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Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band's final lineup is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their other members of that lineup: Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.


Rush is no doubt the most talented band in the world. With over 150 songs being so unique and completely different, it's pretty incredible. You can listen to 2112 and then Moving Pictures, Power Windows and Caress of Steel and it will sound like a completely different band. The fact that they have more variety than anyone else out there, makes them deserve the #1 spot. Now I'm only 17 years old and I grew up with Rush, so I've always been a fan. But just a year and a half ago, I really started to explore their music, Sure I've heard all of the other great music, but when I first listened to 2112, Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres, By-Tor, The Necromancer and Lamneth, it sounded like nothing I had ever heard before; as well as the other albums besides their Chronicles compilation, I was blown away. Then when I saw Rush in concert, they sound even better in person than they do in the studio! Especially knowing that this is only THREE guys, makes the band even more incredible. They have ...more

Rush is one of (if not) the most prolific bands to ever hit the rock scene. Neil's ability to masterfully incorporate many different melodic arrangements and time signatures into a single song is mind blowing. Geddy's bass lines are so extremely difficult and abundant that it is a wonder that he can sing and play at the same time. And Alex, one of the most underrated guitar players in history, consistently produces original riffs and new and imaginative solos that ultimately classify Rush as the most talented band still standing. Jimmy Page was god in his day, but Zeppelin has nothing on the combined talents of these three superhumans.

By far its RUSH! ' = 3 Guys who do the job of 5+! By playing all kinds of triggers, foot pedals, and switching instruments during a song = (Alex and Geddy...Guitars, Keyboards,foot keys, etc.). Also RUSH has arguably the best rock and roll drummer of all time in PEART, then they have every ones top 3 rock bassists of all time, and then you throw in a top 10 all around rock guitarist of all time, kinda makes you believe the players poll magazines results that say over and over, that all three players can easily be rated #1 on each of their instruments! For RUSH to be rated 3rd behind the Stones and the Beatles for the most consecutive GOLD and PLATINUM albums without ever having a number one, and only ONE top 40 hit, it means that people LOVE THE MUSIC THEY PLAY! The music echoes the deep lyrics, the music blows other players away, the music inspires more bands then you can name...If you don't like Rush, you don't like ROCK music! You will never hear a band that will come close, unless ...more

Without a doubt, the most talented band, pound for pound. Neil Peart is without question the best drummer in the world, don't bother making an argument, because it is invalid. Geddy Lee, well, can you play some of the most complex bass riffs, while playing keyboard, AND singing some of the craziest lyrics ever written, at the same time? I didn't think so. It is unfortunate to say that Alex id the "least talented" of the three, which actually doesn't mean anything, because Alex Lifeson is among the best guitarists in the world... You would have to be to keep up with the other two giants in the band.

The only group that comes close to Rush is Dream Theater, but Rush has 10 times more feel than DT could ever hope to have. Lee's bass lines are so complex and melodic, Peart's drumming is phenomenal, and Lifeson can play really complex solos. If you don't agree with them being number 1 on this list, their album "Hemispheres" will tell you otherwise

Most musically talented band by a country mile. Their musical composition is so complex that it would make Bach and Mozart take notice. They kept pushing the envelope of their talents to greater heights, each album a masterpiece of its own. You can listen to albums like Hemispheres over and over again each time hearing something you missed all the times before. There will never be another band that comes even close to their talent level.

Rush never disappoints. They can do anything that any band has done which is good but then keep the progressive rock factor in your head. Playing a shredding guitar solo and staying on beat in a prog song is insane and that is why Lifeson is so damn good. Peart can both play the drums like an animal and stay on beat which is amazing. Geddy Lee plays as many instruments as some bands, that is insane. Hands down the more musically skilled.

Rush is purely amazing, hands down, they are so tight, their music is so complex, no one even comes close. Zeppelin is as close I'd say but they are long-gone while Rush is still rocking. They are still touring and still cranking out music just they always have. I've been blessed to have seen them 8 times and once more in 2015 I guess for the last time now. That is unfortunate but I hope to retire one day too.

I did a search query of this to see if Rush would be #1, as I thought they should be. Looks like I got confirmation. I noticed the Beatles were down the list. The only comment I'd make to that is, I know instrumentally they aren't the best, but NO ONE compares to them in what they accomplished as a group or individually over time. So, if that's the definition of talented they could easily be #1.

