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21 Syrian Civil War

Everyday, a child in Syria is left homeless or without parents. Why? Because a group of people pretending to be Muslim are attacking Syria. It's horrible. People dying all over the place, families left heartbroken and torn apart. It's just miserable thinking there is some there in Syria, amidst all the bombs and explosions, just sitting there crying to see their mother again. Their father again. Their brother, their sister. At least be reunited with their family. A person cannot go out without being scared to death of being abducted and killed by terrorists. You go to Syria, and you see people scattered everywhere with no idea where to go, or what to do. Their homes aren't even safe anymore. They have to leave their home country just to seek safety and continue on with their lives.

Hundreds of thousands of people died or became refugees.. they lost their everything and now are poor and homeless. The saddest part of this is that they're gonna have to live with the fact that they lost their loved ones and homeland and they can't complain about or else the hosting countries will either kick them out or treat them badly. There plenty unfortunate events that happen in the middle easy on daily basis.. women, men, and children are dying by thousands and yet nobody is paying attention to it. I am American but I find it sad how biased some people are when listing these events by mainly focusing on the west. Don't get me wrong..all of the events are tragic and every life lost has a value and meaning behind it. I just wish that people try to be less ignorant and focus on other parts of the world as well.

18 march 2011 protests started against the government
100,000+ civilians Killed : This is a United Nations estimate. The UN believes the actual toll may be much higher as many deaths are not reported.
1.8 Million refugees;
Chemical weapons used against civilians
Air force destroyed cities
Tanks destroyed villages - khalilof

Bashar al-Assad has brutally cracked down on anti-government protesters, resulting in the deaths on 90,000+. The situation is still going on.

22 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

More tragic than JFK's assassination, because he was the best president of the United States of America.

Lincoln let the black free from slavery. And now slavery is illegal. See he is one of the best presidents.

This happened like a century ago so he'll already be dead

This is worse than JK because is was thought to be the best president of the United States and freed the black race.

23 Colorado High School Shooting

First school shooting which started them all off, if this never happened all the school shootings after this period, would be unheard of. I blame the police for not helping the students get out, but instead giving gunfire to the shooters; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I also don't see why Eric is more of the famous because he gave the idea about doing the shooting, where as Dylan went along with it.

24 2011 Norway Attacks - 2011

By God this event was horrible a gunman blew up Oslo killing 8 people then went to a summer camp of youths aka young teens in a island as a fake police officer and started shooting at them even the dead teens body's were caught on camera they even recorded some teens swimming away from the island I know the kids from sandy hook were young but Jesus Christ this was worst than sandy hook are you even trying your best on this list or maybe you just don't know what this event was this was sadder than sandy hook for me this was just as sad as 9/11 those poor teens I remember watching a video of the documentary of the 2011 Norway attacks of the survivors talking about the event of being in the 2011 Norway attacks and the survivors said that the gunman was dress as a fake police officers after he started to shoot the survivors hide in other places after they survived long enough for rescue they saw a group of police officers who were real police officers to rescue them the survivors thought ...more

Never heard of this event now I did some research of this event know what happened in this event the victims in this event and why he did it to cause such a event and how many were killed in this event and there ages who were killed in this event and I can't believe this event is not even in the number 1 spot a lot of beautiful innocent people died in this event young people aka teens

This was far by worse than sandy hook and columbine even worst than Orlando night club shooting it reminds me of the 2016 nice attacks this was worst than sandy hook should at least be at number 9 or at least higher than sandy hook

I am a sad donkey

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25 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting

This event actually made me really emotional. And I don't even live in Colorado.

26 Death of Paul Walker

This is bad because furious movies just aren't what they used to be when he was alive.

I wish she was still alive.

Get over it

27 The Crusades

I understand that they fought over religion, but is that really what they're meant to do? Christians and Jews are told not to kill anyone and to love one another as God has lived them, no matter who the person is and what the person thinks. This shows that the Catholic Church was forcing people to follow their religion instead of letting people be. This is exactly what happened with Jews and the Nazis, and that didn't turn out well either. - ethanmeinster

You have to wonder why Israel is so important that everyone has had to fight over it for the past 3 thousand years. It's just a desert...But apparently it is the holy ground for the two largest and probably most belligerent religions in the world - Christianity and Islam, as well as the Jews. - JustAnAccount

Absolutely pointless. The Crusades were multiple mass murders (a better word for war), between two religions who believed in the same God pretty much. After all both of their holy books told them to love their enemies.

