The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


Are you absolutely kidding me? This shows a dark, disgusting mark on our society. The fact that so many people think the death of one man that may or may not have existed is worse than World War 1, an event that killed 38 MILLION PEOPLE! The Crusades that were waged in the name of this man that killed millions. The sinking of the TItanic that killed thousands, the slave trade that made the lives of billions an absolute hell. The Sandy Hook shooting that took the lives of innocent children. Are. You. Kidding. Me. This is why I'm an antitheist. - Evilfuzzball

Whilst World War 2 and many other events were awful, nothing compares to the suffering and murder of our Lord Jesus Christ in the name of fear and hate. Jesus never did anything wrong and he wished the best for us only to be killed by power hungry leaders of biased societies. Even if you are not religious you can likely relate to this.

This was clearly the worst, you think any of those dead people in Holocaust or so on would find eternal life is he didn't, imagine giving the one person/son you love so other people who mostly don't deserve it can be washed clean of sin. I am not saying it even belongs on the list it is very tragic, but it was done for us and instead of looking at it in pity show respect and be grateful, Jesus shouldn't be rated next to common acts of violence its should be way on its own without question.

I am a Christian myself, and as god is the most important being to ever exist (well, for me at least. I respect your opinion if you think otherwise) I would obviously think this should be on here. However not every voter is Christian here, so I understand that it isn't number 1. With the events such as WW2, it didn't only hurt Jews by the fact their relatives died - it affected people with Polish and homosexual relatives too, while Jesus' death only affected Christians. I still believe Jesus is an extremely important, person, and this still should be in the top 10. - Scarr441

This is offensive to me. All these annoying Christians saying, "This is tragic! " It's one man dying. Really? We also don't even know if he being an actual god was real. This isn't a "terrible event in history" because we don't even know if it was a part of history at all. Why is this offensive? I'm a damn atheist.

Are you serious?! So the crucifixion of one man is more horrible and tragic than 55 million deaths in WWII, the death of over half of the world in the Black Plague, the holocaust, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the slave trade, the titanic, and the Rwanda genocide? Go home bad crap crazy Christians, your out of your minds. You should be ashamed of yourselves. How could you.

This isn't a terrible event though as it actually saved us from eternal death. Jesus Christ loved us so much that he died for our sins. Though this may sound weird, this may deserve to be on a list of good things that happened. Otherwise we would have all ended up going to hell.

Jesus Is real because I'm Christian however, we never really knew much about the past. However, we have sources from it that are evidence. Just because we are unsure about something we should not think negatively.

First of all, there are ancient roman records that Jesus was in fact a real person. Secondly, it is a tragedy that an innocent man was crucified because he went around Rome helping to heal people, for FREE, and asked people to be kind to others. Jesus preached the same things that were taught by the Jews. The crucifixion of Jesus also set off a chain of events that were terrible. If the Jews hadn't decided to crucify him then the Catholic Christians wouldn't have constantly tried to kill them all. So many hate crimes could have been avoided had they not killed an innocent man all those years ago.

This is the #1 most heartbreaking event in history. But what fries me are the people who blame the Jews. The Jews aren't the only ones guilty for Christ's death. We all are due to sin. No one is innocent. Christ took our sins to the cross so we could be saved. That is the truth.

This is a terrible event, but it resulted in something better. With the crucifixion of Jesus, we now can have eternal life. This also shows that a nation can turn on someone great in a flash.

Even though this is bad that he died, it is good that he did. If he wouldn't have than we wouldn't have a chance to go to heaven. If you think that he is not real, or he hasn't died for you and you think that something is worse than this than he me out. Try it, go to church and see what we are all talking about. Even in the bible it talks about how the Jews have were going to have problems in the world, it prophecied it before it happened, and it happened.

Romans 1:16

This is known is the most terrible event in history to most people, since Jews basically crucified their own god, but it is also the most wonderful event in history, in which Jesus died for our sins. If any more terrible events cost us our lives, we'll be with him - ichen2467

We don't even know if this guy was real

This is the number 1 saddest terrible events in History, this should be in number 1. Jesus is God, He died for our sins, so STOP SINNING, REPENT BE BAPTIZED IN WATER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, FOR THE Remission of Sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues

Agreed. However, he knew when he was born into our world that he came to save the human race, therefore this event does come with a benefit, unlike all the other events on this list.

This should be number one. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16. This is the most tragic out of all.

This was definitely one of the most tragic. look at how he died! He was hammered to a cross HAMMERED! WITH NAILS to a cross, blood pouring out of the hands and hanging from it with only the support of you nailed hands. waiting for slow breath to turn to nothing.

It was the best event I. History ever! The people who are really saved know this - frankjackson

I find the crucifixion to be sad but you have to remember Jesus did it to save everyone from sin. Not to mention he arose from the dead three days later!

I would have done anything to stop this event. And then to think people turn this Easter event into something its not suppose to it is even worse. We should be celebrating Jesus's resurrection! Not an Easter Bunny!

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ deserves to be #1 in terrible events because he died for everyone's sin and still many people in the world don't believe in God.

To be completely honest isn't this actually a good thing? I mean if he didn't die we'd all be screwed right?

To me this is the most heartbreaking because he died for our sins. He knew it was coming and did it for us. He didn't want us to suffer so he suffered for us.

I am catholic so I think this should be higher on the list it is tragic he gave his life for US!