What can I say? Even if you don't like rush there is no way you can't appreciate their talent. Some of the other bands on this list cite rush as a huge influence. (metallica, tool and iron maiden among others)Geddy, Alex and Neil are masters of their instruments and have been for almost 40 years. There's a reason they are on top of this list... - scaff212

Geddy Lee plays insane base, high register vocals, and keyboard/synthesizers (sometimes all at the same time! ), Neil Peart is possibly the best drummer in the history of rock, and Alex Lifeson is inarguably a virtuoso guitarist. They get a lot of hate but they deserve the same respect as Led Zeppelin. Easily the most talented and creative band in the history of rock.

I'm so glad Rush is finally recognized on one of these lists. I was just looking at the top greatest guitarists list, and Alex didn't even break the top 50. Everything they do is complex in every way imaginable. Their simplest songs are more complex than the most complicated songs of any other band.

They have everything, unbelievable drummer, unbelievable bassist and a unbelievable guitarist. Just listen to how these play there instruments, it's unbeivable. And geddy playing his bass while singing and playing the keyboard and playing foot keyboards haha, unbelievable band.

When Most People First Listen To Rush, And Look Up A Picture Of Them, They'll Usually Say, "Only 3 Guys Are Playing Those Songs! "
And Neil IS The Best Drummer, Geddy In The Top 3 Bassists, and Alex Is One Of The Most Underrated Guitarists Of All Time. Best Band Ever.

Anyone who says Rush isn't the most overly talented band ever is really kidding themselves or just plain bias, listen to 2112 and tell me exactly where the talents missing? Fast forward almost 40 years from 1976 and tell me what band came out with anything better than Clockwork Angels?

I think that Rush is a band that you have to see in concert before you can really appreciate their sheer awesomeness. They have created such a unique and distinctive sound, which is aided by their raw talent. I mean, what band has a frontman who can play bass pedals, keyboards, and sing at the same time? And aside from that, Geddy Lee is probably one of the best bass players ever. Not to mention Alex Lifeson, one of the true rock gods, dispite the fact thatRolling Stone ranks him as the 98th best guitarist. He can whip a masterpiece of a solo out of thin air, or shred, or turn simple chords into the soul of the song. And don't even get me started on Neil Peart, the greatest drummer of ALL TIME. If you don't believe me, listen to "Der Trommler" from R30. It will blow your mind. My point is, anyone who doesn't think Rush is the most talented band ever, they are an ingnorant, uneducated cynical critic who probably loves Nickelback and voted for Hillary Clinton.

If you've ever listened to any of Rush's songs 1975and on (when Peart joined the band), you will understand why they are in the top position. I used to be a huge Led Zeppelin fan because of their musical talent, but when I heard Rush, my mind was BLOWN. I thought Led Zeppelin would be my favorite band forever, but Rush's musicianship and intelligence left me dumbfounded. Sorry Zep, you're number 2 in my book.

The only other that comes close is Led Zeppelin. Neil Peart: arguably the best drummer ever. Alex Lifeson: guitar and backup vocals. Geddy Lee: vocals and bass AND keyboard. They make their three-man band sound like they have five or six members!

All I can say is... Finally, Rush gets some love. Which is well deserved, truly. You can't beat Neil on drums, can't beat Geddy on bass--and can't hit the same notes his crazy voice can, and can't beat Alex on guitar (he has some very underrated solos).

There is no one as talented as Rush! If music was graded on how well each individual played, Rush would no doubt be the kings. Dream Theater come close, but they've got two extra members. AND they probably wouldn't exist without Rush.

During my youth I sincerely believed that any type of soda was the most pleasurable drink one could have - then I had my first beer. I also assumed that Led Zeppelin was the most talented band out there - then I listened to Rush...

Alex Lifeson was ranked the third best guitarist by guitar world magazine topped by Brian May and Eddie Van Halen. Neil Peart and Geddy Lee in my opinion are the absolute best. This band, only three people produce a sound that you wouldn't believe. I also think Dream Theater and Yes are great candidates for #1, but Rush is the Canadian trio that made me proud to be a canuck.

Can't understand why Rush aren't as big as Floyd or Zep. They have so much talent, and performing their expansive sounds with only a three-piece band... this begs the question; why aren't they considered THE best?

Rush is just too good. Their talent is through the roof, not to mention there are only three of them. And Geddy is known as the best bassist of all time, while he's singing and playing keyboard with his hands and feet. Rush on!

As a whole, Rush is more technically skilled than any other band. Most of the bands below are very good (I think Dream Theater should be a bit higher), but the voters have decided that Avenged Sevenfold belongs here... Sigh