Top Ten Most Stupid Criminals

Some criminals are smart and know how to get away from the cops, but these guys are literally idiots.

The Top Ten

1 One Man Robbed A Store Demanding Money And A Whiskey. Owner Said He Had No Proof He Was Over 21, So He Showed His ID.

Pff... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
This is an immense, massive, enormous fail! I mean, seriously, how stupid do you have to be to do that?!
This guy should be a worldwide celebrity; the greatest idiot in the history of mankind! The man who showed the shop owner his ID while robbing a store! Ha ha ha ha!
I will tell you when I stop laughing hysterically. I'll post it on this very page when I do. Ha ha ha ha!

Cool story bro. It's funny

I think my cousin got involved in this!

2 A Man Saw A "Wizard" Who Said He Would Grant Him Invisibility. He Then Robbed A Bank, Thinking Nobody Could See Him.
3 A Man On The Run From The Police Hid In A Police Car And Got Shut In The Boot
4 A Fat Burglar Tried To Fit Through A Chimney By Removing His Clothes And Got Stuck

What if somebody saw him there?

5 Two Nervous Bank Robbers Broke Into A Bank; One Said He Would Shoot If Anyone Moved, And Shot The Partner As He Took The Money
6 Two Robbers Left The Getaway Car Running For A Quick Escape, Only To Find The Car Battery Had Died
7 The Police Asked A Series Of Suspects Whether They Broke Into A Bank Saying They Would Blow Their ****** Heads Off; One Said He Said "Blow Your Damn Head Off"
8 One Criminal Stole A Mobile Phone And Added The Owner On Facebook

Yep. That is definitely up there alright. Haha.

Yup that's what you call dum

9 One Criminal Stole A Car And Phoned The Owner Asking How To Operate The Bluetooth System

Thia is so DUMB - dylangerleibold

10 A Man Robbed A Bank Before Coming Back To Put A Suspiciously Large Amount Of Money Into His Account

The Contenders

11 A Man Wore A Bag On His Head While Robbing A Bank So He Would Not Be Identified. Nobody Could Understand What He Was Saying, So He Took The Bag Off. He Walked Into A Pillar As He Was Leaving (With The Bag On, Of Course).

Seriously, this one just killed me. What a stupid idiot. - PositronWildhawk

12 A guy tried to rob McDonald's. The guy at the register said the register wouldn't open without purchase. The robber had no cash so he left.
13 A Man Tried to Rob a Bank With a Water Gun. But the Clerk Pulls Out a Bat and 911 Soon Arrives and the Robber Is Taken to Jail
14 The Man Who Sucks Women's Toes

They Call Him The "Toe Suck Fairy"

15 A Criminal Tries Printing 50 Dollar Bills But Puts the Wrong President On

(At the store) What do you mean, I made sure these bills were perfect! - CityGuru

16 A Woman Practices The Phrase "Put Your ****ing Hands Up, This Is A Stick-Up"; Accidentally Breaking In And Saying "Put Your Sticking a hands Up, This Is A ****-Up!" And Ran Out, Embarrassed
17 A Man Ran From the Cops and Saw a Girl He Liked and They Planned a Date. The Girl Later Saw Him Rob a Store and Recognized Him, Calling the Cops.
18 The Hunter Who Mistook Three College Students for a Deer, Shot One Dead, and Headed Off to Prison.
19 A Man Who Robbed a 7-11 Store Wearing a Gumby Costume
20 A Man Who Robbed a Bank Wearing a Lifelike Black Mask
21 A Man Who Robbed a Bank Disguised As a Tree
22 A Man Who Robbed a Bank Wearing a Darth Vader Mask
23 The Man Who Slapped a 2 Year Old Crying Girl at a Georgia Walmart Because Her Crying Was Annoying Him

He probably got up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

24 The Man Who Impersonated a Judge to Get Prison Authorities to Hold On to an Inmate
25 A Man Who Tried to Entice a 13 Year Old Girl and Got Punched by Her Mom Instead
26 A Man Who Choked His Lover Over a Game of Yahtzee
27 The Teens Who Threw Their Poop Into a Florida Hotel Swimming Pool
28 A Man Who Shot a Moviegoer In the Head Because He Was Talking
29 A Man Who Had Sex With a Horse
30 A Woman Who Spiked Her Husband's Coffee Then Accidentally Recorded Herself Admitting It
31 A College Graduate Who Threatened a Campus Radio Station to Play a Song They Didn't Have
32 The Teen Making a Drug Deal Then Accidentally Called 911 and Ended Up In Prison
33 A Man Who Called 911 to Get His Tacos and Ended Up In Jail Instead
34 A Taco Bell Employee Who Handcuffed Himself to a Girl After Being Rejected by Her Again
35 A Substitute Teacher Who Urinated In a Classroom Trash Can In Front of Witnessing 4th Graders
36 An Elementary School Music Teacher Who Had Sex With a Doll Naked On School Property
37 The Woman Who Squirted Breast Milk at Police Officers
38 The Man Who Attacked a Fellow Patron at an Olive Garden Because His Autistic Son Was Bothering Him

People these days, they suck, people that are criminals suck. Everyone is awesome.

39 A Man Who Stabbed a Movie Patron In the Neck With a Meat Thermometer
40 A Woman Who Left Her Kids Home Alone to Go Strip
41 The Man Who Ran Into a Police Academy to Escape Police with Class in Session
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