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81 Mickey Baker

Just listen to Champion jack Dupree and Mickey guitar baker. Jack and Mickey in heavy blues

82 Jerry Garcia Jerry Garcia Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia was an American musician best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting with the band the Grateful Dead, which came to prominence during the counterculture era in the 1960s.

Agree and look at how many he inspired that have followed

Jerry could play anything, deserves better than 74

Played the Blues. His style was more Blue Grass banjo pickin, but still
A Blues man just the same.

83 Hound Dog Taylor

He couldn't play a huge number of songs, but he would get the room jumping.

84 Jimmie Vaughan
85 Susan Tedeschi

This girl has so much talent its ridiculous. She has absolutely amazing vocals and mind boggling guitar playing. If you don't know who this lady is you NEED to check it, its all good A side, B side.

86 Ana Popović

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain gave this lady all the cred she needs to feed her blues. Awesome performer and vocalist. can't Stand The Heat must listen to. This lady can sing the blues.

87 Tony Spinner

This guy has a bunch of fantastic CD's out. Nobody's ever heard of him, but he can knock out the electric funk blues with anybody out there. Watch Knucklehead on YouTube. He is terrific.

88 Johnny "Guitar" Watson


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89 Rocky Athas
90 George Ross Watt
91 Brooks Williams

Off the charts Blues guitarist, singer, song writer!

92 Arthur Neilson

One of the most melodic blues guitar players. Beautiful soloist and fine song writer.

93 Pigmeat Jarrett

Long forgotten and was still performing into his 90's. Coolest moniker in all of blues.

94 Kenny Neal
95 John Mayer John Mayer

The new generation. He doesn't have any associated sound, because he is capable of every style that all revolves around the blues influence. He is the most versatile and academic musician alive today. Anyone who doubts his indubitable capabilities, please just watch the 'Where The Light Is' DVD.

"Where The Light Is" is by far the best thing ever he did! Blues is definitely in Mayer's heart. He inspired me a lot and thanks to him I now know a lot of blues artists that I got really inspired by them as well

Probably the most mechanically gifted guitar player still playing right now. People deny him his props because they don't like his pop songs, or his personality, or they're jealous of the fact that he can get any girl he wants. But let me tell you if you've listened to "Where the Light is: Live in L.A." or if you've just seen him play live at all and you refuse to believe that he is an insanley gifted with a guitar in his hand, there's something wrong with you. The man is a stud.

He should be in top 10. He is the best.

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