Europe was being INVADED by Muslims for 400 years until finally they responded. Read your history.

Killing some one because they are not christian, let them be Jewish or Muslim or whatever, as long as they don't hurt anyone. - Lucretia

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28 The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a depressing moment in history the stock market crashed and almost every one in America was por

well it was... great depresing! so sad! they were so poor! :( SAD= THE GREAT DEPRSION

This was a time of poverty and despair and caused many lives to start deteriorating.


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29 Holodomor

9/11 World Trade Center Attacks = 2,996 deaths = third place.

Holodomor = 2.4 - 7.5 million deaths = not even in the list.

It's crazy how many people don't know about this

More people should Google this... Russia's Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians for a decade between WWI and WWII in the Soviet Union.

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30 9/11 Pentagon Attack

The attack never happened but the brave 40 people on board saved our lives but lost theirs

It did happen...What are you talking about? The third flight that crash landed in Pennsylvania? - JustAnAccount

31 The Vietnam War

What happened with Agent Orange (likely the most toxic chemical produced) and other chemical mixtures cannot be forgotten. It's affected children in Vietnam, not just people here in the United States.

No one ever talks about the ecological effects to that region either. Any Crocodiles in Vietnam? Not any more

Matthew 24:7 Nations will fight against other nations.

I tend to put the two Indochina Wars over WWII because in Vietnam, most people didn't even know what they were fighting for. The Viet Minh gave up their lives just for their country or rather homeland's independence from the French. The French fought with so much more firepower and manpower but get humiliated themselves on the world stage. The Americans fought with their modern high technology but were still physcologically torn apart by the overpowering guerrilla tactics the Communists had. Furthermore, tensions within religions and politics were happening concurrently with the war itself. At least during the WWII, everyone was suffering the same fate and getting trumped by Nazi Germany and the Americans were glorious in their involvement in the Allied War Effort. However, in the Vietnam War, only the French and Americans were thrown off balance and made a fool of themselves against the inferior Viet Minh. The American boys don't even know where to shoot since the Viet Minh just kill ...more

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32 Ebola Outbreak

This was a really bad event I was there when it happened


33 2016 Lahore Suicide Bombing

Killed more people than the Brussels bombings in 2016 29 of these victims were children - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

34 Mongol Conquests

During Mongol conquest of Baghdad 1.3 Million was butchered in just 3 days.

So many people died, like so many just for power

So many people died.

1 / 10 world human population killed.

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35 The Trail of Tears

Cherokee relatives on my fathers side. Much love. This is event was tragic and decimated the people but clearly no one cares...

I think this was so hypocritical and unfair!

Oh my gosh! This brought tears to my eyes. How could somebody be so mean and horrible.

Jackson, you messed up big time

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36 1992 Los Angeles Riots
37 Typhoon Haiyan

Caused terrible destruction to the Philippines, and hit Vietnam

Over 7,000 People Died

Awful Storm - JPK

38 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

I was in Thailand when the tsunami happened I was 15 years old I lost my 2 younger brothers there names were Simon who was 9 and the other brother was could casey he was 6, I was in hospital for 4 mouth because I lost my leg and had and cuts on my face and back and stomach and I saw lots of dead people so I no how devastating it was so it would be in the top 10

Boxing day tsunami should be number 2 it took 250 000 life's and the titanic took 1500 life's

This is just as bad as 9/11 this list is a joke you put sandy hook higher than this foget it this should be in the top 5 let me show you my list here and now 1. World war 2. World war 2 3. The holocaust 4. Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 5. Pearl Harbor attack 6. 2011 Japan ocean earthquake and tsunami 7. Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami 8. The Chernobyl disaster 9. 9/11 attacks 10. Beslan school segie 11. Oklahoma City bombing 12. November 2015 Paris attacks 13. 2016 nice attacks 14. 2011 Norway attacks 15. Orlando nightclub shooting (I'm not gay) but I feel bad for them 16. Port Arthur massacre 17. Virginia tech shooting done sandy hook and Boston marathon bombings are not worst than these and are in my dishonorable mentions

The most scary thing to happen

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39 Donald Trump Was Elected President

Everyone died inside

He is illuminati

Trump was the best thing to happen to america

Hillary would have been bad also... - Lucretia

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40 26/11 Attack On India

A very sad attack. Done by a terrorist from Pakistan but India shouldn't say we told him to do that

Worst Dates Of All Time - 26/11 & 9/11 - tayal5001

Dear Pakistan, stop it please. - vivek0305

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