The Holocaust


I knew an old woman who lived on my street when I was about sixteen that would be like 1980 or so and I remember she had the numbers still tattooed on her arm. That was devastating to me because I knew she had suffered horrors we could never begin to understand. she had seen things no one should see, family gassed, shot, children murdered. This was profoundly emotional for me and still is. This is by far the worst atrocity ever suffered by any one people millions of Jews murdered just because they were Jews Hitler was a maniac but people loved him that above all astounds me most, as human beings we are born with a sense of right and wrong how did millions do this for him and believe in it?

The utter degradation of morality culminated in the period of time known as the holocaust. To walk into the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau is to see the the ultimate perversion of science, and a complete and total denial of the sacred rights of every human being on the planet. The holocaust was the industrialization of mass murder. The incredible atrocities committed by the most educated people of their time are a reminder of the deadly friend that knowledge is when no one sets the rules. The spirit of the holocaust is captured in the words of Adolf Hitler, set above one of the ovens at Auschwitz, "I want to raise a generation of young people, devoid of a conscious, imperious, relentless, and cruel."

This is one of the first lists I actually agree with on this sight. This is without a doubt the WORST event in human history. This maniac killed not hundreds, not thousands but MILLIONS of people. INNOCENT people. And for what, NOTHING. It is absolutely infuriating that the world let this happen. Everyone just stood by, afraid of starting another war. Hay chamberlain, look at this! Over 10 million people are going to be killed by your "friendly neighbor". You have an army. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! This cannot be allowed to happen again or the world will destroy itself.

Jews were starved and gassed to death just for their religion, even children endured this and were even executed. Millions of people suffered through this. Gruesome enough, right? Well, then you shouldn't know that dead Jews' bones were piled up by Nazis, Jewish women were forced to strip during execution (Some of their babies had to do it too, and were executed), and Jewish kids tried hiding in sewer holes because of fear for being caught by Nazis. There is no way you can forgive the Nazi regime for their atrocities. - JustAnAccount

Hands-down the most horrifying event in modern-day history. Concentration camps, especially Auschwitz-Birkenau, treated Jewish people in such horrible ways that it is impossible to fully understand them. Nazis were let off WAY too lightly. How can you gas three million innocent people and feel nothing inside? Watch grotesque piles of bodies increase day by day, watch people with thin bodies and gaunt eyes become nothing more than skeletons, knowing that this will be their life until they are gassed or shot? The history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust deserve its own class in high schools across the world.

The worst part about the holocaust (besides the death of millions of people) was how everybody started to believe the Jews were the cause of Germany's problems. Some did it because they were jealous but most did it to blame someone for their misfortune. The Polish fought the Nazis but after being conquered, they started believing Jews were bad for no reason. Incredible how millions of people can follow a man just because he says ridiculous things.

I can't believe that someone would do such violent and horrific things to millions of innocent people! Just thinking about the fact that millions of innocent people were killed because of their religion/race seriously gives me the feeling of wanting to cry. Even writing this comment gives me the disturbing feeling millions of victims were suffering through at the time of the holocaust.

The Holocaust really tops the list! Unforgivable human atrocities in our so called civilized European society in the 20th century. We are still paying for it! Our greatest tragedy is we haven't learned from our mistakes. We all know how horrible human nature can go if we don't carry justice and protect the victims without prejudice!

This was by far the worst thing to ever happen in our history. I don't know much about the statistics or anything, but with the innocent Jewish people being worked to death or gassed or being experimented on at that level I really can't think of anything worse in recorded history

This list is more like the most famous tragedies. Mao Zedong during the Great Leap Forward killed 10 times the number of people who died in the 4 years. Don't get me wrong, I think the Holocaust was an unforgivable atrocity no less than anyone else, but many genocides have been just as brutal, even worse. - JustAnAccount

I am a survivor of the holocaust and it was a terrible terrible period of my life. I lost my whole family due to that bastard Hitler. I'm now a Muslim and so afraid to even think about Jews

Anne Frank and a guy named David were two important people from the holocaust. my great grandfather died because of the holocaust. I'm even surprised Hitler killed himself. Maybe he would run away or something. He was a very evil man who I bet had hard times in life and took it on Jews just because.

D': I feel bad for the poor, innocent people that suffered this tragic event. I HATE YOU Hitler!
And I'm German myself, I totally disagree with people being treated that way. We are all human beings and we were created the same. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. And next time speak out before the same happens, again.

At first I thought this was complete propaganda during WWII because the technology back then seemed like it would be impossible to do let alone imagined anyone came up with the idea. But I read the book "Night" and for days I couldn't think how traumatic it was

It was a horrible thing but not the first, most terrible, or last genocide in human history. I hate to say it but it is the first on the list because it affected white middle class people.

The Holocaust was a terrible time, but we can never forget. It would be wrongful to forget. We need to remember those who lost their lives and know that human action this terrible must never happen again.

The very fact that this list says "The Holocaust" and I know it means the Jewish holocaust proves that it was the biggest one. Just say "The Holocaust" and everybody knows what you are talking about - moose4life19

I recently went to the Holocaust Museum and it was an experience I will never forget. It was dead silent. When I first walked in, all I could hear was footsteps on carpet and the music from one of Hilter's marches in the background. I felt so terrible reading all of the stories and facts, but I think it's so important to learn about this and feel the way we do about this so it can never happen again.

This is one of the worst things in history. I know a lot of things in the holocaust. I've seen movies, read books, and even have done some research. This is very tragic. I hate the nazis for this.

This was definitely the worst event in history. Not only were the innocent jews starved, but they were also gassed, killed, tortured and way worse things. Many went mad and some killed themselves because of how bad they were living.

The work of the most evil man in history. Apparently he started hating on Jews when he got kicked out of art school by a Jewish teacher. So then he decided Jews corrupted the world. Maybe he just sucked at art? - RewMac0435

The Holocaust was VERY unfair to the Jews, only because an idiotic man decided to take Germany to the next level by hating Jews, like seriously! Innocent people died because of that I have to say it was very tragic.

I believe the Holocaust happened. Forgetting it is the worst thing we can do. What's scary is what ISIS is doing. It's almost like the holocaust all over again.

I know, why does Hitler have to kill millions of innocent Jews? I wonder why he wasn't named Adolf Massacre. I guess it is banned to name any kid Adolf Hitler.

I have ancestors who were Belgian resistance some were horrifically tortured and put in camps my grandad fought to stop it as well but some didn't survive I offer my condolences to the victims