Top Ten Most Suspenseful Movies

What movies kept you completely on the edge of your seat the whole time wondering what would happen next and left you walking out of the theater in a sweat.

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1 The Silence of the Lambs The Silence of the Lambs

Anthony Hopkins was the real key in this movie. He made everthing confusing yet entertaining - PePsMeX

His acting was superb. However the last scene where the shootout takes place was perfect. Thumbs up

What can I say, Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster they're the best of the best performers I have ever watched on the wide screen, they were able to project the characters in excellent performance, a very good movie to watch even repeatedly, azon

I have seen better movies than this one

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2 The Sixth Sense The Sixth Sense

I think this is not an usual film. You need to watch. This is actually SUSPENSEFUL movie. This is little bit old but its OK it can full fill your need.

Best suspense movie I ever saw fantastic must see

This is best suspense movie ever

Amazing acting, music, and graphics for anyone who wants to have their breath taken.

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3 The Usual Suspects

Best story and great suspense which does not allow the audience to even think what would happen in the ending simply great suspense thriller

The best suspense movie ever made... Should be rated as number one in this list.

The best suspense movie period have not seen one better. Not horror but seat of your pants mind testing movie that keeps you thinking for days. Even better the second time!

It should be on top.

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4 Seven Seven

Movie about serial killer with lot of emotions, that circle completed at climax.

Beautifully shot. The lighting and realistic gore effects for the victim scenes are very stylish. A slow build up to one of the best endings in cinematic history. Also Morgan Freeman should just voice over every movie.

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5 Saw Saw

This often gets classified as "horror, " but I don't think I agree with that. It is way more psychological. People talk about it being "so violent, " but they actually trick you into thinking you see more violence than you actually do in this original. Pretty brilliant and suspenseful movie.

Suspense at the end of every part of the series. Absolutely brilliant with some horror and outstanding real like violence. Thanks to those thoughtful writers for this awesome series with some useful message.

Forget the stupid sequels this is the original and the best. It is clever and suspenseful without relying on gore.

This is the actual suspensfull movie. If you want suspens then you should watch "Saw"

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6 Psycho Psycho

Definitely the first movie that came to mind. This movie IS suspense. - logblobo

Definitely it's the greatest movie ever made! It's the "Mother" of the suspense movies! Q

Waiting for the end was almost scarier than the actual ending. Alfred Hitchcock knew just how to leave you horrified but at the same time wanting to see more. Excellent!

This movie is the most suspenseful thing I have seen in my life. R.I.P master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock

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7 Jaws Jaws

Let's be honest...
at some point in life,
we're ALL gonna need a bigger boat. - TheMightyCelestial

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8 Fight Club Fight Club

It is actually best cast by brad pitt himself, this movie makes him famous

A different movie, this movie falls in many categories, unexpected ending

I love the last scenes it like wow... Great movie the noe must watch it

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt & Brad Pitt

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9 The Shining The Shining V 1 Comment
10 Memento Memento

Where is this movie?

This one is perhaps the most complex suspense movie I've seen. One of my all time faves

Nice way to show the movie

Deja vu

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? Law Abiding Citizen Law Abiding Citizen

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11 Mute Witness Mute Witness

One of the best suspense movies ever! Keeps me looking for anything as good.

I love this movie, the actress especially, hope it can be viewed in full length movie in HBO or cinemax this haloween or every saturday night, thanks, from cora marpuri

12 The Thing

More frightening and edge of your seat than every film on this list combined.

My absolute favorite horror movie of all time. It's suspensfel and scary. - TheStupidHobo

13 Shutter Island Shutter Island

The ending is just too good! And we all know how well leonardo di caprio acts

Dame good movie, had to watch it twice, and going to watch it again soon.

Best film ever made very sad & takes u on a rollercoaster with emotions crazy acting but very smart storyline a must watch for sure!

Best thriller and suspenseful

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14 Scream Scream

Funny as well as suspenseful.. Also a thriller.. It's all combined

It is so suspenful I could not figure who was the killer because almost everyone was guilty. This should so be #1 by far.

15 High Tension High Tension
16 Final Destination 2 Final Destination 2

Best of final destination series involves tragic events and story

17 The Strangers The Strangers

Great movie! The fact you never see the killers faces is awesome. French original is great also

This was definitely one of the creepiest movies that stick with you!

18 The Prestige The Prestige

This movie challenges your attention while watching it... Simply loved it.

Christian bale, Michael caine, hugh jackman
And one of their best performance
And best suspense movie ever made.

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19 Titanic Titanic
20 The Exorcist The Exorcist

When you watch some scenes from the movie, you get the feeling you're really there while it's going on.

Oh God! The Exorcist, it's so horrible! I can't imagine Ms. Linda Blair can ever perform such role, terrifying role, the best ever suspense movie, From cnm

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