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181 St. Francis Dam Disaster

Los Angeles flooding killed around 2,000 people 100 years ago.

182 Munich Massacre

It was a sad time during the most popular sports thing in the world and we were all afraid

Fail rescue mission
Nine people died
And it was the first time Germany held the Olympics without Nazis

183 Dungan Revolt
184 Death of Tim Samaras
185 Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79

"This was such a horrible thing to happen in history. If you go you can still see people covered in ash and dry lava. Sad but cool."

186 Permian Extinction V 1 Comment
187 England War of 1812

Do you mean the War of 1812? England was at peace in 1912.

188 Sid Vicious Murdering his Girlfriend
189 Hindenburg Disaster

The disaster that ended the era of the Zeppelins.

190 Hurricane Wilma

Not As Bad As Katrina, But Still A Terrible Storm - JPK

191 Birth of William Lynch

William lynch hates Yang Fei

192 Tenerife Airport Disaster
193 Internment of Japanese Americans

So unfair! Two thirds of them were born in America! Not japeneese spy's America!

194 The Acts Performed in Unit 731 V 1 Comment
195 War In Iraq

Its sad to think that 3000 Expendable people are more important than 2 million foreign deaths!

What is wrong with Americans?!

Over a million innocent people on Iraq died there. Rip
Sad to see that people forgot about the millions of people who were killed in Iraq but still remember the 3,000 Americans killed in 9/11

196 Public Suicide of Budd Dwyer on Live TV
197 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
198 Cuban Missile Crisis

5 events and 13 days of extreme stress almost exterminated everyone!

199 Ancient Egyptian Slavery

Slavery was everywhere at that time it wasn't just Ancient Egypt, it's just Egypt is much hotter than Rome or Greece.

This one is terrible because they forced KIDS to work at 100 F and build pyramids for the adults or else they would die VIA hippo

200 R. Budd Dwyer Public Suicide
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