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61 Jimmy Thackery

Great guitarist. See him live. You won't be disappointed. One of my favourite guitar players. Should be higher on list.

A real solid blues player, perhaps one of the best out there, very diverse as well.

Jimmy's got great feel and tremendous tone. A superior player.

Got to be one of the best I've seen live.awesome jimmy thackery.

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62 Howlin' Wolf

Belongs up there eith Muddy Waters and Lighnin' Hopkins. Smokestack Lightning...

63 Kim Simmonds

How could you forget one of the best from Savoy Brown?

64 Arthur Neilson

Highly underrated blues guitar player. Plays perfect solos and fills that complement the singer. Look him up.

Excellent soloist and rhythm guitar player. Can play variety of styles. One of the best.

One of the most melodic blues guitar players. Beautiful soloist and fine song writer.

65 Joanne Shaw Taylor Joanne Shaw Taylor

AAyoung girl who plays with the ferocity and skill of someone twice her age. Anyone who makes you stop what your doing, mesmerized, and say "tear it up girl! " has something going for them. Listen to the guitar prowess on her album "Almost Always Never." Hell in the song "Jealousy" she's unstoppable. She once said "to be top female guitarist you have to be Hendrix like." I'm pretty sure Hendrix would tip his hat.

66 Ronnie Baker Brooks

Ronnie learned his chops from Buddy Guy and Buddy's friend Lonnie Brooks... Ronnies father. RBB grew with all the Chicago blues greats during the past 35 years or so. Check him out some time, you won't be disappointed.

67 Robert Lockwood Jr.
68 Sonny Landreth

The first time I heard Sonny, was on a live Government Mule album. When Warren Haynes introduces Sonny to the crowd... " the greatest SLIDE guitar player in the world, Mr. Sonny Landreth. " Right on Warren!
If you have not enjoyed Sonny, get to it.

After you do, if you are not familiar with Warren Haynes, check out Warren and Joe Bonamassa "battle of the blues guitar".

3 of the greats that should be on every top ten list of guitar greats.

Hell YA I SAW sonny Last January With Govt Mule he is Awesome SLIDE MAN

69 Taj Mahal Taj Mahal
70 Chris Poland

Yeah, he was in heavy metal bands, but he IS an amazing blues guitarist, I love his playing

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71 Furry Lewis
72 Jeremiah Johnson

Saw him at a blues festival...he left a mark..if john Mayer is on this list so should jerimia

73 Paul Michael Stone
74 Ana Popović

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain gave this lady all the cred she needs to feed her blues. Awesome performer and vocalist. can't Stand The Heat must listen to. This lady can sing the blues.

75 Tony Spinner

This guy has a bunch of fantastic CD's out. Nobody's ever heard of him, but he can knock out the electric funk blues with anybody out there. Watch Knucklehead on YouTube. He is terrific.

76 Gugun

This guy is from Indonesia. He can rain it down on you. Far East Blues Experience is a terrific collection of tunes. An unknown who should be known.

77 Lonnie Mack Lonnie Mack Lonnie McIntosh, better known by his stage name Lonnie Mack, was an American Texas-blues guitarist who had influenced the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan. He died on April 21, 2016.

Every guitar player on this list knows Lonnie Mack. One of the cleanest players around. Way ahead of his time.

78 Mick Ralphs

Mick Ralphs was the guitarist for Mott the Hopple and the current guitarist of bad company

79 John Mayer John Mayer

The new generation. He doesn't have any associated sound, because he is capable of every style that all revolves around the blues influence. He is the most versatile and academic musician alive today. Anyone who doubts his indubitable capabilities, please just watch the 'Where The Light Is' DVD.

"Where The Light Is" is by far the best thing ever he did! Blues is definitely in Mayer's heart. He inspired me a lot and thanks to him I now know a lot of blues artists that I got really inspired by them as well

Probably the most mechanically gifted guitar player still playing right now. People deny him his props because they don't like his pop songs, or his personality, or they're jealous of the fact that he can get any girl he wants. But let me tell you if you've listened to "Where the Light is: Live in L.A." or if you've just seen him play live at all and you refuse to believe that he is an insanley gifted with a guitar in his hand, there's something wrong with you. The man is a stud.

He should be in top 10. He is the best.

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80 Big Bill Broonzy
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