unawkward its just a way of expressing themselves in a awkward moment they all feel each other

30 Crap
31 Wassup
32 Totes
33 Spiffy
34 Sex

I swear that's all everyone at my school talks about

35 Love

I am a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old loves me

36 Weiner
37 Deez
38 Tupac
39 OMG
40 Savage
41 Whatever
42 iPhone
43 Aesthetic
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